The sys-devel category contains various core system development tools and libraries.

autogenProgram and text file generation
bcHandy console-based calculator utility
bin86Assembler and loader used to create kernel bootsector
binutilsTools necessary to build programs
binutils-appleDarwin Xtools matching Xcode Tools binutils-apple
binutils-configUtility to change the binutils version being used
binutils-hppa64Tools necessary to build programs
bisonA general-purpose (yacc-compatible) parser generator
clangC language family frontend for LLVM
clang-commonCommon files shared between multiple slots of clang
clang-crossdev-wrappersSymlinks to a Clang crosscompiler
clang-runtimeMeta-ebuild for clang runtime libraries
clang-toolchain-symlinksSymlinks to use Clang on GCC-free system
cprocC11 compiler using QBE as backend
crossdevGentoo Cross-toolchain generator
crosstool-ngVersatile (cross-)toolchain generator
dev86Bruce's C compiler - Simple C compiler to generate 8086 code
distccDistribute compilation of C code across several machines on a network
dwzDWARF optimization and duplicate removal tool
elftoolchainLibraries/utilities to handle ELF objects (BSD drop in replacement for libelf)
flexThe Fast Lexical Analyzer
gccThe GNU Compiler Collection
gcc-appleApple branch of the GNU Compiler Collection, Developer Tools 4.0
gcc-configUtility to manage compilers
gettextGNU locale utilities
gnuconfigUpdated config.sub and config.guess file from GNU
icecreamDistributed compiler with a central scheduler to share build load
kgcc6464bit kernel compiler
lldThe LLVM linker (link editor)
lld-toolchain-symlinksSymlinks to use LLD on binutils-free system
llvmLow Level Virtual Machine
llvm-commonCommon files shared between multiple slots of LLVM
llvmgoldLLVMgold plugin symlink for autoloading
llvm-toolchain-symlinksSymlinks to use LLVM on binutils-free system
m4GNU macro processor
moldA Modern Linker
multilib-gcc-wrapperWrappers for gcc tools to be used on non-native CHOSTs
native-cctoolsHost OS native assembler as and static linker ld
nvptx-toolsCollection of tools for use with nvptx-none GCC toolchains
patchUtility to apply diffs to files
qbePure-C embeddable compiler backend
reflexThis is a variant of the flex fast lexical scanner
rust-stdRust standard library, standalone (for crossdev)
smatchStatic analysis tool for C
sparseC semantic parser


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