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aaut ascii mode unreal tournament
alienarena Fast-paced multiplayer deathmatch game
avp Linux port of Aliens vs Predator
blackshades You control a psychic bodyguard, and try to protect the VIP
darkplaces Enhanced engine for iD Software's Quake 1
doom-data The IWAD used by the shareware version of Doom
doom3 3rd installment of the classic iD 3D first-person shooter
doom3-cdoom Doom 3 Classic Doom - Doom 1 conversion for Doom 3
doom3-chextrek Doom 3 Chex Trek: Beyond the Quest - Green slimeballs mod for kids
doom3-data Doom 3 - data portion
doom3-demo Doom III - 3rd installment of the classic id 3D first-person shooter
doom3-ducttape Doom 3 Duct Tape - sticks flashlights to your machinegun and shotgun
doom3-eventhorizon Doom 3 Event Horizon - single-player mission based on the Event Horizon film
doom3-hellcampaign Doom 3 Hell Campaign - map pack for Doom 3
doom3-inhell Doom 3 In Hell - Ultimate Doom-inspired levels for Doom 3
doom3-lms Doom 3 Last Man Standing - add co-op support or play against swarms of monsters
doom3-mitm Doom 3 Make it to Morning - Single player maps
doom3-roe Doom III: Resurrection of Evil expansion pack
doomsday A modern gaming engine for Doom, Heretic, and Hexen
duke3d-data Duke Nukem 3D data files
duke3d-demodata Duke Nukem 3D 1.3d shareware data
eduke32 An open source engine port of the classic PC first person shooter Duke Nukem 3D
enemy-territory standalone multi-player game based on Return to Castle Wolfenstein
enemy-territory-omnibot Enemy Territory Omnibot - Bots for Ennemy Territory
enemy-territory-truecombat Enemy Territory True Combat - a team-based realism modification
etqw-bin Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
etqw-data Enemy Territory: Quake Wars data files
etqw-demo Enemy Territory: Quake Wars demo
ezquake-bin Quakeworld client with mqwcl functionality and many more features
freedm A 32-level game designed for competitive deathmatch play.
freedm-data Game resources for FreeDM
freedoom A complete free-content single-player focused game based on the Doom engine
freedoom-data Game resources for Freedoom: Phase 1+2
glxquake-bin A binary that works with any 3D-graphics-card that supports the glx X-extension
gzdoom A modder-friendly OpenGL source port based on the DOOM engine
industri Quake/Tenebrae based, single player game
legends Fast-paced first-person-shooter online multiplayer game, similar to Tribes
nexuiz Deathmatch FPS based on DarkPlaces, an advanced Quake 1 engine
openarena Open-source replacement for Quake 3 Arena
prboom-plus A Doom source port developed from the original PrBoom project
quake1-data iD Software's Quake 1 ... the data files
quake1-demodata Demo data for Quake 1
quake1-killer The Killer Quake Patch
quake1-rally TC which turns Quake into a Rally racing game
quake1-teamfortress The classic Team Fortress Quake World mod
quake1-textures Collection of graphical improvements for Quake 1
quake2-data iD Software's Quake 2 ... the data files
quake2-demodata Demo data for Quake 2
quake2-icculus The Linux port of iD's Quake 2 engine
quake2-textures High-resolution textures for Quake 2
quake3 Quake III Arena - 3rd installment of the classic id 3D first-person shooter
quake3-alliance Quake III Alliance - fast paced, off-handed grapple mod
quake3-alternatefire Quake III Alternate Fire - adds unique new secondary attacks to weapons
quake3-bfp Quake III Bid For Power - Control Ki-powered superheros and battle in the air
quake3-bin 3rd installment of the classic id 3D first-person shooter
quake3-cpma Quake III Challenge Pro Mode Arena - advanced FPS competition mod
quake3-data Quake III Arena - data portion
