Add support for AX206 DPF LCD modules

Other “lcd_devices” USE_EXPAND flag values

Use FlagDescription
lcd_devices_acoolsdcmAdd support for Alphacool USB display modules
lcd_devices_astusbAdd support for ASTUSB LCD modules
lcd_devices_ax206dpfAdd support for AX206 DPF LCD modules
lcd_devices_bayradAdd support for BayRAD LCD modules by EMAC
lcd_devices_beckmannegleAdd support for Beckmann+Egle "Mini Terminals" and "Compact Terminals"
lcd_devices_bwctAdd support for BWCT USB LCD displays
lcd_devices_cfontzAdd support for CrystalFontz displays
lcd_devices_cfontzpacketAdd support for CrystalFontz chipsets CFA-631, CFA-633 and CFA-635
lcd_devices_crystalfontzAdd support for modern Crystalfontz display modules
lcd_devices_cursesAdd support for a ncurses based virtual display
lcd_devices_cwlinuxAdd support for serial / USB displays CW12232 and CW1602 by CwLinux
lcd_devices_cwlnxAdd support for serial / USB displays CW12232 and CW1602 by CwLinux
lcd_devices_d4dAdd support for 4D Systems display graphics modules with SGC PmmC
lcd_devices_ddusbtAdd support for DD usb touch screen
lcd_devices_directgfxAdd support for output via SDL
lcd_devices_displaylinkAdd support for displaylink based LCDs
lcd_devices_dpfAdd support for DPF display modulees
lcd_devices_dpfaxAdd support for AX206 photo frames
lcd_devices_ea232graphicAdd support for the Electronic Assembly RS232 graphic driver
lcd_devices_ea65Add support for the VFD in the AOpen XC Cube-AV EA65 media barebone
lcd_devices_efnAdd support for the English Font display Network based displays
lcd_devices_eyeboxoneAdd support for the displays on Rightvision's EyeboxOne server
lcd_devices_framebufferAdd support for output on a framebuffer
lcd_devices_futabaAdd support for Futaba M402SD06GL display module
lcd_devices_futabavfdAdd support for Futaba M402SD06GL display module
lcd_devices_fw8888Add support for the Allnet FW8888 firewall appliance LCD
lcd_devices_g15Add support for Logitech G15 Keyboard LCDs
lcd_devices_glcdAdd support for various graphical LCDs, like GLCD2USB
lcd_devices_glcd2usbAdd support for GLCD2USB LCD module
lcd_devices_glcdlibAdd support for LCDs, which are supported by graphlcd-base
lcd_devices_glkAdd support for MatrixOrbital GLK chipset
lcd_devices_goldeloxAdd support for Goldelox MD1 display modules
lcd_devices_hd44780Add support for Hitachi HD44780 and compatible displays
lcd_devices_hd44780-i2cEnable hd44780 via i2c instead of parallel port driver
lcd_devices_i2500vfdAdd support for the Intra2net Intranator 2500 VFD display
lcd_devices_i2cAdd generic support for i2c based modules
lcd_devices_icp_a106Add support for ICP A106 alarm/LCD boards for 19" racks
lcd_devices_imonAdd support for Soundgraph/Ahanix/Silverstone/Uneed/Accent iMON IR/VFD modules (Antec Fusion)
lcd_devices_imonlcdAdd support for Soundgraph iMON LCD modules (Antec Fusion)
lcd_devices_iowarriorAdd support for IO-Warrior displays
lcd_devices_irlcdAdd support for the USBtiny DIY USB to IR receiver
lcd_devices_irmanAdd support for the IrMan IR remote
lcd_devices_irtransAdd support for the 16x2 IRTrans VFD device
lcd_devices_joyAdd support for the joystick input driver, used on various LCD keypads
lcd_devices_jw002Add support for PJRC JW002 24x8 LCD display
lcd_devices_ks0108Add support for KS0108 based graphical LCDs
lcd_devices_l4mAdd support for Linux4Media displays
lcd_devices_lb216Add support for RTN's LB216 display
lcd_devices_lc7981Add support for the DG-16080 display family
lcd_devices_lcd2usbAdd support for the open lcd2usb connector to hd44780 displays
lcd_devices_lcdm001Add support for the Kernelconcepts LCDM001 display
lcd_devices_lcdtermAdd support for LCDTerm serial-to-HD44780 adapter boards
lcd_devices_lctermAdd support for Neumark's LCTerm serial LCD
lcd_devices_ledmatrixAdd support for SLM1606/8 LED Matrix displays
lcd_devices_lh155Add support for Sharp LH155 based displays
lcd_devices_linux_inputAdd support for the linux event device for inputting data from the input.
lcd_devices_lircAdd support for various IR remotes supported by LIRC
lcd_devices_lisAdd support for the VLSystem L.I.S MCE 2005 VFD
lcd_devices_lph7508Add support for the Pollin LPH7508
lcd_devices_luiseAdd support for the Wallbraun Electronics LCD-USB-Interface to Hitachi SP14Q002
lcd_devices_lw_abpAdd support for the LW_ABP display module
