The virtual category contains packages which satisfy virtual dependencies.

All packages

acl Virtual for acl support (sys/acl.h)
awk Virtual for awk implementation
bitcoin-leveldb Virtual for LevelDB versions known to be compatible with Bitcoin Core 0.9+
blas Virtual for FORTRAN 77 BLAS implementation
cblas Virtual for BLAS C implementation
cdrtools Virtual for command-line recorders cdrtools and cdrkit
checkpassword Virtual for checkpassword compatible applications
commonlisp Virtual for Common Lisp
cron Virtual for cron
daemontools Virtual for daemontools
dev-manager Virtual for the device filesystem manager
editor Virtual for editor
eject Virtual for the eject command
emacs Virtual for GNU Emacs
fam A virtual package to choose between gamin and fam
ffmpeg Virtual package for FFmpeg executable implementation
fortran Virtual for Fortran Compiler
freedesktop-icon-theme A virtual to choose between different icon themes
glu Virtual for OpenGL utility library
gnustep-back Virtual for back-end component for the GNUstep GUI Library
gsasl Virtual for the GNU SASL library
httpd-basic Virtual for static HTML-enabled webservers
httpd-cgi Virtual for CGI-enabled webservers
httpd-fastcgi Virtual for FastCGI-enabled webservers
httpd-php Virtual to provide PHP-enabled webservers
imagemagick-tools Virtual for imagemagick command line tools
imap-c-client Virtual for IMAP c-client
inetd Virtual for the internet super-server daemon
jack Virtual for JACK Audio Connection Kit
jdk Virtual for Java Development Kit (JDK)
jpeg Virtual to select between libjpeg-turbo and IJG jpeg for source-based packages
jpeg-compat A virtual for the ABI for binary-only programs
jre Virtual for Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
krb5 Virtual for Kerberos V implementation
lapack Virtual for Linear Algebra Package FORTRAN 77 (LAPACK) implementation
lapacke Virtual for LAPACK C implementation
latex-base Virtual for basic LaTeX binaries
leechcraft-browser Virtual for LeechCraft plugins providing a web browser
leechcraft-downloader-http Virtual for LeechCraft plugins providing HTTP downloading
leechcraft-notifier Virtual for LeechCraft plugins capable of visually notifying the user
leechcraft-quark-sideprovider Virtual for LeechCraft plugins displaying quarks near window edges
leechcraft-search-show Virtual for LeechCraft plugins providing UI for search plugins
leechcraft-storage-device-manager Virtual for LeechCraft plugins for managing removable storage devices
leechcraft-task-show Virtual for plugins that can show IDownloads and IJobHolders
leechcraft-trayarea Virtual for LeechCraft plugins providing a tray area
leechcraft-wysiwyg-editor Virtual for LeechCraft plugins providing WYSIWYG text editor
libc Virtual for the C library
libcrypt Virtual for
libelf Virtual for provider dev-libs/elfutils
libffi A virtual for the Foreign Function Interface implementation
libgudev Virtual for libgudev providers
libiconv Virtual for the GNU conversion library
libintl Virtual for the GNU Internationalization Library
libstdc++ Virtual for the GNU Standard C++ Library for <gcc-3.4
libudev Virtual for libudev providers
libusb Virtual for libusb
linux-sources Virtual for Linux kernel sources
linuxtv-dvb-headers Virtual Package installing the Header files for DVB
logger Virtual for system loggers
mailx Virtual for mail implementations
man Virtual for man
mda Virtual for Message Delivery Agents
modutils Virtual for utilities to manage Linux kernel modules
mpi Virtual for Message Passing Interface (MPI) v2.0 implementation
mta Virtual for Message Transfer Agents
mysql Virtual for MySQL database server
notification-daemon Virtual for notification daemon dbus service
ooo Virtual for
opencl Virtual for OpenCL implementations
opengl Virtual for OpenGL implementation
os-headers Virtual for operating system headers
package-manager Virtual for the package manager
pager Virtual for command-line pagers
perl-Archive-Tar Virtual for Archive-Tar
perl-Attribute-Handlers Virtual for Attribute-Handlers
perl-autodie Virtual for autodie
perl-AutoLoader Virtual for AutoLoader
perl-bignum Virtual for bignum
perl-Carp Virtual for Carp
perl-Compress-Raw-Bzip2 Virtual for Compress-Raw-Bzip2
perl-Compress-Raw-Zlib Virtual for Compress-Raw-Zlib
perl-CPAN Virtual for CPAN
perl-CPAN-Meta Virtual for CPAN-Meta
perl-CPAN-Meta-Requirements Virtual for CPAN-Meta-Requirements
perl-CPAN-Meta-YAML Virtual for CPAN-Meta-YAML
perl-Data-Dumper Virtual for Data-Dumper
perl-DB_File Virtual for DB_File
perl-Devel-PPPort Virtual for Devel-PPPort
perl-Digest Virtual for Digest
perl-Digest-MD5 Virtual for Digest-MD5
perl-Digest-SHA Virtual for Digest-SHA
perl-Dumpvalue Virtual for Dumpvalue
perl-Encode Virtual for Encode
perl-Exporter Virtual for Exporter
perl-ExtUtils-CBuilder Virtual for ExtUtils-CBuilder
perl-ExtUtils-Constant Virtual for ExtUtils-Constant
perl-ExtUtils-Install Virtual for ExtUtils-Install
perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker Virtual for ExtUtils-MakeMaker
perl-ExtUtils-Manifest Virtual for ExtUtils-Manifest
perl-ExtUtils-ParseXS Virtual for ExtUtils-ParseXS
perl-File-Path Virtual for File-Path
perl-File-Spec Virtual for File-Spec
perl-File-Temp Virtual for File-Temp
perl-Filter-Simple Virtual for perl-core/Filter-Simple
perl-Getopt-Long Virtual for Getopt-Long
perl-HTTP-Tiny Virtual for HTTP-Tiny
perl-I18N-LangTags Virtual for I18N-LangTags
perl-if Virtual for if
perl-IO Virtual for IO
perl-IO-Compress Virtual for IO-Compress
perl-IO-Socket-IP Virtual for IO-Socket-IP
perl-IO-Zlib Virtual for IO-Zlib
perl-IPC-Cmd Virtual for IPC-Cmd
perl-JSON-PP Virtual for JSON-PP
perl-libnet Virtual for libnet
perl-Locale-Maketext Virtual for Locale-Maketext
perl-Locale-Maketext-Simple Virtual for Locale-Maketext-Simple
perl-Math-BigInt Virtual for Math-BigInt
perl-Math-BigInt-FastCalc Virtual for Math-BigInt-FastCalc
perl-Math-BigRat Virtual for Math-BigRat
perl-Math-Complex Virtual for Math-Complex
perl-Memoize Virtual for Memoize
perl-MIME-Base64 Virtual for MIME-Base64
perl-Module-CoreList Virtual for Module-CoreList
perl-Module-Load Virtual for Module-Load
perl-Module-Load-Conditional Virtual for Module-Load-Conditional
perl-Module-Loaded Virtual for Module-Loaded
perl-Module-Metadata Virtual for Module-Metadata
perl-Net-Ping Virtual for Net-Ping
perl-Params-Check Virtual for Params-Check
perl-parent Virtual for parent
perl-Parse-CPAN-Meta Virtual for Parse-CPAN-Meta
perl-Perl-OSType Virtual for Perl-OSType
perl-Pod-Escapes Virtual for Pod-Escapes
perl-Pod-Parser Virtual for Pod-Parser
perl-Pod-Simple Virtual for Pod-Simple
perl-podlators Virtual for podlators
perl-Safe Virtual for Safe
perl-Scalar-List-Utils Virtual for Scalar::Util and List::Util, also distributed as Scalar::List::Utils
perl-Socket Virtual for Socket
perl-Storable Virtual for Storable
perl-Sys-Syslog Virtual for Sys-Syslog
perl-Term-ANSIColor Virtual for Term-ANSIColor
perl-Term-ReadLine Virtual for Term-ReadLine
perl-Test Virtual for Test
perl-Test-Harness Virtual for Test-Harness
perl-Test-Simple Virtual for Test-Simple
perl-Text-Balanced Virtual for Text-Balanced
perl-Text-ParseWords Virtual for Text-ParseWords
perl-Text-Tabs+Wrap Virtual for Text::Tabs and Text::Wrap, also distributed as Text::Tabs+Wrap
perl-Thread-Queue Virtual for Thread-Queue
perl-Thread-Semaphore Virtual for Thread-Semaphore
perl-threads Virtual for threads
perl-threads-shared Virtual for threads-shared
perl-Tie-RefHash Virtual for Tie-RefHash
perl-Time-HiRes Virtual for Time-HiRes
perl-Time-Local Virtual for Time-Local
perl-Time-Piece Virtual for Time-Piece
perl-Unicode-Collate Virtual for Unicode-Collate
perl-Unicode-Normalize Virtual for Unicode-Normalize
perl-version Virtual for version
perl-XSLoader Virtual for XSLoader
perl6 Convenience virtual for perl6
pkgconfig Virtual for the pkg-config implementation
pmake Virtual for BSD-like make (to be used with get_bmake)
podofo-build Virtual package for building against PoDoFo
pypy An obsolete virtual for PyPy Python implementation
pypy3 An obsolete virtual for PyPy3 Python implementation
python-backports_abc A virtual for the Python 3.3+ module
python-cffi A virtual for the Python cffi package
python-enum34 A virtual for Python enum34 module
python-funcsigs A Virtual for Python function signatures from PEP362 (py3.6 variant)
python-futures A virtual for the Python concurrent.futures module
python-greenlet A virtual for Python greenlet module
python-ipaddress A virtual for Python ipaddress module
python-pathlib A virtual for Python pathlib module
python-singledispatch A virtual for the Python functools.singledispatch function
python-typing A virtual for the Python typing module
python-unittest-mock A virtual for unittest.mock with mock fallback
qmail Virtual for qmail
resolvconf Virtual to select between different resolvconf providers
ruby-ssl Virtual ebuild for the Ruby OpenSSL bindings
rubygems Virtual ebuild for rubygems
rust Virtual for Rust language compiler
service-manager Virtual for various service managers
shadow Virtual for user account management utilities
skkserv Virtual for SKK server
ssh Virtual for SSH client and server
szip Virtual for szip compression drop-in replacements
tex-base Virtual for basic TeX binaries (tex, kpathsea)
texi2dvi Virtual for texi2dvi (and texi2pdf)
tmpfiles Virtual to select between different tmpfiles.d handlers
ttf-fonts Virtual for Serif/Sans/Monospace font packages
udev Virtual to select between different udev daemon providers
w3m Virtual for the w3m web browser
wine Virtual for Wine that supports multiple variants and slotting
wireguard Simple yet fast and modern VPN that utilizes state-of-the-art cryptography.
yacc virtual for yacc (yet another compiler compiler)


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