The dev-ml category contains libraries and utilities relevant to the ML programming language.

alcotestA lightweight and colourful test framework
ANSITerminalBasic control of ANSI compliant terminals and the windows shell
astringAlternative String module for OCaml
asyncJane Street Capital's asynchronous execution library
async_extraJane Street Capital's asynchronous execution library (extra)
async_kernelJane Street Capital's asynchronous execution library (core)
async_rpc_kernelPlatform-independent core of Async RPC library
async_unixJane Street Capital's asynchronous execution library (unix)
atdStatic types for JSON APIs
baseStandard library for OCaml
base_bigstringString type based on Bigarray, for use in I/O and C-bindings
base_quickcheckRandomized testing framework, designed for compatibility with Base
batteriesA community-maintained standard library extension
bigarray-compatCompatibility library to use Stdlib.Bigarray when possible
biniouA binary data serialization format inspired by JSON for OCaml
bin_protBinary protocol generator
bosBasic OS interaction for OCaml
cairo2Binding to Cairo, a 2D Vector Graphics Library
calendarOcaml library to handle dates and time
calendarsConvert dates between gregorian/julian/french/hebrew calendars
camlbz2OCaml bindings for libbz (AKA, bzip2)
camldbmOCaml binding to the NDBM/GDBM Unix databases
camlidlCamlIDL is a stub code generator for using C/C++ libraries from O'Caml
camlp4System for writing extensible parsers for programming languages
camlp5A preprocessor-pretty-printer of ocaml
camlpdfOCaml library for reading, writing, and modifying PDF files
camlp-streamsStream and Genlex libraries for use with Camlp4 and Camlp5
camlzipCompressed file access ML library (ZIP, GZIP and JAR)
camomileCamomile is a comprehensive Unicode library for ocaml
charinfo_widthDetermine column width for a character
cinapsTrivial metaprogramming tool
cmdlinerDeclarative definition of command line interfaces for OCaml
coq-menhirlibA support library for verified Coq parsers produced by Menhir
coreJane Street's alternative to the standard library
core_benchMicro-benchmarking library for OCaml
core_kernelSystem-independent part of Core
core_unixUnix-specific portions of Core
cppoAn equivalent of the C preprocessor for OCaml programs
cryptokitCryptographic primitives library for Objective Caml
csexpParsing and printing of S-expressions in Canonical form
cudfLibrary to parse, pretty print, and evaluate CUDF documents
cursesBindings to ncurses
dose3Library to perform analysis on package repositories
duneA composable build system for OCaml
dune-build-infoEmbed locations informations inside executable and libraries
dune-configuratorHelper library for gathering system configuration
dune-private-libsPrivate libraries of Dune
dune-siteEmbed locations informations inside executable and libraries
durationDuration - conversions to various time units
dynDynamic type
easy-formatPretty-printing library for OCaml
expect_test_helpers_coreHelpers for writing expectation tests
extlibStandard library extensions for O'Caml
facileOCaml constraint programming library on integer & integer set finite domains
fieldslibFolding over record fields
findlibOCaml tool to find/use non-standard packages
fixFacilities for memoization and fixed points
fmtCombinators to devise OCaml Format pretty-printing functions
fpathFile system paths for OCaml
gapi-ocamlA simple OCaml client for Google Services
genIterators for OCaml, both restartable and consumable
graphicsThe OCaml graphics library
gsl-ocamlOCaml bindings for the GSL library (successor of dev-ml/ocamlgsl)
integersVarious signed and unsigned integer types for OCaml
int_reprIntegers of various widths
jane-street-headersJane Street header files
jingooOCaml template engine almost compatible with Jinja2
jsonmNon-blocking streaming JSON codec for OCaml
jst-configCompile-time configuration for Jane Street libraries
lablglObjective CAML interface for OpenGL
lablgtkObjective CAML interface for Gtk+2
lablgtk-sourceviewOCaml bindings to GTK-3
labltkOCaml interface to the Tcl/Tk GUI framework
lambda-termTerminal manipulation library for OCaml
llvm-ocamlOCaml bindings for LLVM
logsLogging infrastructure for OCaml
luvBinding to libuv: cross-platform asynchronous I/O
lwtCooperative light-weight thread library for OCaml
lwt_logCooperative light-weight thread library for OCaml
lwt_sslGLib integration for Lwt
markupError-recovering streaming HTML5 and XML parsers
mccsMulti Criteria CUDF Solver
memtraceStreaming client for OCaml's Memprof
menhirLR(1) parser generator for the OCaml language
merlinContext sensitive completion for OCaml in Vim and Emacs
merlin-extendSDK to extend Merlin
mewGeneral modal editing engine generator
