Add support for XML files

Packages describing “xml” as local USE flag

Package“xml” Flag Description
app-admin/passwordsafeEnable XML import support
app-antivirus/clamavDMG and XAR support
dev-debug/gdbSupport parsing XML data files needed (at least) for cpu features, memory maps, and syscall tracing
dev-perl/Config-AnyInstall support libraries to support decoding XML config files
dev-python/PyQt6Build bindings for the QtXml module
dev-python/pyside2Build QtXml module
dev-python/pyside6Build QtXml module
dev-python/QtPyPull in QtXml module
dev-util/ctagsEnable XML parsing support
media-sound/xmms2Enable support for various XML based playlists and sources: RSS, XSPF
sci-biology/newick-utilsUses dev-libs/libxml2 to handle ornaments
sys-apps/hwlocuse libxml2 for XML support, instead of a custom minimalistic support
sys-devel/sparseBuild the c2xml utility (requires dev-libs/libxml2)
sys-power/nutIncludes all UPS drivers that use XML.
www-client/elinksEnable support for bookmarks via dev-libs/expat

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