The gnome-base category contains core GNOME packages.

dconfSimple low-level configuration system
dconf-editorGraphical tool for editing the dconf configuration database
gdmGNOME Display Manager for managing graphical display servers and user logins
gnomeMeta package for GNOME, merge this package to install
gnome-appletsApplets for the GNOME Flashback Panel
gnome-commonCommon files for development of Gnome packages
gnome-control-centerGNOME's main interface to configure various aspects of the desktop
gnome-core-appsSub-meta package for the core applications integrated with GNOME
gnome-core-libsSub-meta package for the core libraries of GNOME
gnome-desktopLibrary with common API for various GNOME modules
gnome-extra-appsSub-meta package for the applications of GNOME
gnome-flashbackGNOME Flashback session
gnome-keyringPassword and keyring managing daemon
gnome-lightMeta package for GNOME-Light, merge this package to install
gnome-menusLibrary and layout configuration for the Desktop Menu fd.o specification
gnome-panelThe GNOME Flashback Panel
gnome-sessionGnome session manager
gnome-settings-daemonGnome Settings Daemon
gnome-shellProvides core UI functions for the GNOME desktop
gsettings-desktop-schemasCollection of GSettings schemas for GNOME desktop
gvfsVirtual filesystem implementation for GIO
libgladeLibrary to construct graphical interfaces at runtime
libgnomecanvasThe Gnome 2 Canvas library
libgnomekbdGnome keyboard configuration library
libgtopA library that provides top functionality to applications
librsvgScalable Vector Graphics (SVG) rendering library
nautilusDefault file manager for the GNOME desktop


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