The app-vim category contains plugins, syntax file and spelling packages for the Vim text editor.

ackvimvim plugin: run ack from vim
airlinevim plugin: lean & mean statusline for vim that's light as air
airline-themesvim plugin: a collection of themes for vim-airline
alignvim plugin: commands and maps to help produce aligned text
alternatevim plugin: quickly switch between .c and .h files
ansiescvim plugin: ansi escape sequences concealed, but highlighted as specified
ant_menuvim plugin: Java ant build system integration
autoalignvim plugin: automatically align bib, c, c++, tex and vim code
bash-supportvim plugin: write and run bash scripts using menus and hotkeys
bnf-syntaxvim plugin: BNF file syntax highlighting
brainfuck-syntaxSupport for the brainfuck programming language
breakptsvim plugin: sets vim breakpoints visually
bufexplorervim plugin: easily browse vim buffers
calendarvim plugin: calendar window
cctreevim plugin: Cscope based source-code browser and code flow analysis tool
cecutilvim plugin: library used by many of Charles Campbell's plugins
cfengine-syntaxvim plugin: Cfengine 3 configuration files syntax
checkattachvim plugin: check for attachments when writing mails with mutt
closetagvim plugin: close HTML/XML tags quickly
cmdaliasvim plugin: library for alias creation
colorschemesvim plugin: a collection of color schemes from
colorselvim plugin: RGB / HSV color selector
command-tvim plugin: fast file navigation for vim
csound-syntaxvim plugin: set of tools for editing Csound files with vim
csscompletevim plugin: CSS 3 omni complete function
c-supportvim plugin: C/C++-IDE -- Write and run programs using menus and hotkeys
csvvim plugin: display and alter csv files
ctrlpvim plugin: fuzzy file, buffer, mru, tag, ... finder with regex support
ctxvim plugin: display current scope context in a C file
curcmdmodevim plugin: library for extending vim's mode() function
cvsmenuvim plugin: CVS(NT) integration script
dbextvim plugin: easy access to databases
detectindentvim plugin: automatically detect file indent settings
dhcpd-syntaxvim plugin: syntax highlighting for dhcpd.conf
diffcharvim plugin: highlight the exact differences, based on characters and words
dirdiffvim plugin: diff and merge two directories recursively
easy-alignvim plugin: a simple alignment plugin
ebnf-syntaxvim plugin: EBNF (ISO/IEC 14997) file syntax highlighting
editorconfig-vimvim plugin: Support EditorConfig files
emmetvim plugin: HTML and CSS hi-speed coding
enhancedcommentifyvim plugin: enhanced comment creation
errsignvim plugin: display marks on lines with errors
eruby-syntaxvim plugin: syntax highlighting for eruby
eselect-syntaxvim plugin: eselect syntax highlighting, filetype and indent settings
exheres-syntaxvim plugin: exheres format highlighting
extra-syntaxvim plugin: metapackage for all extra syntax packages
ferretvim plugin: enhanced multi-file search
fluxbox-syntaxvim plugin: fluxbox files syntax and indent
foldutilvim plugin: fold creation utility
fraworvim plugin: modular vim framework
fugitivevim plugin: a git wrapper for vim
fuzzyfindervim plugin: buffer/file/command/tag/etc explorer with fuzzy matching
genindentvim plugin: library for simplifying indent files
gentoo-syntaxvim plugin: Gentoo and Portage syntax highlighting
genutilsvim plugin: library with various useful functions
gistvim plugin: interact with gists (
gitguttervim plugin: shows a git diff in the sign column and stages/reverts hunks
gitlogvim plugin: git log and diff plugin for vim
gitolite-syntaxvim plugin: gitolite syntax highlighting
git-patch-tagsvim plugin: add git patch tags as used in linux kernel development
gitvvim plugin: gitk for vim
gnupgtransparent editing of gpg encrypted files
greputilsvim plugin: interface with grep, find and id-utils
gtk-syntaxvim plugin: Syntax highlighting for GLib, Gtk+, Xlib, Gimp, Gnome, and more
gundovim plugin: visualize your vim undo tree
haskellmodevim plugin: Provides IDE-like features for Haskell development
help-extra-syntaxvim plugin: extra syntax highlighting for help files
incrementvim plugin: easily create sequences of incremented values
indentpythonvim plugin: Indent Python code according to PEP8
infovim plugin: GNU info documentation browser
irisvim plugin: mail client for vim
jedivim plugin: binding to the autocompletion library jedi
jsonvim plugin: a better JSON for Vim
l9vim plugin: library for vim scripts
languagetoolgrammar checker for various languages
lightlinevim plugin: A light and configurable statusline/tabline
locateopenvim plugin: open a file without supplying a path
lustyexplorervim plugin: dynamic filesystem and buffer explorer
matrixvim plugin: Screensaver inspired by the Matrix
mediawikivim plugin: MediaWiki syntax highlighting
merginalvim script: fugitive extension to manage and merge git branches
minibufexplvim plugin: easily switch between buffers
molokaivim plugin: molokai color scheme
multiplesearchvim plugin: allows multiple highlighted searches
multvalsvim plugin: library for helping with arrays
nagios-syntaxvim plugin: Nagios configuration files syntax
neocomplcachevim plugin: ultimate auto completion system
nerdcommentervim plugin: easy commenting of code for many filetypes
nerdtreevim plugin: A tree explorer plugin for navigating the filesystem
nerdtree-tabsvim plugin: NERDTree and tabs in vim
nginx-syntaxvim plugin: Nginx configuration files syntax
ntp-syntaxvim plugin: ntp.conf syntax highlighting
