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autoconf-wrapper wrapper for autoconf to manage multiple autoconf versions
autoconf Used to create autoconfiguration files
binutils-config Utility to change the binutils version being used
patch Utility to apply diffs to files
prelink Modifies ELFs to avoid runtime symbol resolutions resulting in faster load times
autogen Program and text file generation
qconf ./configure like generator for qmake-based projects
llvm Low Level Virtual Machine
autoconf-archive GNU Autoconf Macro Archive
automake-wrapper wrapper for automake to manage multiple automake versions
automake Used to generate from
parity A POSIX to native Win32 Cross-Compiler Tool (requires Visual Studio)
smatch static analysis tool for C
binutils-apple Darwin assembler as(1) and static linker ld(1), Xcode Tools 7.0
bc Handy console-based calculator utility
bin86 Assembler and loader used to create kernel bootsector
binutils-hppa64 Tools necessary to build programs
binutils Tools necessary to build programs
bison A general-purpose (yacc-compatible) parser generator
bmake NetBSD's portable make
boost-m4 Another set of autoconf macros for compiling against boost
llvmgold LLVMgold plugin symlink for autoloading
m4 GNU macro processor
make Standard tool to compile source trees
multilib-gcc-wrapper Wrappers for gcc tools to be used on non-native CHOSTs
native-cctools Host OS native assembler as and static linker ld
remake patched version of GNU make with improved error reporting, tracing and debugging
pmake BSD build tool to create programs in parallel. Debian's version of NetBSD's make
clang-common Common files shared between multiple slots of clang
clang-runtime Meta-ebuild for clang runtime libraries
clang C language family frontend for LLVM
cons Extensible perl-based build utility
crossdev Gentoo Cross-toolchain generator
ct-ng crosstool-ng is a tool to build cross-compiling toolchains
dev86 Bruce's C compiler - Simple C compiler to generate 8086 code
distcc Distribute compilation of C code across several machines on a network
dwz DWARF optimization and duplicate removal tool
flex The Fast Lexical Analyzer
gcc-apple Apple branch of the GNU Compiler Collection, Developer Tools 4.0
gcc-config Utility to manage compilers
gcc The GNU Compiler Collection
gdb-apple Apple branch of the GNU Debugger, Developer Tools 4.3
gdb GNU debugger
gettext GNU locale utilities
gnuconfig Updated config.sub and config.guess file from GNU
icecream Distributed compiling of C(++) code across several machines; based on distcc
kgcc64 64bit kernel compiler
libtool A shared library tool for developers
lld The LLVM linker (link editor)
llvm-common Common files shared between multiple slots of LLVM
llvm-roc Radeon Open Compute llvm,lld,clang
slibtool A skinny libtool implementation, written in C
sparse C semantic parser
ucpp Library for preprocessing C compliant to ISO-C99