Build the rrdtool output plugin (writes values to RRD-files)

Other “collectd_plugins” USE_EXPAND flag values

Use Flag Description
collectd_plugins_fhcount Build the file handles input plugin (reports the number of used file handles)
collectd_plugins_entropy Build the entropy input plugin (collects the available entropy on a system)
collectd_plugins_mqtt Build the MQTT plugin (sends metrics to and/or receives metrics from an MQTT broker using app-misc/mosquitto)
collectd_plugins_perl Build the perl language binding plugin (embeds a Perl interpreter into collectd for writing plugins)
collectd_plugins_memcached Build the memcached input plugin (collects statistics from memcached daemon)
collectd_plugins_write_stackdriver Build the Stackdriver output plugin (stores metrics in Google Stackdriver)
collectd_plugins_uptime Build the uptime input plugin (keeps track of the system uptime)
collectd_plugins_network Build the network input/output plugin (send values to other and/or receive values from from other collectd instances)
collectd_plugins_iptables Build the iptables input plugin (collects statistics from a ip_tables based packet filter)
collectd_plugins_amqp Build the AMQP output plugin (transmits or receives values collected by collectd via the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP))
collectd_plugins_snmp_agent Build an input plugin which implements an SNMP AgentX subagent that receives and handles queries from SNMP master agent and returns configured metrics
collectd_plugins_target_notification Build the target_notification filter plugin
collectd_plugins_vserver Build the vserver input plugin (collects information about the virtual servers running on a system, using Linux-Vserver)
collectd_plugins_write_sensu Build the Sensu output plugin (sends metrics to Sensu Core, an open-source monitoring project)
collectd_plugins_onewire Build the onewire (1-Wire) input plugin (collects temperature information from sensors)
collectd_plugins_fscache Build the fscache input plugin (collects information about the file-system based caching infrastructure for network file-systems and other slow media)
collectd_plugins_write_log Build the write_log output plugin (writes metrics to a file)
collectd_plugins_nfs Build the nfs input plugin (collects information about the usage of the Network File System (NFS))
collectd_plugins_apcups Build the apcups input plugin (reads various statistics about a connected uninterruptible power supply (UPS))
collectd_plugins_rrdcached Build the rrdcached input/output plugin (connects to rrdcached and submits updates for RRD files)
collectd_plugins_openldap Build the OpenLDAP input plugin (reads monitoring information from OpenLDAP's cn=Monitor subtree)
collectd_plugins_lua Build the LUA language binding plugin (uses dev-lang/lua) for writing plugins
collectd_plugins_sensors Build the sensors input plugin (reads hardware sensors from lm-sensors)
collectd_plugins_hddtemp Build the hddtemp input plugin (collects the temperature of disks from hddtemp daemon)
collectd_plugins_statsd Build the statsd input plugin (accepts statsd-type metrics from a UDP socket)
collectd_plugins_table Build the table input plugin (parses table-like structured plain text)
collectd_plugins_curl_json Build the curl_json input plugin (queries JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data using net-misc/curl and parses it according to the user's configuration using dev-libs/yajl)
collectd_plugins_modbus Build the Modbus input plugin (reads register values from a Modbus "slave" via Modbus/TCP)
collectd_plugins_write_http Build the write_http output plugin (sends metrics to a web-server using HTTP POST requests)
collectd_plugins_ubi Build the ubi input plugin (collects block state for flash memory devices with UBIFS)
collectd_plugins_pcie_errors Build an input plugin which reports the PCIe errors
collectd_plugins_target_set Build the target_set filter plugin
collectd_plugins_users Build the users input plugin (counts the number of users currently logged into the system)
collectd_plugins_zfs_arc Build the ZFS ARC input plugin (reports information such as the cache size, the various hits and misses (also as a ratio) and the transferred data)
collectd_plugins_rrdtool Build the rrdtool output plugin (writes values to RRD-files)
