global USE flag

Add ncurses support (console display library)

Packages describing “ncurses” as local USE flag

Package “ncurses” Flag Description
media-sound/alsa-utils install utils that use ncurses (e.g. alsamixer)
sys-apps/s390-tools build hyptop monitoring program
games-roguelike/stone-soup Enable for console (uses ncurses) based build. (can be enabled on top of tiles)
app-emulation/qemu Enable the ncurses-based console
media-radio/unixcw Enables building the curses based morse code tutor program 'cwcp'.
net-im/pidgin Build finch, console interface
net-wireless/spectools Build the ncurses based client for spectools
sys-devel/llvm Support querying terminal properties using ncurses' terminfo
sys-apps/duc Build support for the ncurses client
net-libs/liboping Build ncurses-based version of oping utility (requires sys-libs/ncurses)
sys-process/procps Build programs that use ncurses: top, slabtop, watch

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