local USE flag

Enable dev-libs/libevent support

Packages describing “libevent” as local USE flag

Package “libevent” Flag Description
www-client/links Enable dev-libs/libevent support
net-libs/onion Use dev-libs/libevent as thread poller instead of libev or Linux's epoll.
dev-libs/libmemcached Use the libevent event loop interface.
dev-libs/libverto Support event loops using dev-libs/libevent
net-dns/getdns Enable dev-libs/libevent support
app-text/groonga Enable dev-libs/libevent used for suggestion
net-dns/nsd Use libevent or libev, useful when zone count is high
net-im/bitlbee Use libevent for event handling
net-im/prosody Use libevent for event handling
net-libs/libwebsockets Support event loops via dev-libs/libevent
net-p2p/bitcoin-qt Use dev-libs/libevent (needed for JSON-RPC, REST, and Tor auto-configuration

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