global USE flag

Add support for PulseAudio sound server

Packages describing “pulseaudio” as local USE flag

Package “pulseaudio” Flag Description
kde-plasma/plasma-meta Install Plasma applet for PulseAudio volume management
gui-apps/waybar Enable support for volume control via PulseAudio
app-emulation/qemu Enable pulseaudio output for sound emulation
kde-misc/kdeconnect Enable system volume control plugin using media-sound/pulseaudio
media-libs/libcanberra Enables PulseAudio sound driver that should be able to support positional event sounds. This is the preferred choice for best sound events experience and picked by default if compiled in and possible to use at runtime.
media-sound/spotify Controls the dependency on pulseaudio or apulse
media-video/pipewire Enable emulation to be able to run PulseAudio applications on top of PipeWire

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