Packages describing “tools” as local USE flag

Package“tools” Flag Description
app-admin/tripwireInstalls app-admin/mktwpol, providing scripts for the installation/setup of tripwire, including generating the tripwire policy file and maintenance of the tripwire database
app-containers/lxcBuild and install additional command line tools
app-crypt/gnupgInstall extra tools (including gpgsplit and gpg-zip).
app-portage/gematoInstall additional utilities (benchmarks, hash testing tools, fast Manifest generators) to /usr/share/gemato.
app-text/libebookBuild file conversion tools
app-text/libmwawBuild file conversion tools
app-text/libqxpBuild file conversion tools
app-text/libstarofficeBuild conversion tools
app-text/libwpdBuild file conversion tools
app-text/libwpsBuild file conversion tools
app-text/podofoBuild and install commandline tools.
app-text/wvInstall optional utilities considered deprecated in favor of using AbiWord.
dev-cpp/libcmisBuild client tool for testing and viewing features
dev-cpp/sdbus-c++Install interface stub code generator
dev-db/mongodbInstall the MongoDB tools (mongoimport, mongodump...) from app-admin/mongo-tools
dev-db/oracle-instantclientData Pump, SQL*Loader and Workload Replay Client
dev-db/sqliteInstall additional tools, among which are included: sqlite3-analyzer, sqlite3-changeset, sqlite3-db-dump, sqlite3-diff, sqlite3-rbu, sqlite3-expert and others.
dev-embedded/libftdibuild ftdi_eeprom helper tool
dev-games/godotEnable the Godot Editor for game development
dev-games/myguiBuild the tools for development
dev-games/ogreBuild and install AssimpConverter (assimp USE flag is enabled), MeshUpgrader, VRMLConverter and XMLConverter
dev-java/pdfboxBuild and install pdfbox-tools
dev-lang/informInstall blorbtools for manipulating Blorb files
dev-libs/boostBuild and install the boost tools (bcp, quickbook, inspect, wave)
dev-libs/botanInstall optional tools for e.g. hashing
dev-libs/cyberjackBuild and install optional management tools.
dev-libs/libbase58Build command line base58 tool
dev-libs/libbytesizeBuild bscalc python CLI tool
dev-libs/libcecEnable build of cec-client and other test and demo executable tools
dev-libs/libcgroupInstall the cgroup rules processing daemon and init/config files.
dev-libs/libgpiodBuild some useful gpio tools that use libgpiod.
dev-libs/liborcusBuild various low-level parsers
dev-libs/libslzInstall additional tools (zenc, zdec)
dev-libs/libzipInstall binary tools to compare, modify and merge zip files
dev-libs/ncnnEnable installation of various tools in addition to the library
dev-libs/serdBuild command line utilities
dev-libs/serdisplibBuild optional tools.
dev-libs/simdjsonBuild and install extra command line tools
dev-libs/sordBuild command line utilities
dev-qt/qt-docsInstall documentation for dev-qt/qttools
dev-util/breakpadBuild tools
dev-util/mingw64-runtimeBuild extra tools: gendef, genidl, widl
dev-vcs/gitoliteInstall tools to e.g. convert a Gitosis config to gitolite or one to check if your setup is gitolite >= 3.x compatible
dev-vcs/gitolite-gentooInstall tools to e.g. convert a Gitosis config to gitolite or one to check if your setup is gitolite >= 3.x compatible
games-engines/exultEnable tools, usercode compiler and mods support
games-engines/fheroes2Install development tools like 82m2wav and xmi2midi.
games-fps/doomsdayBuild additional tools such as doomsday-shell, md2tool and texc
games-fps/eduke32Install the support tools for mapster32.
