Add USB support to applications that have optional USB support (e.g. cups)

Packages describing “usb” as local USE flag

Package “usb” Flag Description
media-gfx/cura Access 3D printers via USB
app-emulation/qemu Enable USB passthrough via dev-libs/libusb
sys-firmware/ipxe Build a bootable USB image for using PXE
sys-apps/superdiag Install all files, which are needed for an installation on an usb thumb drive.
app-crypt/ekeyd Build the libusb-based userland daemon for accessing the EntropyKey (alternative to the CDC USB driver). It is suggested to use this option by default, as the CDC driver in the kernel often seems to be fragile (or the gadget implementation on the EntropyKey is too buggy), and can cause various problems.
app-crypt/gnupg Build direct CCID access for scdaemon; requires dev-libs/libusb.
app-mobilephone/gammu Enable USB suport

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