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pam_krb5 Kerberos V PAM Authentication Module
otpcalc A One Time Password and S/Key calculator for X
pam_yubico Library for authenticating against PAM with a Yubikey
fingerprint-gui Use Fingerprint Devices with Linux
libnss-cache libnss-cache is a library that serves nss lookups
nss-myhostname Name Service Switch module for resolving the local hostname
pam_passwdqc Stub ebuild to help migrate to newer package name
pam_p11 PAM module for authenticating against PKCS#11 tokens
polkit-pkla-compat Rules for polkit to add compatibility with pklocalauthority
polkit-qt Qt wrapper around polkit-1 client libraries
thinkfinger Support for the UPEK/SGS Thomson fingerprint reader, common in Thinkpads
pam_mount A PAM module that can mount volumes for a user session
pam_u2f Library for authenticating against PAM with a Yubikey
nss-mdns Name Service Switch module for Multicast DNS
pam_ssh Uses ssh-agent to provide single sign-on
consolekit Framework for defining and tracking users, login sessions and seats
ykpers Library and tool for personalization of Yubico's YubiKey
pam_radius PAM RADIUS authentication module
yubikey-personalization-gui GUI for personalization of Yubico's YubiKey
ykclient Yubico C client library
pam_dotfile pam module to allow password-storing in $HOME/dotfiles
pam_mktemp Create per-user private temporary directories during login
google-authenticator PAM Module for two step verification via mobile platform
libyubikey Yubico C low-level library
libnss-pgsql Name Service Switch module for use with PostgreSQL
pambase PAM base configuration files
AusweisApp2 Official authentication app for German ID cards and residence permits
pam_fprint a simple PAM module which uses libfprint's functionality for authentication
pam_mysql pam_mysql is a module for pam to authenticate users with mysql
pam_skey PAM interface for the S/Key authentication system
passwdqc Password strength checking library (and PAM module)
polkit Policy framework for controlling privileges for system-wide services
realtime-base Sets up realtime scheduling
pam_require Allows you to require a special group or user to access a service
nss_ldap NSS LDAP Module
pam_smb PAM module for authenticating against an SMB (such as the Win_x families) server
ykneo-ccid-tools Tools for Yubico's YubiKey NEO in CCID mode
yubico-piv-tool Command line tool for the YubiKey PIV application
rtkit Realtime Policy and Watchdog Daemon
sssd System Security Services Daemon provides access to identity and authentication
munge An authentication service for creating and validating credentials
pam_ldap PAM LDAP Module
pam_ssh_agent_auth Simple module to authenticate users against their ssh-agent keys
pam-pgsql pam module to authenticate users via PostgreSQL
pam-script PAM module for running scripts during authorization, password change and session
pam_abl PAM module for blacklisting hosts and users repeatedly failed authentication
skey Linux Port of OpenBSD Single-key Password System
ssh-ldap-pubkey Utility to manage SSH public keys stored in LDAP
authenticator Two-factor authentication code generator for GNOME
docker_auth Docker Registry 2 authentication server
elogind The systemd project's logind, extracted to a standalone package
fprintd D-Bus service to access fingerprint readers
google-authenticator-libpam-hardened PAM Module for two step verification via mobile platform
google-authenticator-wrappers Set of scripts to manage google-auth setup on Gentoo Infra
keystone The Openstack authentication, authorization, and service catalog
libfprint library to add support for consumer fingerprint readers
libnss-compat NSS module to provide compat entry support
libnss-mysql NSS MySQL Library
libnss-nis NSS module to provide NIS support
nss-pam-ldapd NSS module for name lookups using LDAP
oath-toolkit Toolkit for using one-time password authentication with HOTP/TOTP algorithms
pam_blue PAM module providing ability to authenticate via a bluetooth compatible device