The sec-keys category contains cryptographic key bundles such as OpenPGP keys used by upstream to sign distfiles.

minisig-keys-libsodiumOpenPGP keys used for libsodium
minisig-keys-zig-software-foundationMinisign keys used by Zig Software Foundation
openpgp-keys-aacidOpenPGP keys used by Albert Astals Cid
openpgp-keys-adamspiersOpenPGP keys used by Adam Spiers
openpgp-keys-akallabethOpenPGP key for Github user akallabeth
openpgp-keys-alejandro-colomarOpenPGP keys used by Alejandro Colomar
openpgp-keys-alexbartonOpenPGP keys used by Alex Barton
openpgp-keys-andresimonOpenPGP keys used by Andre Simon
openpgp-keys-antoniodiazdiazOpenPGP keys used by Antonio Diaz Diaz
openpgp-keys-apache-antOpenPGP keys used by
openpgp-keys-apache-commonsOpenPGP keys used by
openpgp-keys-apache-commons-httpclientOpenPGP keys used by
openpgp-keys-apache-creadurOpenPGP keys used by
openpgp-keys-apache-felixOpenPGP keys used by
openpgp-keys-apache-httpcomponents-clientOpenPGP keys used by
openpgp-keys-apache-httpcomponents-httpcoreOpenPGP keys used by
openpgp-keys-apache-loggingOpenPGP keys used by
openpgp-keys-apache-luceneOpenPGP keys used by
openpgp-keys-apache-tomcatOpenPGP keys used by
openpgp-keys-apache-tomcat-connectorsOpenPGP keys used by tomcat-connectors
openpgp-keys-apache-xalan-cOpenPGP keys used to sign Apache Xalan-C
openpgp-keys-apache-xalan-jOpenPGP keys used by
openpgp-keys-apache-xerces-jOpenPGP keys used by
openpgp-keys-apache-xmlgraphics-batikOpenPGP keys used by
openpgp-keys-apache-xmlgraphics-commonsOpenPGP keys used by
openpgp-keys-apache-xmlgraphics-fopOpenPGP keys used by
openpgp-keys-arnaldocarvalhodemeloOpenPGP keys of Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo
openpgp-keys-baldurkarlssonOpenPGP keys used by Baldur Karlsson
openpgp-keys-bclOpenPGP keys used by Brian C. Lane
openpgp-keys-bisonOpenPGP keys used by Bison
openpgp-keys-bobfriesenhahnOpenPGP keys used by Bob Friesenhahn
openpgp-keys-botanOpenPGP keys used to sign Botan releases
openpgp-keys-bradkingOpenPGP keys used by Brad King
openpgp-keys-bzip2OpenPGP key used to sign bzip2 releases
openpgp-keys-canonicalOpenPGP keys used to sign LXD-related packages
openpgp-keys-cathuggerOpenPGP keys used by cathugger
openpgp-keys-chetrameyOpenPGP keys used by Chet Ramey
openpgp-keys-coreutilsOpenPGP keys used by GNU coreutils
openpgp-keys-crypto++OpenPGP keys used to sign crypto++ releases
openpgp-keys-danielkiperOpenPGP keys used by Daniel Kiper
openpgp-keys-danielstenbergOpenPGP keys used by Daniel Stenberg
openpgp-keys-danielveillardOpenPGP keys used by Daniel Veillard
openpgp-keys-dealiiOpenPGP keys used by dealii
openpgp-keys-debugeditOpenPGP key used to sign debugedit releases
openpgp-keys-dehydratedOpenPGP keys used by dehydrated
openpgp-keys-diffutilsOpenPGP keys used by GNU diffutils
openpgp-keys-djangoOpenPGP keys used to sign Django releases
openpgp-keys-dropbearOpenPGP keys used to sign Dropbear releases
openpgp-keys-dsterbaOpenPGP keys used by David Sterba
openpgp-keys-dwmw2OpenPGP key for David Woodhouse
openpgp-keys-eduvpnOpenPGP keys used by eduVPN developers
