The sci-astronomy category contains software that can be used in astronomical and related scientific environments.
aatm Atmospheric Modelling for ALMA Observatory
calcmysky Simulator of light scattering by planetary atmospheres
casa-data Data and tables for the CASA software
cdsclient Collection of scripts to access the CDS databases
celestia OpenGL 3D space simulator
cpl ESO common pipeline library for astronomical data reduction
ds9-bin Data visualization application for astronomical FITS images
erfa Essential Routines for Fundamental Astronomy
esomidas European Southern Observatory Munich Image Data Analysis System
esorex ESO Recipe Execution Tool to exec cpl scripts
fitsh Software package for astronomical image processing
fitspng FITS to PNG converter
funtools FITS library and utlities for astronomical images
galaxy Stellar simulation program
gasgano ESO astronomical data file organizer
gnuastro GNU Astronomy Utilities
idlastro Astronomical user routines for IDL
kstars Desktop Planetarium
missfits Performs basic maintenance and packaging tasks on FITS files
montage Toolkit for assembling FITS images into mosaics
pal Positional Astronomy Library
predict Satellite tracking and orbital prediction
psfex Extracts models of the Point Spread Function from FITS images
pyephem Astronomical routines for the Python programming language
pysiril Python library to interface Python to a SiriL script
scamp Astrometric and photometric solutions for astronomical images
sextractor Extract catalogs of sources from astronomical FITS images
siril A free astronomical image processing software
sirilic Preparing acquisition files for processing with the SiriL software
skymaker Program that simulates astronomical images
sofa_c Library for algorithms for models in fundamental astronomy
stellarium 3D photo-realistic skies in real time
stiff Converts astronomical FITS images to the TIFF format
stuff Tool for automatic generation of astronomical catalogs
swarp Resample and coadd astronomical FITS images
wcslib Astronomical World Coordinate System transformations library
wcstools World Coordinate System library for astronomical FITS images
weightwatcher Combine weight maps and polygon for astronomical images weighting
xephem Interactive tool for astronomical ephemeris and sky simulation
xfitsview Viewer for astronomical images in FITS format


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