The app-emulation category contains emulation software.

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aqemu Graphical interface for QEMU and KVM emulators, using Qt4
armv8-fast-model emulator for a basic ARMv8 platform environment (for running bare metal & Linux)
bochs LGPL-ed pc emulator
cloud-init EC2 initialisation magic
coldfire Motorola Coldfire Emulator
containerd A daemon to control runC
crossover-bin Commercial version of app-emulation/wine with paid support.
crossover-office-bin simplified/streamlined version of wine with commercial support
crossover-office-pro-bin simplified/streamlined version of wine with commercial support
dinero Cache simulator
diskimage-builder Golden Disk Image builder.
dlx DLX Simulator
docker The core functions you need to create Docker images and run Docker containers
docker-compose Multi-container orchestration for Docker
docker-machine Machine management for a container-centric world
docker-registry Docker Registry 2.0
docker-swarm A Docker-native clustering system
domi Scripts for building Xen domains
dosemu DOS Emulator
dynamips Cisco 7200/3600 Simulator
e-uae The Ubiquitous Amiga Emulator with an emulation core largely based on WinUAE
edumips64 A visual and cross-platform MIPS64 CPU Simulator
flannel An etcd backed network fabric for containers
free42 An HP-42S Calculator Simulator
fuse Free Unix Spectrum Emulator by Philip Kendall
fuse-utils Utils for the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator by Philip Kendall
ganeti Ganeti is a virtual server management software tool
ganeti-htools Cluster tools for fixing common allocation problems on Ganeti 2.0 clusters
ganeti-instance-debian-etch Debian Etch instance example for Ganeti
ganeti-instance-debootstrap Scripts to build Ganeti VMs with debootstrap
ganeti-instance-image Scripts to build out CD or image based VMs using Ganeti
grub-xen-host Grub2 built as a PV grub per the Xen PV Boot Protocol
gxemul A Machine Emulator, Mainly emulates MIPS, but supports other CPU types
hercules Hercules System/370, ESA/390 and zArchitecture Mainframe Emulator
libcacard virtual Common Access Card (CAC) library emulator
libguestfs Tools for accessing, inspect and modifying virtual machine (VM) disk images
libguestfs-appliance VM appliance disk image used in libguestfs package
libspectrum Spectrum emulation library
libvirt C toolkit to manipulate virtual machines
libvirt-glib GLib and GObject mappings for libvirt
libvirt-snmp Provides SNMP functionality for libvirt
lxc LinuX Containers userspace utilities
lxd Fast, dense and secure container management
open-vm-tools Opensourced tools for VMware guests
open-vm-tools-kmod Opensourced tools for VMware guests
openstack-guest-agents-unix Openstack Unix Guest Agent
phpvirtualbox Web-based administration for VirtualBox in PHP
playonlinux Set of scripts to easily install and use Windows games and software
q4wine Qt4 GUI configuration tool for Wine
qemu QEMU + Kernel-based Virtual Machine userland tools
qemu-guest-agent QEMU Guest Agent (qemu-ga) for use when running inside a VM
qemu-init-scripts Kvm and qemu init scripts
qtemu A graphical user interface for QEMU written in Qt4
rex-client Remote EXexcution agent
rkt A CLI for running app containers, and an implementation of the App Container Spec.
runc runc container cli tools
simh a simulator for historical computers such as Vax, PDP-11 etc.)
ski ia64 instruction set simulator
softgun ARM software emulator
spectemu 48k ZX Spectrum Emulator
spice SPICE server
spice-protocol Headers defining the SPICE protocol
spice-vdagent SPICE VD Linux Guest Agent
spim MIPS Simulator
uade Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator - plays old Amiga tunes through UAE emulation
uae The Umiquious Amiga Emulator
vagrant A tool for building and distributing development environments
vboxgtk GTK frontend for VirtualBox
vice The Versatile Commodore 8-bit Emulator
virt-manager A graphical tool for administering virtual machines
virt-viewer Graphical console client for connecting to virtual machines
virt-what Detects if the current machine is running in a virtual machine
virtualbox Family of powerful x86 virtualization products for enterprise and home use
virtualbox-additions CD image containing guest additions for VirtualBox
virtualbox-bin Family of powerful x86 virtualization products for enterprise as well as home use
virtualbox-extpack-oracle PUEL extensions for VirtualBox
virtualbox-guest-additions VirtualBox kernel modules and user-space tools for Gentoo guests
virtualbox-modules Kernel Modules for Virtualbox
vmips A virtual machine simulator based on a MIPS R3000 processor
vmips-cross-bin vmips cross-development tools
vmware-modules VMware kernel modules
vmware-player Emulate a complete PC without the performance overhead of most emulators
vmware-tools VMware Tools for guest operating systems
vmware-vix VMware VIX API for Linux
vmware-workstation Emulate a complete PC without the performance overhead of most emulators
vov vov (Vov's Obsessive Von-Neumann) is a tool that emulates the behavior of a Von-Neumann machine
vpcs Simulate up to 9 PCs in place of VMware boxes in a Dynamips network
wine Free implementation of Windows(tm) on Unix
winetricks Easy way to install DLLs needed to work around problems in Wine
x48 HP48 Calculator Emulator
xe-guest-utilities XenServer Virtual Machine Tools
xen The Xen virtual machine monitor
xen-pvgrub allows to boot Xen domU kernels from a menu.lst laying inside guest filesystem
xen-tools Xen tools including QEMU and xl
xtrs Radio Shack TRS-80 emulator


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