Add support for client-side URL transfer library

Packages describing “curl” as local USE flag

Package “curl” Flag Description
media-sound/mpd Support for web stream listening
app-forensics/aide Use curl for http,https and ftp backends
sys-apps/systemd Enable support for uploading journals
app-mobilephone/gammu Enables curl support
net-misc/gerbera Support HTTP media sources (e.g. internet radio)
app-admin/rsyslog Enable http_request() function in RainerScript (requires net-misc/curl)
dev-vcs/git Support fetching and pushing (requires webdav too) over http:// and https:// protocols
app-emulation/qemu Support ISOs / -cdrom directives via HTTP or HTTPS.
media-gfx/asymptote Enables running remote programs via net-misc/curl
sys-block/fio Enable HTTP engine for S3 and WebDav support support via net-misc/curl
net-libs/liboauth If enabled, net-misc/curl is used thorugh the libcurl library; if it's not, the curl command is used instead. Some features are only available when using the library, but using it as library requires matching SSL implementations.
net-analyzer/tracebox Build the curl component for uploading capture files using net-misc/curl
net-analyzer/nagios-plugins-linux-madrisan Build check_docker which requires net-misc/curl
dev-php/PEAR-HTTP_Request2 Force dev-lang/php to be compiled with curl extension

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