lcd_devices_m50530Add support for M50530 and compatible displays
lcd_devices_matrixorbitalAdd support for Matrix Orbital LCDs
lcd_devices_matrixorbitalgxAdd support for Matrix Orbital graphical LCDs
lcd_devices_md8800Add support for the VFD of the Medion MD8800 PC
lcd_devices_mdm166aAdd support for the Futaba / Targa USB Graphic Vacuum Fluorescent Display
lcd_devices_milfordinstrumentsAdd support for Milford Intruments LCDs
lcd_devices_ms6931Add support for MSI-6931 displays in MSI rack servers
lcd_devices_mtc_s16209xAdd support for MTC_S16209x displays
lcd_devices_mtxorbAdd support for Matrix Orbital LCD* LKD* VFD* and VKD* displays
lcd_devices_mx5000Add support for the Logitech MX5000 keyboard with an integrated LCD
lcd_devices_newhavenAdd support for various Newhaven displays
lcd_devices_nokcolAdd support for Nokias 3510i and 3530 display modules
lcd_devices_noritakeAdd support for the Noritake GU128x32-311 graphical display
lcd_devices_noritakevfdAdd support for the Noritake VFD Device CU20045SCPB-T28A
lcd_devices_nullAdd support for a NULL driver (for testing)
lcd_devices_olimex_mod_lcd1x9Add support for the Olimex MOD-LCD1x9 LCD display
lcd_devices_pcd8544Add support for PCD8544 and compilant display modules
lcd_devices_pertelianAdd support for the Pertelian X2040 displays
lcd_devices_phandersonAdd support for the PHAnderson serial-to-HD44780 controller
lcd_devices_picgraphicAdd support for PIC graphic displays
lcd_devices_picolcdAdd support for Mini-Box's picoLCD
lcd_devices_picolcd_256x64Add support for Mini-Box's picoLCD with a higher resolution
lcd_devices_picolcdgraphicAdd support for Mini-Box's graphical picoLCD
lcd_devices_pngAdd support for PNG output
lcd_devices_ppmAdd support for PNG output
lcd_devices_pyramidAdd support for the Pyramid LCD device
lcd_devices_rawserialAdd suppor for the rawserial interface on hd44780 LCD displays
lcd_devices_remoteAdd suport for remote display modules
lcd_devices_routerboardAdd support for the Router Board LCD port
lcd_devices_rs232Add support for generic RS232 based displays
lcd_devices_sampleAdd support for the sample driver
lcd_devices_samsungspfAdd support for Samsung SPF displays
lcd_devices_sdeclcdAdd support for Watchguard FireBox firewall appliances displays
lcd_devices_sed1330Add support for Seiko Epson SED1330/1335 graphical displays (S1D13300/S1D13305)
lcd_devices_sed133xAdd support for SED133x based display modules
lcd_devices_sed1520Add support for the Seiko Epson SED1520 Controller
lcd_devices_sed153xAdd support for OPTREX 323 based display modules
lcd_devices_sed156xAdd support for Nokias 7110 display module
lcd_devices_serdisplibMeta-driver to support drivers via dev-libs/serdisplib
lcd_devices_serialposAdd support for character displays in serial point of sale ("POS") devices
lcd_devices_serialvfdAdd support for most NEC, Futaba and Noritake VFDs
lcd_devices_shuttlevfdAdd support for several Shuttle VFDs such as M1000, M2000, G5 3300m and SG33G5M
lcd_devices_simplelcdAdd support for a simple serial terminal display
lcd_devices_sliAdd support for a Wirz SLI display
lcd_devices_ssdoledAdd support for Bolymin BL160128A OLED display
lcd_devices_stv5730Add support for STV5730A on-screen display chips
lcd_devices_stv8105Add support for STV8105 on-screen display chips
lcd_devices_sureelecAdd support drivers from the 'SURE electronics' shop
lcd_devices_t6963Add support for Toshiba T6963 based LCD displays
lcd_devices_teaklcmAdd support for TeakLCM displays
lcd_devices_textAdd support for TextMode displaying
lcd_devices_trefonAdd support for Trefon USB LCD displays
lcd_devices_tyanAdd support for LCDs of the Barebone GS series
lcd_devices_ula200Add support for ULA200 USB devices that allow USB connection of HD44780s
lcd_devices_usbhubAdd support for USBHUB displays
lcd_devices_usblcdAdd support for USBLCD displays
lcd_devices_vlsys_m428Add support for MonCaso 320 LCD displays
lcd_devices_vncAdd support for output on a vnc connection
lcd_devices_vssdcpAdd support for network-based vssdcp protocol LCD displays
lcd_devices_wincornixdorfAdd support for the WincorNixdorf serial cashier displays BA63 and BA66
lcd_devices_x11Add support for X11 displaying
lcd_devices_xosdAdd support for xosdlib
lcd_devices_yard2lcdAdd support for the Y.A.R.D. 2 LCD display and remote

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