openpgp-keys-elfutilsOpenPGP key used to sign elfutils releases
openpgp-keys-evenrouaultOpenPGP keys used by Even Rouault
openpgp-keys-ffmpegOpenPGP keys used to sign FFmpeg
openpgp-keys-fileOpenPGP keys used by Christos Zoulas (to sign file releases)
openpgp-keys-findutilsOpenPGP keys used by GNU findutils
openpgp-keys-foxboronOpenPGP keys used by Morten Linderund
openpgp-keys-freenetOpenPGP keys used by
openpgp-keys-fwknopOpenPGP key used to sign fwknop releases
openpgp-keys-gawkOpenPGP keys used by GNU Awk
openpgp-keys-gdbmOpenPGP keys used by GNU dbm
openpgp-keys-gentoo-authGentoo Authority Keys (GLEP 79)
openpgp-keys-gentoo-developersGentoo Authority Keys (GLEP 79)
openpgp-keys-gentoo-releaseOpenPGP keys used for Gentoo releases (snapshots, stages)
openpgp-keys-gettextOpenPGP keys used by GNU gettext
openpgp-keys-gnupgOpenPGP keys used to sign GnuPG releases
openpgp-keys-gnutlsOpenPGP keys used by GnuTLS
openpgp-keys-grepOpenPGP keys used by GNU Grep
openpgp-keys-guillemjoverOpenPGP keys used by Guillem Jover
openpgp-keys-gzipOpenPGP keys used by GNU Gzip
openpgp-keys-icuOpenPGP keys used by ICU
openpgp-keys-iscOpenPGP keys used to sign ISC releases
openpgp-keys-jariruusuOpenPGP key used by Jari Ruusu
openpgp-keys-jberkenbiltOpenPGP key of Jay Berkenbilt (QPDF maintainer)
openpgp-keys-jedisct1OpenPGP keys used by Frank Denis (jedisct1)
openpgp-keys-jiatanOpenPGP keys used by Jia Tan
openpgp-keys-jimmeyeringOpenPGP keys used by Jim Meyering
openpgp-keys-joelrosdahlOpenPGP keys used by Joel Rosdahl
openpgp-keys-jpakkaneOpenPGP keys used by Jussi Pakkanen
openpgp-keys-kamildudkaOpenPGP keys used by Kamil Dudka
openpgp-keys-karelzakOpenPGP keys used by Karel Zak
openpgp-keys-kernelOpenPGP keys used to sign Linux kernel releases
openpgp-keys-knot-resolverOpenPGP keys used by the Knot Resolver developers
openpgp-keys-kovidgoyalOpenPGP keys used by Kovid Goyal
openpgp-keys-lassecollinOpenPGP keys used by Lasse Collin
openpgp-keys-libarchiveOpenPGP keys used by the libarchive project
openpgp-keys-libassOpenPGP keys used to sign libass releases
openpgp-keys-libeventOpenPGP keys used by the libevent project
openpgp-keys-libidnOpenPGP keys used to sign libidn releases
openpgp-keys-libmicrohttpdOpenPGP keys used to sign GNU libmicrohttpd releases
openpgp-keys-libtasn1OpenPGP keys used by GNU Libtasn1
openpgp-keys-libuvOpenPGP keys used by libuv
openpgp-keys-libvirtOpenPGP keys used by libvirt
openpgp-keys-lighttpdOpenPGP keys used to sign lighttpd
openpgp-keys-linuxcontainersOpenPGP keys used to sign LXC-related packages
openpgp-keys-llvmOpenPGP keys used to sign LLVM releases
openpgp-keys-m4OpenPGP keys used by GNU m4
openpgp-keys-madlerOpenPGP keys used by Mark Adler
openpgp-keys-makeOpenPGP keys used by GNU make
openpgp-keys-midipixOpenPGP keys used to sign midipix releases
openpgp-keys-miniupnpOpenPGP keys used to sign miniupnp* packages
openpgp-keys-mkvtoolnixOpenPGP keys used to sign mkvtoolnix releases
openpgp-keys-mlichvarOpenPGP keys used by Miroslav Lichvar
openpgp-keys-muslOpenPGP keys used to sign musl
openpgp-keys-netfilterOpenPGP keys used by the netfilter project
