Local USE flag

Packages describing “server” as local USE flag

Package “server” Flag Description
app-admin/bcfg2 Installs scripts to be used on the server-side of this app
app-misc/blink1 Build and install REST API server (currently hard-coded to TCP port 8080)
app-portage/grs Install all the tools building systems
dev-db/clickhouse Build server.
dev-db/etcd Installs etcd daemon
dev-db/firebird Install the server components of Firebird, not just the client
dev-db/mariadb Build the server program
dev-db/mysql Build the server program
dev-db/mysql-cluster Build the server program
dev-db/percona-server Build the server program
dev-db/postgresql Disable to build and install the clients and libraries only.
dev-libs/tntnet Enable tntnet server daemon
dev-python/dap Enable OpenDAP server support
dev-python/paramiko Enable server feature
dev-python/ws4py Install server modules
dev-ruby/rubygems Install support for the rubygems server
dev-vcs/cvs Enable server support
games-action/minetest Build Minetest server
games-action/supermariowar Compile and install Super Mario War server files
games-arcade/jazz2 Build the multiplayer game server
games-board/cockatrice Compile server support
games-board/teg Compile the server
games-engines/odamex Build server target
games-fps/eduke32 Enable support for multiplayer.
games-fps/sauerbraten Compile server support
games-fps/turtlearena Build server target
games-fps/urbanterror Build binary for dedicated server
games-roguelike/tomenet Compile server support
games-strategy/freeciv Enable server support. Disabling this will also make it impossible to start local games.
games-strategy/hedgewars Enable local server
games-strategy/ufoai Build the dedicated server
games-strategy/wesnoth Enable compilation of server
media-plugins/vdr-streamdev Compile the VDR plugin vdr-streamdev-server that allows remote systems to access the DVB cards used for the local VDR
media-sound/snapcast Build and install Snapcast server component
media-sound/supercollider Build with internal server
media-sound/xmms2 Build xmms2 player daemon (otherwise only clients are built)
media-video/syncplay Install Syncplay server
net-analyzer/2ping Install the server init scripts.
net-analyzer/ossec-hids Build "server" installation target
net-analyzer/zabbix Enable zabbix server
net-dialup/openl2tp Enable l2tp server.
net-firewall/fwknop Build fwknopd server
net-fs/cvmfs Install the cvmfsd program and init script
net-irc/quassel Build the server binary. If this USE flag is disabled, the 'core' server binary for quassel is not built, and cannot be used. You need this enabled on the server, but you might want to disable it on the client.
net-libs/libssh Build with SSH server support
net-mail/cyrus-imapd Enable building server binaries
net-misc/dhcp Install the dhcpd and dhcrelay programs
net-misc/freerdp Build server binaries
net-misc/knock Installs the knockd server daemon.
net-misc/mosh Build network server
net-misc/tigervnc Build TigerVNC server
net-misc/uftp Install uftp server daemon
net-vpn/badvpn Build the badvpn-server program, a central server that manages the VPN network.
net-vpn/tor Enable tor's relay module so it can operate as a relay/bridge/authority
sci-biology/ucsc-genome-browser Install genome browser Web application. If this flag is off, only libraries and utilities from the suite are installed.
sci-chemistry/molequeue Build the serve application
sci-mathematics/rstudio Build and install the RStudio server
sys-cluster/lustre Enable kernels server modules
sys-cluster/neutron Installs the initscripts for the neutron server service
sys-cluster/torque Enable compilation of pbs_server and pbs_sched
sys-devel/gdb Install the "gdbserver" program (useful for embedded/remote targets)
virtual/mysql Build server (mysqld)
www-servers/civetweb Build standalone server
x11-wm/xpra Build server-side code