The acct-group category contains packages for system groups.

admSystem group: adm
aerospike-amcA group for app-admin/aerospike-amc-community
airdcppdGroup for net-p2p/airdcpp-webclient
alertmanagerSystem group: alertmanager
amandaSystem group: amanda
amavisGroup for mail-filter/amavisd-new
amuleGroup for net-p2p/amule
androidGroup for dev-util/android-{ndk,sdk-update-manager}
anopeGroup for Anope IRC services
apacheSystem group: apache
apt-cacher-ngSystem group: apt-cacher-ng
argusgid for net-analyzer/argus
arpwatchA group for net-analyzer/arpwatch
aspnetSystem group: aspnet
asteriskGroup for asterisk
atSystem group: at
atheme-servicesGroup for Atheme IRC services
atuinSystem group: atuin
audioSystem group: audio
automaticSystem group: automatic
automx2Group for net-mail/automx2
avahigroup for avahi
avahi-autoipdgroup for avahi-autoipd
axtlsA group for net-libs/axtls
backuppcGroup for app-backup/backuppc
baculaA group for the bacula backup system
bareosGroup for the bareos network backup suite
beanstalkA group for app-misc/beanstalkd
bedrockA group for the Minecraft Bedrock server
biboumiSystem group: biboumi
bind_exporterSystem group: bind_exporter
birdSystem group: bird
bitcoinA group for users with access to system-wide Bitcoin services
bitfluA group for net-p2p/bitflu
bitlbeeSystem group: bitlbee
blackbox_exporterSystem group: blackbox_exporter
boincGroup for sci-misc/boinc
brlapiSystem group: brlapi
brlttySystem group: brltty
buildbotBuildbot program group
bumblebeeSystem group: bumblebee
burpGroup for the app-backup/burp server
burrow_exporterA group for app-metrics/burrow_exporter
cadvisorSystem group: cadvisor
cancdA group for the CA NetConsole Daemon
carbonSystem group: carbon
cdromSystem group: cdrom
cephSystem group: ceph
cgitSystem group: cgit
chronografSystem group: chronograf
chrony_exporterchrony_exporter group
clairSystem group: clair
clamavSystem group: clamav
cntlmGroup for net-proxy/cntlm
cockroachA group for dev-db/cockroach
collectdcollectd program group
colordSystem group: colord
consulSystem group: consul
consul_exporterSystem group: consul_exporter
consul-templateSystem group: consul-template
corednsA group for net-dns/coredns
crocGroup for net-misc/croc
cronA group for sys-process/cronbase
_cron-failureA group for sys-process/systemd-cron failure emails
crontabSystem group: crontab
cvmfsGroup for the CernVM-FS network file system
davfs2System group: davfs2
dbmailSystem group: dbmail
dbskkdA group for app-i18n/dbskkd-cdb
ddclientA group for the dynamic DNS client
defangA group for mail-filter/mimedefang
dehydrateddehydrated program group
delugeSystem group: deluge
dhcpSystem group: dhcp
dhcpcdSystem group: dhcpcd
dialoutSystem group: dialout
dictdgid for app-text/dictd
dirsrvGroup for net-nds/389-ds-base
diskSystem group: disk
distccSystem group: distcc
dnrdGroup for net-dns/dnrd
dnscrypt-proxyGroup for net-dns/dnscrypt-proxy
dnsdistA group for net-dns/dnsdist
dnsmasqSystem group: dnsmasq
dnsmasq_exporterSystem group: dnsmasq_exporter
dockerSystem group: docker
docker_authSystem group: docker_auth
dovecotSystem group: dovecot
dovenullSystem group: dovenull
droneA group for dev-util/drone
ejabberdGroup for net-im/ejabberd
elasticsearchElasticsearch program group
elasticsearch_exporterA group for app-metrics/elasticsearch_exporter
energi3Group for system-wide net-p2p/energi3
epamGroup for ejabberd's epam functionality
epmdGroup for Erlang Portmapper Daemon
errSystem group: err
etcdSystem group: etcd
exabgpSystem group: exabgp
ez-ipupdGroup for net-dns/ez-ipupdate
faxA group for net-dialup/mgetty
fcronA group for sys-process/fcron
fdmGroup for net-mail/fdm
fetchmailGroup for net-mail/fetchmail
fhemA group for the FHEM perl server for house automation
fingerprintSystem group: fingerprint
firebirdA group for dev-db/firebird
flatpakSystem group: flatpak
floppySystem group: floppy
flowsgid for net-analyzer/flow-tools