quake3-defrag Quake III Defrag - Trickjumping challenges for Quake III
quake3-demo the playable demo of Quake III Arena by Id Software
quake3-excessiveplus Quake III Excessive Plus - Makes the weapons much faster and stronger
quake3-lrctf Quake III Loki's Revenge CTF - offhand grapple all-weapons capture the flag mod
quake3-matrix Quake III Matrix - Matrix conversion mod
quake3-nsco Quake III Navy Seals: Covert Operations - a US Navy Seals conversion mod
quake3-osp Quake III OSP - a tournament mod
quake3-ra3 Quake III Rocket Arena 3 - a rocket dueling mod
quake3-reaction Quake III Reaction - port of Action Quake 2 to Quake 3: Arena
quake3-ruinhunters Quake III Ruin Hunters - Anime mod with cartoon actors and arcade-like gameplay
quake3-teamarena Quake III Team Arena - data portion
quake3-threewave Quake III Threewave CTF - Threewave CTF
quake4-bin Sequel to Quake 2, an id Software 3D first-person shooter
quake4-data sequel to Quake 2, an id 3D first-person shooter
quake4-demo Sequel to Quake 2, an Id 3D first-person shooter
quakeforge New 3d engine based off of id Softwares's Quake and QuakeWorld game engine
qudos Enhanced Quake 2 engine
red-blue-quake2 red-blue Quake II ! play quake2 w/3d glasses !
redeclipse First-person ego-shooter, built as a total conversion of Cube Engine 2
rott Rise of the Triad for Linux!
rtcw Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Long awaited sequel to Wolfenstein 3D
rtcwmp-demo Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Multi-player demo
rtcwsp-demo Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Single-player demo
sauerbraten Sauerbraten is a FOSS game engine (Cube 2) with freeware game data (Sauerbraten)
serious-sam-tse Serious Sam: The Second Encounter
soldieroffortune First-person shooter based on the mercenary trade
tenebrae adds stencil shadows and per pixel lights to quake
transfusion-bin Blood remake
tribes2 Tribes 2 - Team Combat on an Epic Scale
turtlearena A turtle featuring free and open source third-person action game (ioq3 engine)
unreal Futuristic FPS (a hack that runs on top of Unreal Tournament)
unreal-tournament Futuristic FPS
unreal-tournament-bonuspacks Futuristic FPS (bonus packs)
unreal-tournament-goty Futuristic FPS (Game Of The Year edition)
unreal-tournament-strikeforce A UT addon where you fight terrorists as part of an elite strikeforce
urbanterror Hollywood tactical shooter based on the ioquake3 engine
urbanterror-data Data files for UrbanTerror
ut2003 Sequel to the 1999 Game of the Year multi-player first-person shooter
ut2003-bonuspack-cm Community Bonus Pack for UT2003
ut2003-bonuspack-de Digital Extremes Bonus Pack for UT2003
ut2003-bonuspack-epic Epic Bonus Pack for UT2003
ut2003-data Unreal Tournament 2003 - Sequel to the 1999 multi-player first-person shooter
ut2003-demo Demo for the sequel to the 1999 multi-player first-person shooter
ut2004 Editor's Choice Edition plus Mega Pack for the well-known first-person shooter
ut2004-bonuspack-cbp1 UT2003 Community Bonus Pack for UT2004 Volume 1
ut2004-bonuspack-cbp2 UT2004 Community Bonus Pack 2 Volume 1 and 2
ut2004-bonuspack-ece UT2004 Editor's Choice Edition - Editor's Choice Edition bonus pack
ut2004-bonuspack-mega UT2004 Megapack - Megapack bonus pack
ut2004-data Unreal Tournament 2004 - This is the data portion of UT2004
ut2004-demo Demo for the critically-acclaimed first-person shooter
wolfgl Wolfenstein and Spear of Destiny port using OpenGL
worldofpadman A cartoon style multiplayer first-person shooter
xonotic Fork of Nexuiz, Deathmatch FPS based on DarkPlaces, an advanced Quake 1 engine
yamagi-quake2 Quake 2 engine focused on single player


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