Add LDAP support (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

Packages describing “ldap” as local USE flag

Package “ldap” Flag Description
gnome-base/gconf Build backend which enables default mail accounts, addressbooks and calendars for Evolution to be configured using each user's LDAP entry."
net-irc/atheme-services Enable ldap-backed authentication module
net-irc/inspircd Enable LDAP support
app-crypt/seahorse Enable seahorse to manipulate GPG keys on a LDAP server.
net-irc/anope Build LDAP modules for e.g. opertypes
mail-client/evolution Enable support for fetching contacts from an LDAP or Active Directory server using net-nds/openldap
mail-client/roundcube Add dependencies to support connecting to an LDAP address book server
mail-filter/opendkim Enable openldap as a dataset facilitator or keys, determining domains to sign for, and any other dataset that opendkim supports.
net-fs/nfs-utils Add ldap support
net-fs/autofs Install LDAP module
sys-libs/ldb Enable LDAP support

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