The app-containers category contains container related software.
apptainer The container system for secure high-performance computing
buildah A tool that facilitates building OCI images
cadvisor Analyzes resource usage and performance characteristics of running containers
catatonit A container init that is so simple it's effectively brain-dead
cni-plugins Standard networking plugins for container networking
conmon An OCI container runtime monitor
containerd A daemon to control runC
containers-storage containers/storage library
cosign container signing utility
cri-o OCI-based implementation of Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface
cri-tools CLI and validation tools for Kubelet Container Runtime (CRI)
crun A fast and low-memory footprint OCI Container Runtime fully written in C
distrobox Use any Linux distribution inside your terminal (powered by docker/podman)
distrobuilder System container image builder for LXC and LXD
docker The core functions you need to create Docker images and run Docker containers
docker-bench-security Test for best practices around deploying docker containers
docker-buildx Docker CLI plugin for extended build capabilities with BuildKit
docker-cli the command line binary for docker
docker-compose Multi-container orchestration for Docker
docker-credential-helpers A suite of programs to use native stores to keep Docker credentials safe
docker-proxy Docker container networking
docker-registry Docker Registry 2.0
docker-swarm Swarm Classic: a container clustering system
flannel An etcd backed network fabric for containers
go-secbench run and evaluate the docker security benchmark
grype A vulnerability scanner for container images and filesystems
img Standalone daemon-less unprivileged Dockerfile and OCI container image builder
k3d k3d creates k3s clusters in docker
kompose Tool to move from docker-compose to Kubernetes
lxc A userspace interface for the Linux kernel containment features
lxc-templates Old style template scripts for LXC
lxd Modern, secure and powerful system container and virtual machine manager
nerdctl Docker-compatible CLI for containerd, with support for Compose
netavark A container network stack
podman Library and podman tool for running OCI-based containers in Pods
reg Docker registry v2 command line client
runc runc container cli tools
s6-overlay an s6-based init system for containers
sen Terminal User Interface for docker engine
skopeo Command line utility foroperations on container images and image repositories
slirp4netns User-mode networking for unprivileged network namespaces
snapd Service and tools for management of snap packages
syft Generate a Software Bill of Materials from container images and filesystems
umoci Manipulation tool for OCI images


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