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adie Text editor based on the FOX Toolkit
aee An easy to use text editor
amyedit AmyEdit is a LaTeX editor
atom A hackable text editor for the 21st Century
beaver Beaver is an Early AdVanced EditoR
bluefish A GTK HTML editor for the experienced web designer or programmer
bvi display-oriented editor for binary files, based on the vi texteditor
cooledit Cooledit is a full featured multiple window text editor
curses-hexedit full screen curses hex editor (with insert/delete support)
dav A minimal console text editor
dhex ncurses-based hex-editor with diff mode
diakonos A Linux editor for the masses
e3 Very tiny editor in ASM with emacs, pico, wordstar, and vi keybindings
editra Multi-platform text editor supporting over 50 programming languages
ee An easy to use text editor. A subset of aee
efte A fast text editor supporting folding, syntax highlighting, etc.
elvis A vi/ex clone
emacs The extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor
emacs-vcs The extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor
emact EmACT, a fork of Conroy's MicroEmacs
ersatz-emacs A very minimal imitation of the famous GNU Emacs editor
fb2edit a WYSIWYG FictionBook (fb2) editor
fe A small and easy to use folding editor
focuswriter A fullscreen and distraction-free word processor
fte Lightweight text-mode editor
gedit A text editor for the GNOME desktop
gedit-plugins Official plugins for gedit
ghex GNOME hexadecimal editor
ghostwriter Cross-platform, aesthetic, distraction-free markdown editor
gummi Simple LaTeX editor for GTK+ users
gvim GUI version of the Vim text editor
hexcurse ncurses based hex editor
hexedit View and edit files in hex or ASCII
hteditor A file viewer, editor and analyzer for text, binary, and executable files
jasspa-microemacs Jasspa Microemacs
jed Console S-Lang-based editor
jedit Programmer's editor written in Java
jext A text editor written in Java
joe A free ASCII-Text Screen Editor for UNIX
jove Jonathan's Own Version of Emacs, a light emacs-like editor without LISP bindings
juffed QScintilla-based tabbed text editor with syntax highlighting
jupp portable version of JOE's Own Editor
kakoune Selection-oriented code editor inspired by vim
kile A Latex Editor and TeX shell by KDE
latexila Integrated LaTeX environment for GNOME
le Terminal text editor
leafpad A simple GTK2 text editor
leo Leo: Literate Editor with Outlines
levee Really tiny vi clone, for things like rescue disks
lfhex A fast hex-editor with support for large files and comparing binary files
lpe a lightweight programmers editor
mg MicroGnuEmacs, a port from the BSDs
moe A powerful and user-friendly console text editor
mousepad GTK+-based editor for the Xfce Desktop Environment
mp Minimum Profit: A text editor for programmers
nano GNU GPL'd Pico clone with more functionality
ne the nice editor, easy to use for the beginner and powerful for the wizard
nedit Multi-purpose text editor for the X Window System
neovim Vim-fork focused on extensibility and agility.
ng Emacs like micro editor Ng -- based on mg2a
nvi Vi clone
padre Perl Application Development and Refactoring Environment
pluma Pluma text editor for the MATE desktop
qemacs QEmacs is a very small but powerful UNIX editor
qwriter Advanced text editor with syntax highlighting
qxmledit Simple Qt-based XML editor
retext Simple editor for Markdown and reStructuredText
sandy an ncurses text editor with an easy-to-read, hackable C source
scite A very powerful editor for programmers
shed Simple Hex EDitor
tea Small, lightweight Qt text editor
teco Classic TECO editor, Predecessor to EMACS
ted X-based rich text editor
uemacs-pk uEmacs/PK is an enhanced version of MicroEMACS
vile VI Like Emacs -- yet another full-featured vi clone
vim Vim, an improved vi-style text editor
vim-core vim and gvim shared files
vis modern, legacy free, simple yet efficient vim-like editor
wily An emulation of ACME, Plan9's hybrid window system, shell and editor
wxhexeditor A cross-platform hex editor designed specially for large files
xemacs highly customizable open source text editor and application development system
XML-XSH2 XML Editing Shell
xmlcopyeditor XML Copy Editor is a fast, free, validating XML editor
xvile VI Like Emacs -- yet another full-featured vi clone
yudit Free (Y)unicode text editor for all unices
zile Zile is a small Emacs clone
znotes Simple Notes


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