openpgp-keys-nettleOpenPGP keys used by Niels Möller (to sign nettle releases)
openpgp-keys-nmapOpenPGP keys used to sign Nmap releases
openpgp-keys-notqmailOpenPGP keys used to sign notqmail releases
openpgp-keys-ntpsecOpenPGP keys used to sign ntpsec releases
openpgp-keys-ocservOpenPGP key for ocserv
openpgp-keys-oisfOpenPGP key used by Open InfoSec Foundation (OISF) software releases
openpgp-keys-oletangeOpenPGP keys used by Ole Tange
openpgp-keys-opensshOpenPGP keys used by OpenSSH
openpgp-keys-opensslOpenPGP keys used by OpenSSL
openpgp-keys-openwallOpenPGP keys used to sign Openwall software releases
openpgp-keys-openzfsOpenPGP keys used to sign OpenZFS releases
openpgp-keys-patchOpenPGP keys used by GNU patch
openpgp-keys-philiphazelOpenPGP keys used by Philip Hazel
openpgp-keys-processoneOpenPGP keys used by processone/ejabberd
openpgp-keys-pvOpenPGP keys used by Andrew Wood for sys-apps/pv
openpgp-keys-pythonOpenPGP keys used to sign CPython releases
openpgp-keys-qbittorrentOpenPGP keys used by qBittorrent
openpgp-keys-qutebrowserOpenPGP keys used by Qutebrowser
openpgp-keys-rustRust Language Tag and Release Signing Key
openpgp-keys-sedOpenPGP keys used by GNU sed
openpgp-keys-sergehallynOpenPGP keys used by Serge Hallyn
openpgp-keys-signifyOpenPGP keys used to sign signify's signify key
openpgp-keys-spamassassinOpenPGP keys used by
openpgp-keys-squidOpenPGP key used to sign squid releases
openpgp-keys-stellariumOpenPGP keys used to sign Stellarium releases
openpgp-keys-sudoOpenPGP keys used by the sudo project
openpgp-keys-sysvinitOpenPGP keys used by the sysvinit project
openpgp-keys-tarOpenPGP keys used by GNU tar
openpgp-keys-tcpdumpOpenPGP keys used to sign tcpdump releases
openpgp-keys-teemutoivolaOpenPGP keys used by Teemu Toivola
openpgp-keys-tenableOpenPGP keys used to sign Tenable Inc. software packages
openpgp-keys-terminatorOpenPGP keys used to sign x11-terms/terminator package
openpgp-keys-thomasdickeyOpenPGP keys used by Thomas Dickey
openpgp-keys-torOpenPGP keys used by the Tor project
openpgp-keys-unboundOpenPGP keys used by unbound
openpgp-keys-unrealircdOpenPGP keys used to sign UnrealIRCd releases
openpgp-keys-valgrindOpenPGP key used to sign Valgrind releases
openpgp-keys-vgl-turbovncOpenPGP keys used to sign VGL TurboVNC
openpgp-keys-vinaysajipOpenPGP keys used by Vinay Sajip
openpgp-keys-vincentlefevreOpenPGP keys used by Vincent Lefèvre
openpgp-keys-voikkoOpenPGP keys used to sign voikko* packages
openpgp-keys-waynedavisonOpenPGP keys used by Wayne Davison
openpgp-keys-weechatOpenPGP keys used by the WeeChat project
openpgp-keys-wgetOpenPGP keys used by GNU wget
openpgp-keys-wiresharkOpenPGP keys used to sign Wireshark releases
openpgp-keys-xpdfOpenPGP key used to sign Xpdf releases
openpgp-keys-yorhelOpenPGP keys used by Yoran Heling
openpgp-keys-yubicoOpenPGP keys used by Yubico's developers
openpgp-keys-zackweinbergOpenPGP keys used by Zack Weinberg
signify-keys-opensmtpdSignify keys used to sign OpenSMTPD portable releases
signify-keys-signifySignify keys used to sign signify portable releases


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