The virtual category contains packages which satisfy virtual dependencies.

aclVirtual for acl support (sys/acl.h)
bitcoin-leveldbVirtual for LevelDB versions known to be compatible with Bitcoin Core 0.9+
blasVirtual for FORTRAN 77 BLAS implementation
cblasVirtual for BLAS C implementation
checkpasswordVirtual for checkpassword compatible applications
commonlispVirtual for Common Lisp
cronVirtual for cron
daemontoolsVirtual for daemontools
dev-managerVirtual for the device filesystem manager
dist-kernelVirtual to depend on any Distribution Kernel
dotnet-sdkVirtual for .NET SDK
editorVirtual for editor
famA virtual package to choose between gamin and fam
fortranVirtual for Fortran Compiler
freedesktop-icon-themeVirtual to choose between different icon themes
gluVirtual for OpenGL utility library
gnustep-backVirtual for back-end component for the GNUstep GUI Library
gsaslVirtual for the GNU SASL library
httpd-basicVirtual for static HTML-enabled webservers
httpd-cgiVirtual for CGI-enabled webservers
httpd-fastcgiVirtual for FastCGI-enabled webservers
httpd-phpVirtual to provide PHP-enabled webservers
imagemagick-toolsVirtual for imagemagick command line tools
inetdVirtual for the internet super-server daemon
jackVirtual for JACK Audio Connection Kit
jdkVirtual for Java Development Kit (JDK)
jpegVirtual to select between libjpeg-turbo and IJG jpeg for source-based packages
jpeg-compatA virtual for the ABI for binary-only programs
jreVirtual for Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
krb5Virtual for Kerberos V implementation
lapackVirtual for Linear Algebra Package FORTRAN 77 (LAPACK) implementation
lapackeVirtual for LAPACK C implementation
latex-baseVirtual for basic LaTeX binaries
libcVirtual for the C library
libcryptVirtual for
libelfVirtual for provider dev-libs/elfutils
libiconvVirtual for the GNU conversion library
libintlVirtual for the GNU Internationalization Library
libudevVirtual for libudev providers
libusbVirtual for libusb
linux-sourcesVirtual for Linux kernel sources
loggerVirtual for system loggers
mailxVirtual for mail implementations
manVirtual for man
mdaVirtual for Message Delivery Agents
mpiVirtual for Message Passing Interface (MPI) v2.0 implementation
mtaVirtual for Message Transfer Agents
mysqlVirtual for MySQL database server
notification-daemonVirtual for notification daemon dbus service
oooVirtual for LibreOffice
openclVirtual for OpenCL API
openglVirtual for OpenGL implementation
opensshVirtual for net-misc/openssh and variants
os-headersVirtual for operating system headers
package-managerVirtual for the package manager
pagerVirtual for command-line pagers
pandocVirtual for pandoc
perl6Convenience virtual for perl6
perl-Archive-TarVirtual for Archive-Tar
perl-Attribute-HandlersVirtual for Attribute-Handlers
perl-autodieVirtual for autodie
perl-AutoLoaderVirtual for AutoLoader
perl-bignumVirtual for bignum
perl-CarpVirtual for Carp
perl-Compress-Raw-Bzip2Virtual for Compress-Raw-Bzip2
perl-Compress-Raw-ZlibVirtual for Compress-Raw-Zlib
perl-CPANVirtual for CPAN
perl-CPAN-MetaVirtual for CPAN-Meta
perl-CPAN-Meta-RequirementsVirtual for CPAN-Meta-Requirements
perl-CPAN-Meta-YAMLVirtual for CPAN-Meta-YAML
perl-Data-DumperVirtual for Data-Dumper
perl-DB_FileVirtual for DB_File
perl-Devel-PPPortVirtual for Devel-PPPort
perl-DigestVirtual for Digest
perl-Digest-MD5Virtual for Digest-MD5
perl-Digest-SHAVirtual for Digest-SHA
perl-DumpvalueVirtual for Dumpvalue
perl-EncodeVirtual for Encode
perl-ExporterVirtual for Exporter
perl-ExtUtils-CBuilderVirtual for ExtUtils-CBuilder
perl-ExtUtils-ConstantVirtual for ExtUtils-Constant
perl-ExtUtils-InstallVirtual for ExtUtils-Install
perl-ExtUtils-MakeMakerVirtual for ExtUtils-MakeMaker