games-simulation/corsix-thBuild tools for decoding RNC files
games-strategy/colobotBuild tools
games-strategy/megaglestBuild model import/export tools
gnome-base/librsvgBuild svg viewer tool
kde-apps/akonadiInstall tools for developers and testing
mail-filter/maildropInstall maildirmake and deliverquota tools
media-gfx/chafaBuild command-line tools
media-gfx/darktableInstall tools for generating base curves and noise profiles
media-gfx/librecadBuild additional tool programs: tff2lff
media-libs/chromaprintBuild and install fpcalc and fpcollect tools
media-libs/intel-mediasdkBuild analyse and inspect tools
media-libs/libde265Enable installation of varous binary tools
media-libs/libpagemakerBuild command line file format conversion tools
media-libs/libvisioBuild conversion tools
media-libs/libvplBuild decode/encode/analyse/inspect tools
media-libs/libzmfBuild conversion tools
media-libs/lilvBuild command line utilities
media-libs/lvtkCompile and install ttl2c tool
media-libs/openimageioBuild the command-line tools
media-libs/quircBuild tools (qrtest)
media-libs/roc-toolkitInstall helper tools like roc-conv, roc-recv, roc-send
media-libs/urtInstall tools
media-libs/zita-resamplerInstall zresample and zretune tools
media-plugins/ir_lv2Build convert4chan tool
media-sound/jack2Pull basic tools (e.g. jack_lsp/connect) from media-sound/jack-example-tools
media-sound/liblc3Enable extra tools
media-video/mpvInstall extra tools:,, and umpv
media-video/rtmpdumpEnable installation of various binary tools in addition to librtmp library
net-analyzer/hexinjectInstall hex2raw and prettypacket tools
net-dns/pdnsBuild optional tools (dnsscan, dnsscope, etc..).
net-libs/davixInstall additional tools
net-libs/gnutlsBuild extra tools
net-libs/libprotoidentBuild and install command-line tools
net-libs/rabbitmq-cBuilds cli tools to interact with brokers
net-libs/udnsBuild and install dnsget, ex-rdns and rblcheck tools
net-libs/xdp-toolsInstall various helper tools rather than just libxdp.
net-misc/connmanEnable testing tools.
net-misc/networkmanagerBuild cli tools such as nmcli, nmtui and nm_cloud_setup
net-misc/ofonoEnable testing tools
net-p2p/syncthingInstall stdiscosrv, strelaysrv and other tools to /usr/libexec/syncthing/.
net-proxy/haproxyInstall additional tools (halog, iprange)
net-proxy/privoxyInstall log parser, regression tester and user agent generator tools
net-wireless/neardBuild and install 'nfctool' for further NFC debugging
sci-astronomy/wcslibBuilds and installs extra command line utilities for WCS checking
sci-libs/cddlibAdd a few executables and tests for cddlib
sci-libs/cfitsioBuild optional utilities (cookbook fitscopy imcopy smem speed testprog fpack funpack)
sci-libs/cgnslibA number of utility programs: cgnscheck, cgnscompress, cgnsdiff, cgnslist, cgnsnames, cgnsupdate, cgnsconvert, adf2hdf, hdf2adf.
sci-libs/kissfftBuild command line tools
sci-libs/liboriginInstall opj2dat command line util
sci-libs/libsvmInstall python based tool scripts for data selection and visualization with sci-visualization/gnuplot
sci-libs/scotchProvides the graph, mesh, architecture, mapping/ordering, output handling programs (see Scotch User's Guide).
sys-apps/flashromInstall ich_descriptor_tool, a tool for reading descriptor-mode SPI-flash images for Intel chipsets
sys-apps/kmodInstall module loading/unloading tools.
sys-fabric/opensmInstall ssld extra tool
sys-firmware/sof-firmwareTools to interact with sof firmwares (upstream expects them to be present, but allow to skip them for systems not able to install needed dependencies)
sys-fs/e2fsprogsBuild extfs tools (mke2fs, e2fsck, tune2fs, etc.)
sys-fs/squashfs-tools-ngBuild the gensquashfs, rdsquashfs, sqfs2tar, sqfsdiff, and tar2sqfs tools
sys-libs/libblockdevBuild tools
sys-libs/libcapInstall captree, which requires dev-lang/go
virtual/podofo-buildBuild and install commandline tools
x11-drivers/nvidia-driversInstall additional tools such as nvidia-settings
x11-drivers/xf86-video-intelBuild the intel-virtual-output tool
x11-libs/foxInstall adie, calculator, shutterbug, and pathfinder apps.
x11-libs/libdrmInstall optional tests and tools
x11-libs/libwnckInstall wnckprop-3 and wnck-urgency-monitor-3 command-line tools
x11-libs/libxkbcommonBuild the xkbcli tools

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