Add optional support/bindings for the Perl language

Packages describing “perl” as local USE flag

Package“perl” Flag Description
app-emulation/wine-protonInstall helpers that require perl (winedump/winemaker)
app-emulation/wine-stagingInstall helpers that require perl (winedump/winemaker)
app-emulation/wine-vanillaInstall helpers that require perl (winedump/winemaker)
app-office/gnumericEnable perl plugin loader.
dev-util/perfAdd support for Perl as a scripting language for perf tools.
media-tv/mythtvBuild the perl bindings for MythTV
net-analyzer/symonEnables a generic perl symux client
net-firewall/ebtablesInstall the ebtables-save script which uses perl
net-irc/atheme-servicesInstall a perl module which wraps around the services' XML-RPC interface
sys-apps/moreutilsInstall scripts written in Perl
sys-libs/glibcInstall additional scripts written in Perl
x11-terms/rxvt-unicodeEnable perl script support. You can still disable this at runtime with -pe ""

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