fluentdA group for app-admin/fluentd
foldingathomeA group for sci-biology/foldingathome
fp-multiuserA group for net-vpn/fp-multiuser
freenetGroup for net-p2p/freenet
fritzbox_smarthome_exporterSystem group: fritzbox_smarthome_exporter
frrSystem group: frr
ftpFile Transfer Protocol server user
ftpproxyA group for net-ftp/frox
fvwm-crystalSystem group: fvwm-crystal
gamemodeGroup for the system-wide games-util/gamemode resource group
gamestatGroup for shared high-score and game state files
gatlingSystem group: gatling
gauthA group for sys-auth/google-authenticator-wrappers
gdmSystem group: gdm
genewebGroup for geneweb daemon
geoclueSystem group: geoclue
gerberaGerbera UPnP Media Server group
gitSystem group: git
github-exporterSystem group: github-exporter
gitlab-runnerSystem group: gitlab-runner
gkrellmdSystem group: gkrellmd
glusterSystem group: gluster
gns3System group: gns3
gnump3dA group for media-sound/gnump3d
gnupg-pkcs11Group for app-crypt/gnupg-pkcs11-scd
gnupg-pkcs11-scd-proxyGroup for app-crypt/gnupg-pkcs11-scd
goaccessSystem group: goaccess
gopherSystem group: gopher
gopherdA group for net-misc/geomyidae
gpibSystem group: gpib
grafanagrafana program group
graylogGraylog program group
greetdGroup for gui-libs/greetd
grok_exporterA group for app-metrics/grok_exporter
groongaGroup for app-text/groonga
gvmGreenbone vulnerability management program group
h2oA group for www-servers/h2o
haclientA group for sys-cluster/cluster-glue
haproxySystem group: haproxy
havpGroup for net-proxy/havp
headscaleSystem group: headscale
hsqldbGroup for hsqldb
httpSystem group: http
i2cSystem group: i2c
i2pGroup for system-wide net-vpn/i2p
i2pdGroup for the system-wide net-vpn/i2pd server
icecastA group for net-misc/icecast
icecreamA group for sys-devel/icecream
icesA group for net-misc/ices
icingaSystem group: icinga
icingacmdSystem group: icingacmd
icingaweb2System group: icingaweb2
inadynSystem group: inadyn
incusGroup for app-containers/incus
incus-adminGroup for app-containers/incus
influxdbSystem group: influxdb
inputSystem group: input
inspircdSystem group: inspircd
ipfsGroup for the system-wide net-p2p/go-ipfs-bin server
ipsecipsec (strongswan) program group
ipsentinelA group for net-misc/ip-sentinel
irofferSystem group: iroffer
jackettSystem group: jackett
jellyfinSystem group: jellyfin
jenkinsJenkins program group
kafkaSystem group: kafka
kapacitorSystem group: kapacitor
karmaA group for www-apps/karma-bin
kibanaKibana program group
kmemSystem group: kmem
knotSystem group: knot
knot-resolverSystem group: knot-resolver
kube-apiserverSystem group: kube-apiserver
kube-controller-managerSystem group: kube-controller-manager
kube-schedulerSystem group: kube-scheduler
kvmSystem group: kvm
ldapSystem group: ldap
libreofficeSystem group: libreoffice
libvirtSystem group: libvirt
lidarrSystem group: lidarr
lightdmA group for x11-misc/lightdm
lighttpdSystem group: lighttpd
lldpdSystem group: lldpd
locateSystem group: locate
logcheckGroup for app-admin/logcheck
logstashLogstash program group
logsurferGroup for app-admin/logsurfer
lpSystem group: lp
lpadminSystem group: lpadmin
lxcGroup for app-containers/lxc
lxdGroup for app-containers/lxd
mailMail program group
manSystem group: man
maradnsSystem group: maradns
memcachedSystem group: memcached
memcached_exporterSystem group: memcached_exporter
messagebusSystem group: messagebus
mgraphGroup for net-mail/mailgraph
microsoft-identity-brokerGroup for sys-auth/microsoft-identity-broker
milter-regexGroup for mail-filter/milter-regex
minecraftA group for the Minecraft server
minetestA group for the Minetest server
minidlnaSystem group: minidlna
mogileMogileFS group
mongodbMongoDB program group
mongodb_exporterSystem group: mongodb_exporter
monitorixMonitorix system tool group
monkeydA group for www-servers/monkeyd
monkeyspheremonkeysphere program group
mosquittoA group for the mosquitto MQTT broker