collectd_plugins_battery Build the battery input plugin (collects the battery's charge, the drawn current and the battery's voltage)
collectd_plugins_notify_email Build the notify_email output plugin (uses net-libs/libesmtp to send notifications to a configured email address)
collectd_plugins_teamspeak2 Build the teamspeak2 input plugin (collects traffic statistics from a teamspeak2 instance)
collectd_plugins_capabilities Build the capabilities input plugin (collects platform capabilities decoded from the hardware subsystems)
collectd_plugins_madwifi Build the madwifi input plugin (collects information about Atheros wireless LAN chipsets from the MadWifi driver)
collectd_plugins_ipvs Build the IPVS input plugin (collects statistics from Linux IP Virtual Server)
collectd_plugins_cpu Build the cpu input plugin (collects the amount of time spent by the CPU in various states)
collectd_plugins_write_prometheus Builds the Prometheus output plugin (starts an internal webserver on port 9103 (configurable) and accepts scrape requests from Prometheus)
collectd_plugins_ipmi Build the ipmi input plugin (reads hardware sensors from servers using the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI))
collectd_plugins_match_hashed Build the match_hashed filter plugin
collectd_plugins_cpusleep Build the cpusleep input plugin (measures time spent by CPU in deep sleep mode)
collectd_plugins_gmond Build the gmond input plugin (receives data from gmond, the client daemon of the Ganglia project)
collectd_plugins_notify_nagios Build the notify_nagios output plugin (sends notifications to Nagios as a passive check result)
collectd_plugins_target_scale Build the target_scale filter plugin
collectd_plugins_ovs_events Build an input plugin which reports link state changes from Open vSwitch (OVS)
collectd_plugins_swap Build the swap input plugin (collects amount of memory currently written to swap)
collectd_plugins_write_graphite Build the write_graphite output plugin (stores values in Carbon, the storage layer of Graphite)
collectd_plugins_numa Build the numa input plugin (collects statistics of the Linux Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) subsystem)
collectd_plugins_olsrd Build the olsrd input plugin (reads information about the Optimized Link State Routing daemon)
collectd_plugins_connectivity Build the connectivity input plugin (monitors interface up/down status via netlink library)
collectd_plugins_zookeeper Build the zookeeper input plugin (reads data from Apache Zookeeper MNTR command)
collectd_plugins_cpufreq Build the cpufreq input plugin (collects the current CPU's frequency)
collectd_plugins_ping Build the ping input plugin (measures network latency)
collectd_plugins_write_mongodb Build the MongoDB output plugin (stores values in MongoDB)
collectd_plugins_curl Build the curl input plugin (reads streams using net-misc/curl and then parses them according to the configuration)
collectd_plugins_ascent Build the ascent input plugin (reads and parses the statistics page of Ascent)
collectd_plugins_netlink Build the netlink input plugin (collects statistics for interfaces, qdiscs, classes and filters using netlink socket)
collectd_plugins_tail Build the tail input plugin (follows logfiles, e.g. tail -f)
collectd_plugins_smart Build the S.M.A.R.T input plugin (collects S.M.A.R.T statistics from disk drives)
collectd_plugins_ethstat Build the ethstat input plugin (reads performance statistics directly from ethernet cards)
collectd_plugins_virt Build the (lib)virt input plugin (collects statistics about virtualized guests on a system)
collectd_plugins_xencpu Build the XEN CPU input plugin (collects XEN Hypervisor CPU stats using app-emulation/xen-tools)
collectd_plugins_curl_xml Build the curl_xml input plugin (reads files using net-misc/curl and parses it as Extensible Markup Language (XML))
collectd_plugins_buddyinfo Build the buddyinfo input plugin (collects statistics from /proc/buddyinfo)
collectd_plugins_memcachec Build the memcachec input plugin (queries one or more given pages from a memcached instance and parses the returned data according to user specification)
collectd_plugins_syslog Build the syslog output plugin (receives messages from collectd and dispatches them to syslog)
collectd_plugins_logfile Build the logfile output plugin (receives log messages from collectd and writes them to a text file)
