The dev-vcs category contains utilities focused on version control.
bfg A faster alternative to git-filter-branch for removing bad data from git repos
breezy Distributed Version Control System with a Friendly UI
colorcvs A tool based on colorgcc to beautify cvs output
colorsvn Subversion output colorizer
cssc The GNU Project's replacement for SCCS
cvs Concurrent Versions System - source code revision control tools
cvs2cl produces a GNU-style ChangeLog for CVS-controlled sources
cvs-fast-export fast-export history from a CVS repository or RCS collection
cvsgraph CVS/RCS repository grapher
cvsps Generates patchset information from a CVS repository (supports fast-import)
cvsutils A small bundle of utilities to work with CVS repositories
darcs a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system
easygit Easy GIT (eg), a frontend for git designed for former cvs and svn users
fossil Simple, high-reliability, source control management, and more
git Stupid content tracker: distributed VCS designed for speed and efficiency
git-absorb Automatically absorb staged changes into git current branch
git-annex manage files with git, without checking their contents into git
git-big-picture Visualization tool for Git repositories
git-cola The highly caffeinated git GUI
git-crypt transparent file encryption in git
git-delete-merged-branches Command-line tool to delete merged Git branches
git-extras Git utilities -- repo summary, repl, changelog population, and many more
git-filter-repo Quickly rewrite git repository history (filter-branch replacement)
git-flow Git extensions to provide high-level repository operations
gitg git repository viewer for GNOME
git-lfs Command line extension and specification for managing large files with git
git-machete Probably the sharpest git repo organizer & rebase/merge workflow automation tool
git-mailz Send a collection of patches as emails
git-mantle Generate an overview of changes on a branch
git-merge-changelog Git merge driver for GNU style ChangeLog files
gitolite Highly flexible server for git directory version tracker
gitolite-gentoo Highly flexible server for git directory version tracker, Gentoo fork
git-publish Tool for preparing and storing patch revisions as git tag
git-pw A tool for integrating Git with Patchwork
git-repair A tool to repair damaged git repositories
git-sh A customized bash environment suitable for git work
git-sizer Compute various size metrics for a Git repository
gitstats Statistics generator for git
git-tools Assorted git-related scripts
guilt A series of bash scripts which add a quilt-like interface to git
hg-evolve enables the changeset evolution feature of Mercurial
hg-git push to and pull from a Git repository using Mercurial
hub Command-line wrapper for git that makes you better at GitHub
kdesvn Frontend to the subversion vcs
lab Lab wraps Git or Hub, making it simple to interact with repositories on GitLab
mercurial Scalable distributed SCM
mr Multiple Repository management tool
notify-webhook Git post-receive web hook notifier in Python
pre-commit A framework for managing and maintaining multi-language Git pre-commit hooks
pwclient The command-line client for the patchwork patch tracking tool
python-gitlab Python command line interface to gitlab API
qgit Qt GUI for git repositories
rcs Revision Control System
rcsi A program to give information about RCS files
repo Google tool for managing git, particularly multiple repos
reposurgeon Tool for editing VCS repositories and translating among different systems
rsvndump Dump a remote Subversion repository
stagit Generates static HTML pages for a Git repository
stgit Stack-based patch management for Git
subversion Advanced version control system
svn2cl Create a GNU-style ChangeLog from subversion's svn log --xml output
svn2git Tool for one-time conversion from svn to git
svneverever Tool collecting path entries across SVN history
tig text mode interface for git
tkcvs Tcl/Tk-based graphical interface to CVS with Subversion support
topgit A different patch queue manager
tortoisehg Set of graphical tools for Mercurial
vcsh Manage config files in $HOME via fake bare git repositories


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