Global USE flag

Enable support for storing passwords via gnome-keyring

Packages describing “keyring” as local USE flag

Package “keyring” Flag Description
app-admin/salt Enable support for keyrings via python-keyring.
app-emulation/docker-credential-helpers Build secretservice helper which works with gnome-keyring or kwallet using D-Bus.
net-im/gajim Saving your password to your system keyring
net-news/liferea Enable support for Libsecret Support plugin that allows Liferea to use app-crypt/libsecret as password store
net-p2p/retroshare Enables potentially insecure autologin capability via Gnome Keyring
sys-auth/pambase Enable pam_gnome_keyring module on system login stack. This enables proper Gnome Keyring access to logins, whether they are done with the login shell, a Desktop Manager or a remote login systems such as SSH.

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