mew_viA vi-like modal editing engine generator
mirage-clockA lightweight and colourful test framework
mmapFile mapping
mtimeOCaml module to access monotonic wall-clock time
numLibrary for arbitrary-precision integer and rational arithmetic
ocaml-augeasOcaml bindings for Augeas
ocaml-autoconfautoconf macros to support configuration of OCaml programs and libraries
ocaml-base64Library for radix-64 representation (de)coding
ocamlbuildGeneric build tool with built-in rules for building OCaml library and programs
ocaml-compiler-libsRepackage the OCaml compiler libs so they do not expose everything at toplevel
ocaml-ctypesLibrary for binding to C libraries using pure OCaml
ocaml-docOcaml reference manual (html)
ocaml-expatOCaml bindings for expat
ocaml-fileutilsPure OCaml functions to manipulate real file (POSIX like) and filename
ocamlfuseOCaml binding for fuse
ocaml-gettextProvides support for internationalization of OCaml program
ocaml-gettext-camomileSupport for internationalization of OCaml programs using the Camomile library
ocaml-gettext-stubSupport for internationalization of OCaml programs using native gettext library
ocamlgraphO'Caml Graph library
ocaml-hashconsOCaml hash-consing library
ocaml-inifilesA small OCaml library to read and write .ini files
ocaml_intrinsicsInvoke amd64 instructions (such as clz, popcnt, rdtsc, rdpmc)
ocaml-migrate-parsetreeConvert OCaml parsetrees between different major versions
ocamlnetModules for OCaml application-level Internet protocols
ocaml-processEasy process control for OCaml
ocamlsdlOCaml SDL Bindings
ocaml-shaBinding to the SHA cryptographic functions
ocaml-sqlite3SQLite3 bindings for OCaml
ocaml-sslOCaml bindings for OpenSSL
ocaml-stdintSigned and unsigned integer types having specified widths
ocamlwebO'Caml literate programming tool
ocplib-endianFunctions to read and write int16/32/64 from strings, bytes, and bigarrays
ocplib-simplexA library implementing a simplex algorithm
octaviusocamldoc comment syntax parser
ocurlOCaml interface to the libcurl library
odocOCaml documentation generator
odoc-parserParser for ocaml documentation comments
opamA source-based package manager for OCaml
opam-clientopam client libraries
opam-coreCore libraries for opam
opam-file-formatParser and printer for the opam file syntax
opam-formatCore libraries for opam
opam-installerCore installer for opam packages
opam-repositoryopam repository libraries
opam-solveropam solver
opam-stateopam state libraries
orderingElement ordering
ounit2Unit testing framework for OCaml
parmapLibrary to exploit multicore architectures for OCaml programs
parsexpS-expression parsing library
patience_diffTool and library implementing patience diff
pcre-ocamlPerl Compatibility Regular Expressions for O'Caml
ppPretty-printing library
pprintA pretty-printing combinator library and rendering engine
ppx_assertAssert-like extension nodes that raise useful errors on failure
ppx_baseBase set of ppx rewriters
ppx_benchSyntax extension for writing in-line benchmarks in ocaml code
ppx_bin_protGeneration of bin_prot readers and writers from types
ppx_blobInclude a file as a string at compile time
ppx_coldExpands [@cold] into [@inline never][@specialise never][@local never]
ppx_compareGeneration of comparison functions from types
ppx_custom_printfPrintf-style format-strings for user-defined string conversion
ppx_deriversShared [@@deriving] plugin registry
ppx_derivingType-driven code generation for OCaml
ppx_deriving_yojsonJSON codec generator for OCaml
ppx_disable_unused_warningsExpands [@disable_unused_warnings]
ppx_enumerateGenerate a list containing all values of a finite type
ppx_expectCram like framework for OCaml
ppx_failAdd location to calls to failwiths
ppx_fields_convGeneration of accessor and iteration functions for ocaml records
ppx_fixed_literalSimpler notation for fixed point literals
ppx_globalizeGenerates functions to copy local values to the global heap
ppx_hashPPX rewriter that generates hash functions from type expressions and definitions
ppx_hereExpands [%here] into its location
ppx_ignore_instrumentationIgnore Jane Street specific instrumentation extensions
ppx_importA syntax extension for importing declarations from interface files
ppx_inline_testSyntax extension for writing in-line tests in ocaml code
ppx_janeStandard Jane Street ppx rewriters
ppx_js_styleCode style checker for Jane Street Packages
ppx_letMonadic let-bindings
ppxlibBase library and tools for ppx rewriters
ppx_logLazily rendering log messages
ppx_module_timerPpx rewriter that records top-level module startup times
ppx_optcompOptional compilation for OCaml
ppx_optionalPattern matching on flat options
ppx_pipebangA ppx rewriter that inlines reverse application operators |> and |!
