Enable dbus support for anything that needs it (gpsd, gnomemeeting, etc)

Packages describing “dbus” as local USE flag

Package “dbus” Flag Description
dev-python/PyQt5 Build bindings for the QtDBus module
x11-misc/qt5ct Enable system tray and global menu support
net-irc/quassel Support desktop notifications via the StatusNotifier D-Bus service (used by most modern desktop environments).
x11-misc/xmobar Publish a service on the session bus for controlling xmobar
app-misc/lcd4linux Enable the dbus plugin.
dev-libs/glib Enable dependencies required by glib libraries using dbus service to manage settings saving
dev-vcs/git-annex Enable dbus support
games-simulation/flightgear Enable screensaver DBus interaction
media-sound/qmmp Enable DBus notifiications and MPRIS support
media-video/vidify Support local MPRIS players
sci-geosciences/gpsd export gpsd data over dbus connections
x11-misc/qtfm Install the qtfm-tray removable device manager

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