x11-apps contains applications distributed as part of X.Org X11.
appres list X application resource database
bdftopcf X.Org bdftopcf application
beforelight Sample implementation of screen saver
bitmap X.Org bitmap application
editres a dynamic resource editor for X Toolkit applications
fonttosfnt X.Org fonttosfnt application
fslsfonts list fonts served by X font server
fstobdf generate BDF font from X font server
iceauth ICE authority file utility
ico animate an icosahedron or other polyhedron
igt-gpu-tools Intel GPU userland tools
listres list resources in widgets
luit Locale and ISO 2022 support for Unicode terminals
mesa-progs Mesa's OpenGL utility and demo programs (glxgears and glxinfo)
mkfontscale create an index of scalable font files for X
oclock round X clock
radeon-profile Read current clocks of ATi/AMD Radeon cards
radeon-profile-daemon Daemon for radeon-profile GUI
rgb uncompile an rgb color-name database
rstart X.Org rstart application
sessreg manage utmp/wtmp entries for non-init clients
setxkbmap Controls the keyboard layout of a running X server
showfont font dumper for X font server
smproxy Session Manager Proxy
transset An utility for setting opacity property
viewres graphical class browser for Xt
x11perf X rendering operation stress test utility
xauth X authority file utility
xbacklight Sets backlight level using the RandR 1.2 BACKLIGHT output property
xbiff mailbox flag for X
xcalc scientific calculator for X
xclipboard interchange between cut buffer and selection
xclock analog / digital clock for X
xcmsdb Device Color Characterization utility for X Color Management System
xconsole monitor system console messages with X
xcursorgen create an X cursor file from a collection of PNG images
xditview display ditroff output
xdm X.Org xdm application
xdpyinfo Display information utility for X
xdriinfo query configuration information of DRI drivers
xedit simple text editor for X
xev Print contents of X events
xeyes X.Org xeyes application
xfd X.Org xfd application
xfontsel point and click selection of X11 font names
xgamma Alter a monitor's gamma correction through the X server
xgc X graphics demo
xhost Controls host and/or user access to a running X server
xinit X Window System initializer
xinput Utility to set XInput device parameters
xinput_calibrator A generic touchscreen calibration program for X.Org
xisxwayland Tool to determine whether the X server in use is Xwayland
xkbcomp XKB keyboard description compiler
xkbevd XKB event daemon
xkbprint Print an XKB keyboard description
xkbutils X.Org xkbutils application
xkill kill a client by its X resource
xload system load average display for X
xlogo X Window System logo
xlsatoms list interned atoms defined on server
xlsclients X.Org xlsclients application
xlsfonts X.Org xlsfonts application
xmag X.Org xmag application
xman Manual page display program for the X Window System
xmessage display a message or query in a window (X-based /bin/echo)
xmodmap utility for modifying keymaps and pointer button mappings in X
xmore plain text display program for the X Window System
xpr X.Org xpr application
xprop property displayer for X
xrandr primitive command line interface to RandR extension
xrdb X server resource database utility
xrectsel Print the geometry of a rectangular screen region
xrefresh refresh all or part of an X screen
xrestop 'Top' like statistics of X11 client's server side resource usage
xset X.Org xset application
xsetroot X.Org xsetroot application
xsm X Session Manager
xstdcmap X standard colormap utility
xvidtune video mode tuner for Xorg
xvinfo Print out X-Video extension adaptor information
xwd dump an image of an X window
xwininfo window information utility for X
xwud image displayer for X


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