Global USE flag

Add support for media-libs/alsa-lib (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture)

Packages describing “alsa” as local USE flag

Package “alsa” Flag Description
app-emulation/free42 Adds support for Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
app-emulation/qemu Enable alsa output for sound emulation
dev-java/gnu-classpath Build with ALSA javax.sound.midi provider
media-libs/libcanberra Enables ALSA sound driver.
media-sound/denemo Enable alsa support through media-libs/alsa-lib
media-sound/xwax Adds support for ALSA audio input/output.
media-tv/mythtv Allows MythTV to directly output sound to ALSA devices, this is needed if you are using ALSA dmix or SPDIF. Note, you will have to physically type your device into the MythTV configuration since it will only give you /dev/dsp devices in the drop down.
media-video/dcpomatic Utilize alsa output of media-libs/rtaudio.

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