Add support for encryption -- using mcrypt or gpg where applicable

Packages describing “crypt” as local USE flag

Package “crypt” Flag Description
app-text/pastebinit Install pbputs for gpg-encrypted pastes
net-mail/notmuch Support decryption and verification of PGP/MIME messages and in Emacs UI - encryption; support also S/MIME signature verification since version 0.22
app-editors/vim Use dev-libs/libsodium for crypto support
sci-geosciences/owntracks-recorder Enable support for payload encryption with dev-libs/libsodium
net-irc/quassel Support core->network per-channel and per-query blowfish encryption via app-crypt/qca SLOT 2.
kde-apps/okular Enable support for password-encrypted documents via kde-frameworks/kwallet
app-editors/gvim Use dev-libs/libsodium for crypto support
dev-libs/libgdata Use app-crypt/gcr for keeping tokens and passwords in non-pageable memory for improved security
net-im/gajim End to end encryption and GPG encryption
kde-plasma/plasma-meta Pull in kde-plasma/plasma-vault for encrypted vaults integration
sys-libs/glibc build and install libcrypt and crypt.h
sys-power/suspend Allows suspend and resume from encrypted disk
net-irc/limnoria Enables user authentication with GPG
dev-libs/totem-pl-parser Support AmazonAMZ decoding with dev-libs/libgcrypt
app-forensics/volatility3 support plugins that decrypt passwords, password hashes, etc.
net-analyzer/nsca Build support for crypted communication with nsca, through dev-libs/libmcrypt. It's recommended not to disable this flag unless all the communication will be handled in an absolutely safe environment.

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