The media-fonts category contains fonts.

ahemFont to help test writers develop predictable tests
alee-fontsLee's Hangul truetype fonts
alefHebrew open source multiscript font
alegreya-sansHumanist sans-serif typeface with a calligraphic, dynamic feeling
alegreya-serifAlegreya serif type family
andikaSans-serif font designed for literacy use
anonymous-proMonospaced truetype font designed with coding in mind
aquafontHandwritten Japanese fixed-width TrueType font
aquapfontVery pretty Japanese proportional truetype font
arabeyes-fontsArabeyes Arabic TrueType fonts
arkpandoraReplacement fonts for Microsoft's Arial, Times, and Verdana fonts
arphicfontsChinese TrueType Arphic Fonts
artwiz-aleczapka-enArtwiz Aleczapko fonts
artwiz-latin1A set of improved Artwiz fonts with bold and full ISO-8859-1 support
baekmuk-fontsKorean Baekmuk Font
bdf2sfdBDF to SFD converter, allowing to vectorize bitmap fonts
bitstream-cyberbitCyberbit Unicode (including CJK) font
cantarellDefault fontset for GNOME Shell
cardoUnicode font for classicists, medievalists and linguists
cascadia-codeA monospaced font developed for Windows Terminal
cheapskatefontsDustismo's decorative font collection
clearsansOpenType font optimized for readability on small screens
cm-unicodeComputer Modern Unicode fonts
comic-neueTypographically savvy casual script typeface
corefontsMicrosoft's TrueType core fonts
courier-primeRedesign of Courier
cronyx-fontsCronyx Cyrillic bitmap fonts for X
croscorefontsOpen licensed fonts metrically compatible with MS corefonts
crosextrafonts-caladeaOpen licensed serif font metrically compatible with Cambria
crosextrafonts-carlitoOpen licensed sans-serif font metrically compatible with Calibri
culmusHebrew Type1 fonts
dejavuDejaVu fonts, bitstream vera with ISO-8859-2 characters
dinaMonospace bitmap font, primarily aimed at programmers
droidFont family from Google's Android project
eb-garamondClaude Garamont's humanist typeface from the mid-16th century
efont-unicodeThe /efont/ Unicode Bitmap Fonts
ekushey-bangla-fontsA collection of Free fonts for the Bangla (Bengali) script
encodingsX.Org font encodings
essays1743John Stracke's Essays 1743 font
exljbris-freeBeautiful free fonts from exljbris Font Foundry
exoGeometric sans-serif font with a technological feel
fantasque-sans-monoA font family with a great monospaced variant for programmers
farsi-fontsFarsi (Persian) Unicode fonts
fgdc-emergencyFGDC Emergency Response Symbology Prototype
fifth-legSimplistic, technical sans serif - openSUSE font
fira-codeMonospaced font with programming ligatures
fira-monoDefault monospaced typeface for FirefoxOS, designed for legibility
fira-sansDefault monospaced typeface for FirefoxOS, designed for legibility
font-adobe-100dpiX.Org Adobe bitmap fonts
font-adobe-75dpiX.Org Adobe bitmap fonts
font-adobe-utopia-100dpiX.Org Adobe Utopia bitmap fonts
font-adobe-utopia-75dpiX.Org Adobe Utopia bitmap fonts
font-adobe-utopia-type1X.Org Adobe Utopia Type 1 fonts
font-aliasX.Org font aliases
font-arabic-miscX.Org arabic bitmap fonts
fontawesomeThe iconic font
font-bh-100dpiX.Org Bigelow & Holmes bitmap fonts
font-bh-75dpiX.Org Bigelow & Holmes bitmap fonts
font-bh-lucidatypewriter-100dpiX.Org Bigelow & Holmes Lucida bitmap fonts
font-bh-lucidatypewriter-75dpiX.Org Bigelow & Holmes Lucida bitmap fonts
font-bh-ttfX.Org Bigelow & Holmes TrueType fonts
font-bh-type1X.Org Bigelow & Holmes Type 1 fonts
font-bitstream-100dpiX.Org Bitstream bitmap fonts
font-bitstream-75dpiX.Org Bitstream bitmap fonts
font-bitstream-type1X.Org Bitstream Type 1 fonts
font-cronyx-cyrillicX.Org Cronyx cyrillic fonts
font-cursor-miscX.Org cursor font
font-daewoo-miscX.Org Daewoo fonts
font-dec-miscX.Org DEC fonts
font-ibm-type1X.Org IBM Courier font
font-isas-miscX.Org the Institute of Software, Academia Sinica (chinese) fonts
font-jis-miscX.Org JIS (japanese) fonts
font-micro-miscX.Org micro-misc font
font-misc-cyrillicX.Org misc-cyrillic fonts
font-misc-ethiopicMiscellaneous Ethiopic fonts
font-misc-melthoX.Org Syriac fonts
font-misc-miscX.Org miscellaneous fonts
