Local USE flag

Packages describing “lmdb” as local USE flag

Package “lmdb” Flag Description
app-backup/bareos enable build of LMDB support for faster accurate backup
dev-lang/php Enable support for dev-db/lmdb db backend
mail-client/mutt Enable dev-db/lmdb database backend for header caching
mail-client/neomutt Enable LMDB (Lightning Memory-Mapped Database) backend for header caching
mail-filter/opendkim Add support for using dev-db/lmdb
mail-mta/postfix Add support for using dev-db/lmdb for lookup tables
net-dns/bind Enable LMDB support to store configuration for 'addzone' zones
net-libs/libetpan Use dev-db/lmdb as cache DB
net-mail/cyrus-imapd Enable support for using dev-db/lmdb
sys-libs/ldb Enable LMDB backend