Local USE flag

Packages describing “gui” as local USE flag

Package “gui” Flag Description
app-editors/qhexedit2 Install Qt5 hex editor
app-i18n/mozc Install graphical user interface tool (mozc_tool)
app-misc/kryoflux-dtc Install the Kryoflux GUI
app-office/gnucash Enable graphic interface (needs net-libs/webkit-gtk:4 and x11-libs/gtk+:3)
app-pda/barry Install the GUI backup tool
dev-libs/atcore Build test GUI
dev-perl/Panotools-Script Installs GUIs for some tools
dev-python/PyQt5 Build bindings for the QtGui module
dev-python/QtPy Build bindings for the QtGui module
dev-util/scanmem Enable the GameConqueror GUI
games-emulation/nestopia Enable GUI
media-gfx/slic3r Enable GUI
media-libs/qtav Build a video player gui
media-video/makemkv Build the Qt5 GUI
net-firewall/firewalld Builds and installs GUI configurator and GTK+ applet
net-p2p/retroshare Enables the GUI version of RetroShare
sci-chemistry/ball Build VIEW library required for visualization and graphical user interfaces
sci-geosciences/gpsbabel Enable the graphical user interface (requires dev-qt/qtwebengine)
sci-mathematics/octave Enable the graphical user interface
sci-mathematics/yacas Build graphical interface for the native yacas engine. Requires Qt5
sys-apps/duc Build support for a graphical client
sys-power/nut Install NUT-Monitor python gui