Global USE flag

Add support for Simple Direct Layer (media library)

Packages describing “sdl” as local USE flag

Package “sdl” Flag Description
app-emulation/fuse Use SDL rendering backend
app-emulation/qemu Enable the SDL-based console
app-emulation/wine-staging Add support for gamepad detection using SDL
app-emulation/wine-vanilla Add support for gamepad detection using SDL
games-emulation/mupen64plus Enable SDL input plugin.
games-emulation/pcsxr Use SDL sound backend (other parts of SDL are used unconditionally)
games-fps/prboom-plus Enable support for MIDI via media-libs/sdl-mixer
media-video/mpv Enable media-libs/libsdl2 based video and audio outputs (Note: these outputs exist for compatibility reasons only, avoid if possible)
media-video/vlc Enable sdl image video decoder (depends on sdl)
x11-libs/wxGTK Use Simple Directmedia Layer (media-libs/libsdl) for audio.

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