font-mutt-miscX.Org ClearlyU fonts
font-schumacher-miscX.Org Schumacher fonts
font-screen-cyrillicX.Org Screen cyrillic fonts
fonts-metaMeta package for fonts to cover most needs
font-sony-miscX.Org Sony fonts
font-sun-miscX.Org Sun fonts
font-utilX.Org font utilities
font-winitzki-cyrillicX.Org Winitzki cyrillic font
font-xfree86-type1X.Org XFree86 Type 1 font
free-bangla-fontUnicode compliant Open Type Bangla fonts
freefontOpenType and TrueType Unicode fonts from the Free UCS Outline Fonts Project
freefontsA Collection of Free Type1 Fonts
fs-fontsJapanese TrueType fonts designed for screen and print
gidoleOpen source modern DIN fonts
glass-tty-vt220Hacking with Style: TrueType VT220 Font
gofont-monoMonospace typeface created for the Go programming language
hackTypeface designed for source code
hermitMonospace font designed to be clear, pragmatic and very readable
heuristicaFont based on Adobe Utopia
Humor-SansSans-serif typeface in the style of xkcd
hunkyfontsFree TrueType fonts based on Bitstream's Vera fonts with additional letters
ibm-plexThe package of IBM's typeface
inconsolataSans-serif monotype font for code listings
inconsolata-hellenicHellenisation of the wonderful, monospace, open/free font Inconsolata
inconsolata-lgcModified version of Inconsolata Hellenic adding the Cyrillic alphabet
intel-one-monoIntel One Mono font family
intlfontsInternational X11 fixed fonts
iosevkaSlender typeface for code, from code
ipaexJapanese IPA extended TrueType fonts
ipamonafontHacked version of IPA fonts, which is suitable for browsing 2ch
ja-ipafontsTrueType fonts developed by Japanese Information-technology Promotion Agency
jetbrains-monoA free and open-source typeface for developers
jisx0213-fontsJapanese fixed fonts that cover JIS0213 charset
jomolhariBhutanese style dbu-can font for Tibetan/Dzongkha text named after Mt Jomolhari
joypixelsA font for better emoji and unicode support
jsmathRaster fonts for jsmath
jsmath-extra-darkExtra raster fonts for jsmath, dark version
kacst-fontsKACST Arabic TrueType Fonts
kanjistrokeordersFont for viewing stroke order diagrams for kanji, kana and other characters
khmerFonts for the Khmer language of Cambodia
kochi-substituteKochi Japanese TrueType fonts with Wadalab Fonts
konfontFontset for KON2
koruriJapanese TrueType font based on M+ outline fonts and Open Sans
lfpfonts-fixLinux Font Project fixed-width fonts
lfpfonts-varLinux Font Project variable-width fonts
liberation-fontsA Helvetica/Times/Courier replacement TrueType font set, courtesy of Red Hat
libertineFonts from the Linux Libertine Open Fonts Project
lklugUnicode Sinhala font
lohit-assameseThe Lohit Assamese font
lohit-bengaliThe Lohit Bengali font
lohit-devanagariThe Lohit Devanagari font
lohit-fontsMeta ebuild for the Lohit family of Indic fonts
lohit-gujaratiThe Lohit Gujarati font
lohit-gurmukhiThe Lohit Gurmukhi font
lohit-kannadaThe Lohit Kannada font
lohit-malayalamThe Lohit Malayalam font
lohit-marathiThe Lohit Marathi font
lohit-nepaliThe Lohit Nepali font
lohit-odiaThe Lohit Odia font
lohit-tamilThe Lohit Tamil font
lohit-tamil-classicalThe Lohit Tamil Classical font
lohit-teluguThe Lohit Telugu font
lxgw-wenkaiAn open-source Chinese font derived from Fontworks' Klee One
mgopenMagenta MgOpen typeface collection for Modern Greek
mikachan-font-otfMikachan Japanese TrueType Collection fonts
mikachan-font-ttcMikachan Japanese TrueType Collection fonts
mikachan-font-ttfMikachan Japanese TrueType fonts
mix-mplus-ipaMixing mplus and IPA fonts
monafontJapanese bitmap and TrueType fonts suitable for browsing 2ch
monoidOpen source coding font
montecarloMonospace font, created by programmers, for programmers
mplus-fontsM+ Japanese bitmap fonts
mplus-outline-fontsM+ Japanese outline fonts
nanumKorean fonts distributed by Naver
nanumfontKorean monospace font distributed by Naver
notoGoogle's font family that aims to support all the world's languages
noto-cjkGoogle's CJK font family
noto-emojiGoogle Noto Emoji fonts
nunitoSans Serif font with rounded terminals
nuosu-silUnicode font for the standardized Yi script
