All packages

tagainijisho Open-source Japanese dictionary and kanji lookup tool
imsettings Delivery framework for general Input Method configuration
kinput2 A Japanese input server which supports the XIM protocol
fcitx-m17n m17n-provided input methods for Fcitx
canfep Canna Japanese kana-kanji frontend processor on console
man-pages-it A somewhat comprehensive collection of Italian Linux man pages
fcitx-chewing Chinese Chewing input method for Fcitx
fcitx-qt5 Fcitx input method module for Qt 5
fcitx-rime Chinese RIME input methods for Fcitx
ibus-kkc Japanese Kana Kanji conversion engine for IBus
ibus-skk Japanese SKK engine for IBus
ibus-table-latin Latin tables for IBus-Table
ibus-table-others Various tables for IBus-Table
ibus-table Tables engines for IBus
ibus-typing-booster Completion input method for IBus
imhangul GTK+ 3 Hangul Input Modules
translate-shell Online command-line translator
unicode-cldr Unicode Common Locale Data Repository
ibus-rime Chinese Rime Input Method Engine for IBus
unicode-emoji UTS #51 Unicode Emoji
xcin Chinese X Input Method
xsunpinyin A standalone XIM server for SunPinyin
xvnkb Vietnamese input keyboard for X
yaskkserv Yet Another SKK server
zinnia-tomoe Handwriting model files trained with Tomoe data
libhangul Library for hangul input method logic, hanja dictionary
libkkc Japanese Kana Kanji conversion input method library
man-pages-zh_CN A somewhat comprehensive collection of Chinese Linux man pages
zinnia Zinnia - Online hand recognition system with machine learning
bidiv A BiDirectional Text Viewer
tomoe Japanese handwriting recognition engine
anthy Anthy -- free and secure Japanese input system
dbskkd-cdb SKK dictionary server based on cdb
enca Detect and convert encoding of text files
fbterm Fast terminal emulator for the Linux framebuffer
fcitx-anthy Japanese Anthy input methods for Fcitx
fcitx-cloudpinyin Internet look-up support for Chinese Pinyin input methods for Fcitx
fcitx-configtool GTK+ GUI configuration tool for Fcitx
fcitx-hangul Korean Hangul input method for Fcitx
fcitx-libpinyin Chinese LibPinyin input methods for Fcitx
fcitx-sayura Sinhala Sayura input method for Fcitx
ibus-chewing Chinese Chewing engine for IBus
fcitx-sunpinyin Chinese SunPinyin input method for Fcitx
fcitx-table-extra Extra Chinese table input methods for Fcitx
fcitx-unikey Vietnamese Unikey input methods for Fcitx
fcitx Fcitx (Flexible Context-aware Input Tool with eXtension) input method framework
freewnn Network-Extensible Kana-to-Kanji Conversion System
ibus-anthy Japanese Anthy engine for IBus
ibus-cangjie Chinese Cangjie and Quick engines for IBus
ibus-fbterm IBus client for FbTerm
ibus-handwrite Hand write recognition/input for IBus
ibus-hangul Korean Hangul engine for IBus
ibus-input-pad Input Pad for IBus
ibus-libpinyin Intelligent Pinyin and Bopomofo input methods based on LibPinyin for IBus
ibus-table-extraphrase Chinese extra phrases for IBus-Table
ibus-unikey Vietnamese UniKey engine for IBus
ibus Intelligent Input Bus for Linux / Unix OS
im-canna Japanese Canna input method module for GTK+2
im-chooser Desktop Input Method configuration tool
im-freewnn Japanese FreeWnn input method module for GTK+2
jfbterm The J Framebuffer Terminal/Multilingual Enhancement with UTF-8 support
kakasi Converts Japanese text between kanji, kana, and romaji
kanjipad Japanese handwriting recognition tool
kcc A Kanji code converter
kcm-fcitx KDE configuration module for Fcitx
kde-l10n-scripts Set of scripts to manage KDE translation files
libcangjie Library implementing the Cangjie input method
libchewing Intelligent phonetic (Zhuyin/Bopomofo) input method library
libpinyin Libraries for handling of Hanyu Pinyin and Zhuyin Fuhao
librime RIME (Rime Input Method Engine) core library
libskk GObject-based library to deal with Japanese kana-to-kanji conversion method
libtabe Libtabe provides bimsphone support for xcin-2.5+
man-pages-ja A collection of manual pages translated into Japanese
man-pages-l10n A somewhat comprehensive collection of man page translations
man-pages-ru A collection of Russian translations of Linux manual pages
multiskkserv SKK server that handles multiple dictionaries
nabi Simple Hanguk X Input Method
nkf Network Kanji code conversion Filter with UTF-8/16 support
opencc Libraries for conversion between Traditional and Simplified Chinese
pology A framework for custom processing of PO files
pyzy The Chinese PinYin and Bopomofo conversion library
scim-hangul Hangul IMEngine for SCIM ported from imhangul
scim-uim An input module for Smart Common Input Method (SCIM) which uses uim as backend
qkc Quick KANJI code Converter
scim-anthy Japanese input method Anthy IMEngine for SCIM
scim-bridge Yet another IM-client of SCIM
scim-input-pad Input pad for SCIM used to input symbols and special characters
scim-m17n An input module for Smart Common Input Method (SCIM) which uses m17n as backend
scim-pinyin Smart Common Input Method (SCIM) Smart Pinyin Input Method
scim-sayura Sayura Sinhala input method for SCIM
scim-sunpinyin SunPinyin IMEngine for SCIM
scim-tables Smart Common Input Method (SCIM) Generic Table Input Method Server
scim-tomoe Japanese input method Tomoe IMEngine for SCIM
unicode-data Unicode data from
transifex-client A command line interface for Transifex
uim-tomoe-gtk Japanese input method Tomoe IMEngine for uim
uim A multilingual input method framework
canna A client-server based Kana-Kanji conversion system
cstools A charset conversion tool cstocs and two Perl modules for Czech language
ibus-m17n M17N engine for IBus
ibus-pinyin Chinese Pinyin and Bopomofo engines for IBus
ibus-sunpinyin Chinese SunPinyin engine for IBus
ibus-table-chinese Chinese tables for IBus-Table
mecab-skkserv mecab-skkserv is a Kana-Kanji conversion server using MeCab
mozc Mozc - Japanese input method editor
poedit GUI gettext translations editor
rime-data Data resources for Rime Input Method Engine
scim-wijesekera Wijesekara keyboard for Sinhala input using scim
scim Smart Common Input Method (SCIM) is an Input Method (IM) development platform
skk-jisyo Jisyo (dictionary) files for the SKK Japanese-input software
skkfep A SKK-like Japanese input method for console
skkserv Dictionary server for the SKK Japanese-input software
skktools SKK utilities to manage dictionaries
sunpinyin-data Data sets for Sunpinyin
sunpinyin A Statistical Language Model based Chinese input method library
tegaki-zinnia-japanese Handwriting model data of Japanese
tomoe-gtk Tomoe GTK+ interface widget library
uchardet An encoding detector library