collectd_plugins_tcpconns Build the tcpconns input plugin (collects numbers of TCP connections to or from a specified port)
collectd_plugins_write_influxdb_udp Build the InfluxDB UDP output plugin (sends metrics to InfluxDB using UDP)
collectd_plugins_ted Build the ted input plugin (connects to The Energy Detective and reads the current power over connected power lines)
collectd_plugins_write_kafka Build the Kafka output plugin (sends metrics to Apache Kafka)
collectd_plugins_redis Build the Redis input plugin (collects usage information from Redis instances)
collectd_plugins_nut Build the nut input plugin (collects UPS statistics using the Network UPS Tools)
collectd_plugins_ntpd Build the ntpd input plugin (collects statistics from a NTP server)
collectd_plugins_python Build the python language binding plugin (embeds a Python interpreter into collectd for writing plugins)
collectd_plugins_csv Build the csv output plugin (writes to comma separated values (CSV) files)
collectd_plugins_openvpn Build the openvpn input plugin (reads the status file printed by OpenVPN)
collectd_plugins_md Build the md input plugin (reports the number of disks in various states in Linux software RAID devices)
collectd_plugins_check_uptime Build a plugin to notify about uptime reset
collectd_plugins_irq Build the irq input plugin (collects the number of times each interrupt has been handled by the operating system)
collectd_plugins_processes Build the processes input plugin (collects the number of processes, grouped by their state or detailed statistics about selected processes)
collectd_plugins_mcelog Build the mcelog input plugin (subscribes to Machine Check Exceptions (MCE) and dispatches notifications)
collectd_plugins_interface Build the interface input plugin (collects information about the traffic, packets per second and errors of interfaces)
collectd_plugins_bind Build the bind input plugin (collects statistics from bind instances)
collectd_plugins_conntrack Build the conntrack input plugin (tracks the number of entries in Linux's connection tracking table)
collectd_plugins_target_replace Build the target_replace filter plugin
collectd_plugins_email Build the email input plugin (opens a UNIX domain socket and starts accepting connections on that socket)
collectd_plugins_write_redis Build the Redis output plugin (stores values in Redis)
collectd_plugins_ceph Build the Ceph input plugin (collects statistics from the Ceph distributed storage system)
collectd_plugins_chrony Build the chrony input plugin (collects statistics from a chrony NTP server)
collectd_plugins_apache Build the apache input plugin (collects statistics from Apache's mod_status module)
collectd_plugins_write_tsdb Build the TSDB output plugin (writes metrics to OpenTSDB, an open-source distributed time-series database based on Apache HBase)
collectd_plugins_protocols Build the protocols input plugin (collects information about the network protocols supported by the system)
collectd_plugins_logparser Build the logparser plugin (allows for filtering and parsing log messages)
collectd_plugins_mysql Build the mysql input plugin (collects values from 'SHOW STATUS' command of a MySQL server)
collectd_plugins_notify_desktop Build the notify_desktop output plugin (uses x11-libs/libnotify to display notifications to the user)
collectd_plugins_sysevent Build the rsyslog input plugin (collects system events from rsyslog)
collectd_plugins_match_regex Build the match_regex filter plugin
collectd_plugins_dns Build the dns input plugin (collects statistics of your DNS traffic on port udp/53 using net-libs/libpcap)
collectd_plugins_gpu_nvidia Build the NVIDIA GPU input plugin (collects stats from NVIDIA GPU)
collectd_plugins_unixsock Build the unixsock input/output plugin (opens a UNIX domain socket and accepts connections)
collectd_plugins_filecount Build the filecount input plugin (counts the number of files in a directory and all its subdirectories)
collectd_plugins_gps Build the gps input plugin (collects number of satellites seen by a GPS receiver using sci-geosciences/gpsd)
collectd_plugins_vmem Build the vmem input plugin (collects information about the virtual memory subsystem of the kernel)
collectd_plugins_tail_csv Build the tail_csv input plugin (follows and parses CSV files, e.g. tail -f *.csv)
collectd_plugins_thermal Build the thermal input plugin (reads ACPI thermal zone information)