perl-ExtUtils-ManifestVirtual for ExtUtils-Manifest
perl-ExtUtils-ParseXSVirtual for ExtUtils-ParseXS
perl-File-PathVirtual for File-Path
perl-File-SpecVirtual for File-Spec
perl-File-TempVirtual for File-Temp
perl-Filter-SimpleVirtual for perl-core/Filter-Simple
perl-Getopt-LongVirtual for Getopt-Long
perl-HTTP-TinyVirtual for HTTP-Tiny
perl-I18N-LangTagsVirtual for I18N-LangTags
perl-ifVirtual for if
perl-IOVirtual for IO
perl-IO-CompressVirtual for IO-Compress
perl-IO-Socket-IPVirtual for IO-Socket-IP
perl-IO-ZlibVirtual for IO-Zlib
perl-IPC-CmdVirtual for IPC-Cmd
perl-JSON-PPVirtual for JSON-PP
perl-libnetVirtual for libnet
perl-Locale-MaketextVirtual for Locale-Maketext
perl-Locale-Maketext-SimpleVirtual for Locale-Maketext-Simple
perl-Math-BigIntVirtual for Math-BigInt
perl-Math-BigInt-FastCalcVirtual for Math-BigInt-FastCalc
perl-Math-BigRatVirtual for Math-BigRat
perl-Math-ComplexVirtual for Math-Complex
perl-MemoizeVirtual for Memoize
perl-MIME-Base64Virtual for MIME-Base64
perl-Module-CoreListVirtual for Module-CoreList
perl-Module-LoadVirtual for Module-Load
perl-Module-Load-ConditionalVirtual for Module-Load-Conditional
perl-Module-LoadedVirtual for Module-Loaded
perl-Module-MetadataVirtual for Module-Metadata
perl-Net-PingVirtual for Net-Ping
perl-Params-CheckVirtual for Params-Check
perl-parentVirtual for parent
perl-Parse-CPAN-MetaVirtual for Parse-CPAN-Meta
perl-Perl-OSTypeVirtual for Perl-OSType
perl-Pod-EscapesVirtual for Pod-Escapes
perl-podlatorsVirtual for podlators
perl-Pod-SimpleVirtual for Pod-Simple
perl-SafeVirtual for Safe
perl-Scalar-List-UtilsVirtual for Scalar::Util and List::Util, also distributed as Scalar::List::Utils
perl-SocketVirtual for Socket
perl-StorableVirtual for Storable
perl-Sys-SyslogVirtual for Sys-Syslog
perl-Term-ANSIColorVirtual for Term-ANSIColor
perl-Term-ReadLineVirtual for Term-ReadLine
perl-Term-TableVirtual for Term-Table
perl-TestVirtual for Test
perl-Test2-SuiteVirtual for Test2-Suite
perl-Test-HarnessVirtual for Test-Harness
perl-Test-SimpleVirtual for Test-Simple
perl-Text-BalancedVirtual for Text-Balanced
perl-Text-ParseWordsVirtual for Text-ParseWords
perl-Text-Tabs+WrapVirtual for Text::Tabs and Text::Wrap, also distributed as Text::Tabs+Wrap
perl-Thread-QueueVirtual for Thread-Queue
perl-threadsVirtual for threads
perl-Thread-SemaphoreVirtual for Thread-Semaphore
perl-threads-sharedVirtual for threads-shared
perl-Tie-RefHashVirtual for Tie-RefHash
perl-Time-HiResVirtual for Time-HiRes
perl-Time-LocalVirtual for Time-Local
perl-Time-PieceVirtual for Time-Piece
perl-Unicode-CollateVirtual for Unicode-Collate
perl-Unicode-NormalizeVirtual for Unicode-Normalize
perl-versionVirtual for version
perl-XSLoaderVirtual for XSLoader
pkgconfigVirtual for the pkg-config implementation
podofo-buildVirtual package for building against PoDoFo
pwshVirtual for PowerShell
qmailVirtual for qmail
resolvconfVirtual to select between different resolvconf providers
rubygemsVirtual ebuild for rubygems
ruby-sslVirtual ebuild for the Ruby OpenSSL bindings
rustVirtual for Rust language compiler
secret-serviceVirtual for a Secret Service API provider
service-managerVirtual for various service managers
skkservVirtual for SKK server
sshVirtual for SSH client and server
szipVirtual for szip compression drop-in replacements
tex-baseVirtual for basic TeX binaries (tex, kpathsea)
texi2dviVirtual for texi2dvi (and texi2pdf)
tmpfilesVirtual to select between different tmpfiles.d handlers
ttf-fontsVirtual for Serif/Sans/Monospace font packages
udevVirtual to select between different udev daemon providers
w3mVirtual for the w3m web browser
wineVirtual for Wine that supports multiple variants and slotting


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