The app-xemacs category contains extensions for the XEmacs text editor.

adaAda language support
apelA Portable Emacs Library. Used by XEmacs MIME support
auctexBasic TeX/LaTeX support
bbdbThe Big Brother Data Base
buildBuild XEmacs from within (UNIX, Windows)
calcEmacs calculator
calendarCalendar and diary support
cc-modeC, C++ and Java language support
cedet-commonCommon files for CEDET development environment
clearcaseNew Clearcase Version Control for XEmacs (UNIX, Windows)
cogreGraph editing mode
cookieSpook and Yow (Zippy quotes)
crispCrisp/Brief emulation
c-supportBasic single-file add-ons for editing C code
debugGUD, gdb, dbx debugging support
dictionaryInterface to RFC2229 dictionary servers
diredManage file systems
docbookideDocBook editing support
easypgGnuPG interface for Emacs
ebuild-modeEmacs modes for editing ebuilds and other Gentoo specific files
ecbEmacs source code browser
ecryptoCrypto functionality in Emacs Lisp
edeEmacs Development Environment
edebugAn Emacs Lisp debugger
edictMULE: Lisp Interface to EDICT, Kanji Dictionary
ediffInterface over GNU patch
edit-utilsMiscellaneous editor extensions, you probably need this
edtDEC EDIT/EDT emulation
efsTreat files on remote systems the same as local files
egg-itsMULE: Wnn (4.2 and 6) support. SJ3 support
eieioEnhanced Implementation of Emacs Interpreted Objects
elibPortable Emacs Lisp utilities library
emergeAnother interface over GNU patch
ercERC - The Emacs IRC Client
escreenMultiple editing sessions withing a single frame (like screen)..
eshellCommand shell implemented entirely in Emacs Lisp
essESS: Emacs Speaks Statistics
eudcEmacs Unified Directory Client (LDAP, PH)
footnoteFootnoting in mail message editing modes
formsForms editing support (obsolete, use Widget instead)
fortran-modesFortran support
frame-iconSet up mode-specific icons for each frame under XEmacs
fsf-compatFSF Emacs compatibility files
gamesTetris, Sokoban, and Snake
general-docsGeneral XEmacs documentation
gnatsXEmacs bug reports
gnusThe Gnus Newsreader and Mailreader
guided-tourPhil Sung's Guided Tour of Emacs
haskell-modeHaskell editing support
hm-html-menusHTML editing
hyperboleHyperbole: The Everyday Info Manager
ibufferAdvanced replacement for buffer-menu
idlwaveEditing and Shell mode for the Interactive Data Language
igrepEnhanced front-end for Grep
ilispFront-end for Inferior Lisp
jdeIntegrated Development Environment for Java
latin-euro-standardsMULE: Support for the Latin{7,8,9,10} character sets & coding systems
latin-unityMULE: find single ISO 8859 character set to encode a buffer
leimMULE: Quail. All non-English and non-Japanese language support
localeMULE: Localized menubars and localized splash screens
lookupMULE: Dictionary support
mailcryptSupport for messaging encryption with PGP
mail-libFundamental lisp files for providing email support
mewMessaging in an Emacs World
mh-eFront end support for MH
mineMinehunt Game
misc-gamesOther amusements and diversions
mmm-modeMultiple major modes in a single buffer
mule-baseMULE: Basic Mule support, required for building with Mule
mule-ucsMULE: Extended coding systems (including Unicode) for XEmacs
net-utilsMiscellaneous Networking Utilities
ocamlObjective Caml editing support
oo-browserThe Multi-Language Object-Oriented Code Browser
os-utilsMiscellaneous O/S utilities
pcPC style interface emulation
pcl-cvsCVS frontend
pcompleteProvides programmatic completion
perl-modesPerl support
pggEmacs interface to various PGP implementations
prog-modesSupport for various programming languages
psgmlValidated HTML/SGML editing
psgml-dtdsDeprecated collection of DTDs for psgml
ps-printPrinting functions and utilities
python-modesPython support
re-builderInteractive development tool for regular expressions
reftexEmacs support for LaTeX cross-references, citations..
rieceIRC client for Emacs
rmailAn obsolete Emacs mailer
ruby-modesRuby support
saslSimple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) library
schemeFront-end support for Inferior Scheme
semanticSemantic bovinator (Yacc/Lex for XEmacs). Includes Senator
sgmlSGML/Linuxdoc-SGML editing
sh-scriptSupport for editing shell scripts
sieveManage Sieve email filtering scripts
skkMULE: Japanese Language Input Method
sliderUser interface tool
sml-modeSML editing support
sounds-auXEmacs Sun sound files
sounds-wavXEmacs Microsoft sound files
speedbarProvides a separate frame with convenient references
strokesMouse enhancement utility
sunSupport for Sparcworks..
superciteAn Emacs citation tool for News & Mail messages
texinfoXEmacs TeXinfo support
text-modesMiscellaneous support for editing text files
textoolsMiscellaneous TeX support
timeDisplay time & date on the modeline
tmEmacs MIME support. Not needed for gnus >= 5.8.0
tooltalkSupport for building with Tooltalk
tpuDEC EDIT/TPU support
trampRemote shell-based file editing
vcVersion Control for Free systems
vc-ccVersion Control for ClearCase (UnFree) systems
vhdlSupport for VHDL
view-processA Unix process browsing tool
viperVI emulation support
vmAn Emacs mailer
w3A Web browser
xemacs-baseFundamental XEmacs support, you almost certainly need this
xemacs-develEmacs Lisp developer support
xemacs-etermTerminal emulation
xemacs-ispellSpell-checking with GNU ispell
xemacs-packages-allMeta package for XEmacs elisp packages, similar to the sumo archives
xetlaArch (tla) interface for XEmacs
xlibEmacs interface to X server
xslideXSL editing support
xslt-processXSLT processing support
x-symbolSemi WYSIWYG for LaTeX, HTML, etc, using additional fonts
xwemX Emacs Window Manager
zenircZENIRC IRC Client


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