The app-backup category contains tools for performing backups of data, including both full and incremental backups, as well as backups to other media (CD-R, Tape, etc.).

amandaThe Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver
backintimeBackup system inspired by TimeVault and FlyBack
backup-managerBackup Manager is a command line backup tool for GNU/Linux
backupninjalightweight, extensible meta-backup system
backuppcHigh-performance backups to a server's disk
baculaFeatureful client/server network backup suite
bareosFeatureful client/server network backup suite
borgbackupDeduplicating backup program with compression and authenticated encryption
borgmaticAutomatically create, prune and verify backups with borgbackup
btrbkTool for creating snapshots and remote backups of btrfs subvolumes
burpNetwork backup and restore client and server for Unix and Windows
ccollectPseudo incremental backup with different exclude lists using hardlinks and rsync
cdbackupAllows streaming backup utilities to dump/restore from CD-R(W)s or DVD(+/-RW)s
cdbkupPerforms full/incremental backups of local/remote filesystems onto CD-R(W)s
consul-backinatorconsul backup and restore utility
cpdupComprehensive filesystem mirroring program
darA full featured backup tool, aimed for disks
deja-dupSimple backup tool using duplicity back-end
dirvishDirvish is a fast, disk based, rotating network backup system
duplicitySecure backup system using gnupg to encrypt data
duplyA shell frontend for duplicity
fsarchiverFlexible filesystem archiver for backup and deployment tool
hdupHdup is backup program using tar, find, gzip/bzip2, mcrypt and ssh
kupBackup scheduler for the Plasma desktop
luckybackupPowerful and flexible backup (and syncing) tool, using RSync and Qt
mirdirSynchronize two directory trees in a fast way
mkstage4Bash Utility for Creating Stage 4 Tarballs
mylvmbackupTool for creating backups of MySQL server's data files using LVM snapshots
pdumpfsA daily backup system similar to Plan9's dumpfs
rdedupData deduplication with compression and public key encryption
rdiff-backupLocal/remote mirroring+incremental backup
rdumpfsa rsync-based dump file system backup tool
rdupGenerate a file list suitable for full or incremental backups
rearRelax-and-Recover is a setup-and-forget bare metal disaster recovery solution
reobackReoback Backup Solution
resticA backup program that is fast, efficient and secure
rsnapshotA filesystem backup utility based on rsync
sarabSaraB is a powerful and automated backup scheduling system based on DAR
simplebackupCross-platform backup program
snapperCommand-line program for btrfs and lvm snapshot management
spideroak-binSecure free online backup, storage, and sharing system
synology-cloud-station-backupBack up your files from multiple client computers to a centralized Synology NAS
tarsnapOnline backups for the truly paranoid
tsmIBM Spectrum Protect (former Tivoli Storage Manager) Backup/Archive Client, API
untangle-https-backupBack up Untangle configurations via the web admin UI
vzdumpA utility to make consistent snapshots of running OpenVZ containers


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