ppx_sexp_convSupport Library for type-driven code generators
ppx_sexp_messageA ppx rewriter for easy construction of s-expressions
ppx_sexp_valueStandard library for ppx rewriters
ppx_stableStable types conversions generator
ppx_stable_witnessPpx extension for deriving a witness that a type is intended to be stable
ppx_stringPpx extension for string interpolation
ppx_toolsTools for authors of ppx rewriters
ppx_tydiLet expressions, inferring pattern type from expression
ppx_typerep_convGeneration of runtime types from type declarations
ppx_variants_convGeneration of accessor and iteration functions for ocaml variant types
protocol_version_headerProtocol aware version negotiation for OCaml
ptimePOSIX time for OCaml
ptmapMaps of integers implemented as Patricia trees
qcheckQuickCheck inspired property-based testing for OCaml
qtestInline (Unit) Tests for OCaml
reRegular expression library for OCaml
reactOCaml module for functional reactive programming
reactiveDataFunctional reactive programming with incremental changes in data structures
reasonSimple, fast & type safe language that leverages JavaScript and OCaml
resultCompat result type
rresultResult value combinators for OCaml
sedlexAn OCaml lexer generator for Unicode
seqCompatibility package for the standard OCaml iterator type
sexplibLibrary for automated conversion of OCaml-values to and from S-expressions
sexplib0Library for automated conversion of OCaml-values to and from S-expressions
sexp_prettyS-expression pretty-printer
spawnSpawning sub-processes
splittable_randomPRNG that can be split into independent streams
stdcompatCompatibility module for OCaml standard library
stdioStandard IO Library for OCaml
stdlib-shimsPure OCaml library that allows replacing Pervasives with Stdlib before 4.08
stduneDune's unstable standard library
textutilsText output utilities
textutils_kernelText output utilities
time_nowReports the current time
timezoneTime-zone handling for OCaml
tiny_httpdMinimal HTTP server with a small request router
topkgThe transitory OCaml software packager
trieStrict impure trie tree
typerepLibrary for creating runtime representation of OCaml types
tyxmlA library for building correct HTML and SVG documents
ucharUchar compatibility library
unidecodeConvert unicode strings into its ASCII representation
utopUniversal toplevel for OCaml
uucpUnicode character properties for OCaml
uuidmUniversally unique identifiers (UUIDs) for OCaml
uunfUnicode text normalization
uusegUnicode text segmentation for OCaml
uutfNon-blocking streaming Unicode codec for OCaml
variantslibOCaml variants as first class values
xml-lightMinimal Xml parser and printer for OCaml
yojsonJSON parsing and pretty-printing library for OCaml
zarithArithmetic and logic operations over arbitrary-precision integers
zedAbstract engine for text edition in OCaml
zmqOCaml bindings for ZeroMQ 4.x
zmq-asyncAsync-aware bindings to ZMQ for OCaml
zmq-lwtLwt-aware bindings to ZMQ for OCaml


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