Prefer net-libs/gnutls as SSL/TLS provider (ineffective with USE=-ssl)

Packages describing “gnutls” as local USE flag

Package “gnutls” Flag Description
app-admin/rsyslog Build the GnuTLS network stream driver (requires net-libs/gnutls)
app-backup/bareos When ssl is enabled, use GnuTLS instead of OpenSSL
net-nds/ldapvi Use net-libs/gnutls instead of dev-libs/openssl
app-admin/gkrellm Enable SSL support for mail checking with net-libs/gnutls (overrides 'ssl' USE flag)
dev-libs/xmlsec Install xmlsec-gnutls library
media-video/rtmpdump Use GnuTLS instead of OpenSSL for Cryptography
www-servers/lighttpd Build module for TLS via GnuTLS
net-misc/curl Enable gnutls ssl backend
net-misc/aria2 Use net-libs/gnutls as TLS provider (preferred). Otherwise, dev-libs/openssl will be used as TLS provider. Both apply only with USE=ssl.
dev-libs/librelp Use GnuTLS
net-fs/s3fs Enable net-libs/gnutls crypto backend
net-analyzer/sngrep Use net-libs/gnutls to parse captured TLS packets
www-client/lynx Use gnutls library for HTTPS support (openssl is the default library for HTTPS support).
app-emulation/qemu Enable TLS support for the VNC console server. For 1.4 and newer this also enables WebSocket support. For 2.0 through 2.3 also enables disk quorum support.
net-irc/inspircd Enable TLS support

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