collectd_plugins_write_syslog Build the Syslog output plugin (sends metrics in CEE-enhanced syslog message format)
collectd_plugins_mbmon Build the mbmon input plugin (collects information from mainboard sensors)
collectd_plugins_load Build the load input plugin (collects the system load)
collectd_plugins_ovs_stats Build an input plugin which reports bridge and interface statistics from Open vSwitch (OVS)
collectd_plugins_sigrok Build the sigrok input plugin (reads measurements from any supported hardware from sigrok project)
collectd_plugins_slurm Build the slurm input plugin (collects metrics from the SLURM workload manager)
collectd_plugins_cgroups Build the cgroups input plugin (collects CPU accounting information for processes in a cgroup)
collectd_plugins_varnish Build the varnish input plugin (collects information about Varnish)
collectd_plugins_ipc Build the IPC input plugin (collects information related to shared memory)
collectd_plugins_df Build the df input plugin (collects file system usage information, i. e. basically how much space on a mounted partition is used and how much is available)
collectd_plugins_synproxy Build the Linux SYNPROXY input plugin (collects metrics from /proc/net/stat/synproxy)
collectd_plugins_multimeter Build the multimeter input plugin (reads a voltage or current from a multimeter connected to a serial bus)
collectd_plugins_postgresql Build the postgresql input plugin (executes SQL statements against a PostgreSQL database)
collectd_plugins_nginx Build the nginx input plugin (collects number of requests handled and the number of current connections by connection state by the nginx daemon)
collectd_plugins_snmp Build the snmp input plugin (reads values from network devices using SNMP)
collectd_plugins_hugepages Build the hugepages input plugin (collects the number of used and free hugepages on Linux)
collectd_plugins_routeros Build the routeros input plugin (collects information from devices running RouterOS)
collectd_plugins_match_value Build the match_value filter plugin
collectd_plugins_disk Build the disk input plugin (collects performance statistics of disks and, where supported, partitions)
collectd_plugins_powerdns Build the powerdns input plugin (collects statistics from the PowerDNS name server or recursor via control socket)
collectd_plugins_match_timediff Build the match_timediff filter plugin
collectd_plugins_turbostat Build the turbostat input plugin (reads CPU frequency and C-state residency on modern Intel turbo-capable processors)
collectd_plugins_serial Build the serial input plugin (collects the traffic on serial interfaces)
collectd_plugins_log_logstash Build the Logstash output plugin (writes collectd logs and events as Logstash JSON formatted events)
collectd_plugins_match_empty_counter Build the match_empty_counter filter plugin
collectd_plugins_procevent Build the procevent input plugin (monitors process starts/stops via netlink library)
collectd_plugins_exec Build the exec input/output plugin (executes scripts / applications and reads values back)
collectd_plugins_uuid Build the uuid plugin (tries hard to determine the UUID of the system it is running on)
collectd_plugins_contextswitch Build the contextswitch input plugin (collects the number of context switches done by the operating system)
collectd_plugins_java Build the java input plugin (embeds a JVM into collectd for writing plugins)
collectd_plugins_dbi Build the dbi input plugin (executes SQL statements on databases and reads back the result)
collectd_plugins_threshold Build the threshold plugin (checks values against configured thresholds and creates notifications if values are out of bounds)
collectd_plugins_aggregation Build the aggregation plugin (aggregates multiplte values into a single value)
collectd_plugins_wireless Build the wireless input plugin (collects signal quality, signal power and signal-to-noise ratio for wireless LAN cards)
collectd_plugins_oracle Build the oracle input plugin (executes SQL statements against Oracle database systems)
collectd_plugins_memory Build the memory input plugin (collects physical memory utilization)
collectd_plugins_drbd Build the Linux's Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD) input plugin (reads Linux's DRBD statistics)

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