omnicppcompletevim plugin: C/C++ omni-completion with ctags database
pathogenvim plugin: manage your runtimepath
pdvvim plugin: PDV (phpDocumentor for Vim)
perlomnivim plugin: a vim plugin with Perl omni completion functions
perl-supportvim plugin: Perl-IDE - Write and run Perl scripts using menus and hotkeys
pfsyntaxvim plugin: pf syntax highlighting for vim
pgn-syntaxvim plugin: PGN (chess Portable Game Notation) syntax highlighting
phpdocsvim plugin: PHPDoc Support in VIM
projectvim plugin: Managing multiple projects with multiple sources like an IDE
puppet-syntaxvim plugin: Puppet configuration files syntax
pushpopvim plugin: pushd / popd from the vim commandline
pydocvim plugin: integrates python documentation view and search tool
pytestvim plugin: run tests with py.test from within vim
railsvim plugin: aids developing Ruby on Rails applications
rainbow_parenthesesvim plugin: Colour parentheses to differentiate nest levels
recovervim plugin: show differences for recovered files
reloadvim plugin: automatic reloading of vim scripts
repeatvim plugin: use the repeat command "." with plugin maps
ri-browservim plugin: interface for browsing ri/ruby documentation
rust-vimVim configuration for Rust
salt-vimVim files for working on Salt files
scala-syntaxvim plugin: Scala syntax highlighting, filetype and indent settings
screenvim plugin: simulate a split shell with screen or tmux
searchcompletevim plugin: tab completion in searches
securemodelinesvim plugin: secure, user-configurable modeline support
selinux-syntaxvim plugin: SELinux type enforcement policy syntax
sessionvim plugin: extended session management for vim
showmarksvim plugin: show location marks visually
sleuthvim plugin: heuristically set buffer options
snipmatevim plugin: TextMate-style snippets
splicevim plugin: resolve conflicts during three-way merges
sudoeditvim plugin: edit files using sudo or su
supertabvim plugin: enhanced Tab key functionality
surroundvim plugin: Delete/change/add parentheses/quotes/XML-tags & much more
syntasticvim plugin: syntax checking using external tools
tagbarvim plugin: display tags of the current file ordered by scope
taglistvim plugin: ctags-based source code browser
tasklistHighlight FIXME/TODO/CUSTOM keywords in a separate list
tcommentvim plugin: an extensible and universal comment toggler
thlnkvim plugin: linking in plaintext
tlibvim plugin: a library of utility functions
tmplvim plugin: Syntax for Sam Tregar's HTML::Template
togglevim plugin: quickly toggle boolean-type keywords
tt2-syntaxvim plugin: syntax highlighting for perl module Template-Toolkit
txtfmtvim plugin: rich text highlighting in vim
udev-syntaxvim plugin: syntax highlighting for udev rules files
undotreevim plugin: display your undo history in a graph
unitevim plugin: unite all sources
uptimevim plugin: display vim uptimes
vcscommandvim plugin: CVS/SVN/SVK/git/bzr/hg integration plugin
vim2hsvim plugin: collection of vimscripts for Haskell development
vim-addon-mw-utilsvim plugin: interpret a file by function and cache file automatically
vimagitvim plugin: ease your git workflow within vim
vim-autoclosevim plugin: open-close pair of characters
vimbuddyvim plugin: vimbuddy for the status line
vimcdoconline vim documentation translated into Chinese
vim-clang-formatVim plugin for clang-format
vimclojurevim plugin: Clojure syntax highlighting, filetype and indent settings
vimcommandervim plugin: Total Commander style file explorer
vim-commentaryvim plugin: comment stuff out
vim-flake8vim plugin: runs the currently open file through flake8
vim-govim plugin: Go development plugin for Vim
vim-hooglevim plugin: use hoogle within vim
Vim-Jinja2-Syntaxvim plugin: Jinja2 syntax highlighting
vim-jqvim plugin: Runtime files for app-misc/jq
vim-jsonnetvim plugin: Filetype plugin for dev-lang/jsonnet
vim-latexComprehensive set of tools to view, edit and compile LaTeX documents
vim-miscvim plugin: miscellaneous auto-load scripts
vim-multiple-cursorsvim plugin: Sublime Text's awesome multiple selection feature for Vim
vim-nftablesvim plugin: nftables syntax and indent
vimpythonvim plugin: A set of menus/shortcuts to work with Python files
vim-rvim plugin: integrate vim with R
vim-rest-consolevim plugin: a REST console for vim
vim-spell-csvim spell files: Czech (cs)
vim-spell-davim spell files: Danish (da)
vim-spell-devim spell files: German (de)
vim-spell-elvim spell files: Greek (el)
vim-spell-envim spell files: English (en)
vim-spell-esvim spell files: Spanish (es)
vim-spell-frvim spell files: French (fr)
vim-spell-hevim spell files: Hebrew (he)
vim-spell-huvim spell files: Hungarian (hu)
vim-spell-itvim spell files: Italian (it)
vim-spell-nlvim spell files: Dutch (nl)
vim-spell-plvim spell files: Polish (pl)
vim-spell-ptvim spell files: Portuguese (pt)
vim-spell-ruvim spell files: Russian (ru)
vimtexvim plugin: a modern vim plugin for editing LaTeX files
vim-tmuxvim plugin: tmux support for vim
voomvim plugin: emulates a two-pane text outliner
vspecA testing framework for Vim script
webapivim plugin: interface to Web APIs
wikipedia-syntaxvim plugin: Wikipedia syntax highlighting
xquery-syntaxvim plugin: XQuery syntax highlighting
xsl-syntaxvim plugin: Syntax for XSLT (with HTML and others)
yankringvim plugin: maintains a history of previous yanks and deletes
zenburnvim plugin: Low-contrast color scheme for Vim
zoomwinvim plugin: brief-style window zooming


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