office-code-proCustomized version of Source Code Pro
ohsnapMonospace font based on Artwiz Snap with bold and versions with status icons
oldstandardOld Standard - font with wide range of Latin, Greek and Cyrillic characters
opendesktop-fontsChinese TrueType Fonts
open-sansClean and modern sans-serif typeface designed for legibility across interfaces
otoOpen Type Organizer
oxygen-fontsDesktop/GUI font family for integrated use with the KDE Plasma desktop
paratypeParaType font collection for languages of Russia
paratype-astraParaType Astra Sans/Serif fonts metrically compatible with Times New Roman
pcf2bdfConverts PCF fonts to BDF fonts
pigiarniqNunavut's official Inuktitut font
polarsys-b612-fontsFont designed for aircraft cockpit displays
pothana2kPothana 2000 and Vemana fonts for the Telugu script
powerline-symbolsOpenType Unicode font with symbols for Powerline/Airline
proggy-fontsA set of monospaced bitmap programming fonts
qomolangmaTibetan Unicode Ucan and Umed fonts
quiviraUnicode font with emoticons and elder scripts like Runes, Gothic, ancient Greek
rictyBeautiful sans-serif monotype Japanese font designed for code listings
robotoStandard font for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and later
sazanamiSazanami Japanese TrueType fonts
sgi-fontsSGI fonts collection
shinonomeJapanese bitmap fonts for X
signikaSans-serif with gentle character designed for signage
sil-abyssinicaSIL Opentype Unicode fonts for Ethiopic languages
sil-arabicfontsSIL Opentype Unicode fonts for Arabic Languages
sil-charisSerif typeface for Roman and Cyrillic languages
sil-doulosSIL font for Roman and Cyrillic Languages
sil-ezraSIL Ezra - Unicode Opentype fonts for Biblical Hebrew
sil-galatiaThe Galatia SIL Greek Unicode Fonts package
sil-gentiumGentium Plus unicode font for Latin and Greek languages
sil-padaukSIL fonts for Myanmar script
smiley-sans得意黑 Smiley Sans: an open-source italic sans-serif Chinese font
solarizeLarge Linux console font (suitable for word processing)
sophia-nubianUnicode sans-serif typeface for Coptic/Nubian languages
source-code-proMonospaced font family for user interface and coding environments
source-han-sansPan-CJK OpenType/CFF font family
source-sansSans serif font family for user interface environments
source-serifSerif font family for user interface environments
spleenMonospaced bitmap fonts for consoles and terminals
stix-fontsComprehensive OpenType font set of mathematical symbols and alphabets
takao-fontsA community developed derivatives of IPA Fonts
tengwar-fontsTengwar - the Elvish letters, created by Feanor and described by J.R.R.Tolkien)
terminus-fontA clean fixed font for the console and X11
termsynMonospaced font based on terminus and tamsyn
texcm-ttfTeX's Computer Modern Fonts for MathML
tex-gyreExtensive remake of freely available URW fonts
thaifonts-scalableCollection of free fonts for Thai
tibetan-machine-fontFonts for the Tibetan and Himalayan languages
ttf-bitstream-veraBitstream Vera font family
ubuntu-font-familySet of matching libre/open fonts funded by Canonical
umeplus-fontsModified Ume and M+ fonts for Japanese
unfontsKorean Un fonts collection
unfonts-extraKorean Un fonts extras collection
unifontGNU Unifont - a Pan-Unicode X11 bitmap iso10646 font
urw-fonts(URW)++ base 35 font set
urwvn-fontsVietnamese version of the standard PostScript fonts from URW++
vdrsymbols-ttfFont that contains symbols needed for VDR
vigaSans-serif font with great personality and good on-screen performance
vlgothicJapanese TrueType font from Vine Linux
vollkornVollkorn, the free and healthy typeface for bread and butter use
webby-fontsA small proportional bitmap font for use in webpages
wqy-bitmapfontWenQuanYi Bitmap Song CJK font
wqy-microheiDroid derived Sans-Serif style CJK font
wqy-unibitWenQuanYi Unibit CJK font
wqy-zenheiWenQuanYi Hei-Ti Style (sans-serif) Chinese outline font
x11fonts-jmkThis package contains character-cell fonts for use with X
zh-kcfontsKuo Chauo Chinese Fonts collection in BIG5 encoding


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