motionSystem group: motion
msmtpdSystem group: msmtpd
mungeA group for sys-auth/munge
muninSystem group: munin
murmurSystem group: murmur
mysqlMySQL program group
mysqld_exporterSystem group: mysqld_exporter
mythtvMythtv mythbackend server/deamon group
nagiosSystem group: nagios
namedSystem group: named
netdataSystem group: netdata
netdevgroup for netdev (avahi)
netperfA group for net-analyzer/netperf
nginxA group for www-servers/nginx
nginx-unitA group for www-servers/nginx-unit
nginx-vts-exporterSystem group: nginx-vts-exporter
ngircdGroup for ngircd (IRC daemon)
ngrepA group for net-analyzer/ngrep
nm-openconnectA group for net-vpn/networkmanager-openconnect
nm-openvpnA group for net-vpn/networkmanager-openvpn
nobodySystem group: nobody
node_exporterSystem group: node_exporter
nofilesSystem group: nofiles
notaryGroup for app-misc/notary
nsdSystem group: nsd
nslcdSystem group: nslcd
ntopngSystem group: ntopng
ntpSystem group: ntp
nullmailA group for the nullmailer
nutA group for the Network-UPS Tools
nzbgetGroup for net-nntp/nzbget
oidentdSystem group: oidentd
openctSystem group: openct
opendkimGroup for OpenDKIM
opendmarcGroup for mail-filter/opendmarc
opendnssecA group for net-dns/opendnssec
openhabSystem group: openhab
openntpdSystem group: openntpd
openrct2A group for the OpenRCT2 dedicated server
openttdA group for games-simulation/openttd
openvpnSystem group: openvpn
openvpn_exporterSystem group: openvpn_exporter
opmGroup for an open proxy monitor
oprofileA group for dev-util/oprofile JIT code processing
oragonoGroup for the Oragono IRC server
ossecGroup for net-analyzer/ossec-hids
owntracksGroup for sci-geosciences/owntracks-recorder
p2pGroup for mldonkey
partimagA group for sys-block/partimage
pcapGroup for capturing network traffic
pcscdSystem group: pcscd
pdnsSystem group: pdns
pdnsdSystem group: pdnsd
pgagentA group for dev-db/pgagent
pipewireSystem group: pipewire
pkcs11Group for dev-libs/opencryptoki
plexPlex Media Server group
plugdevGroup controlling access to removable media
polkitdSystem group: polkitd
polwGroup for mail-filter/policyd-weight
popa3dGroup for net-mail/popa3d
portageSystem group: portage
postdropSystem group: postdrop
postfixSystem group: postfix
postfix_exporterSystem group: postfix_exporter
postfwdA group for mail-filter/postfwd
postgresPostgreSQL program group
postgres_exporterSystem group: postgres_exporter
postgreyGroup for the postgrey mail daemon
privoxyA privoxy: privacy oriented web proxy group
prometheusSystem group: prometheus
prosodyA group for net-im/prosody
prowlarrSystem group: prowlarr
psybncGroup for net-irc/psybnc
pulseSystem group: pulse
pulse-accessSystem group: pulse-access
puppetSystem group: puppet
puppetdbSystem group: puppetdb
pushgatewayA group for app-metrics/pushgateway
pvpgnGroup for pvpgn (gaming server for Battle.Net compatible clients)
qbittorrentGroup for the system-wide net-p2p/qbittorrent server
qemuSystem group: qemu
qmailSystem group: qmail
quasselSystem group: quassel
rabbitmqA group for net-misc/rabbitmq-server
rabbitmq_exporterA group for app-metrics/rabbitmq_exporter
radarrSystem group: radarr
radicaleGroup for the www-apps/radicale
radiusFreeRadius program group
radvdA group for the Router Advertisement Daemon
rbldnsSystem group: rbldns
rbotA group for net-irc/rbot
readarrSystem group: readarr
realtimerealtime privileges group
redictRedict program group
redisRedis program group
redis_exporterSystem group: redis_exporter
redmineSystem group: redmine
redsocksA group for net-proxy/redsocks
regA group for app-containers/reg
registryA group for app-containers/docker-registry
renderSystem group: render
roccatA group for sys-apps/roccat-tools
rootSystem group: root
rrdcachedSystem group: rrdcached
rslsyncA group for net-p2p/resilio-sync
rspamdGroup for rspamd - Rapid spam filtering system
rtA group for www-apps/rt
rtkitGroup for the Realtime Policy and Watchdog Daemon
rwhoisdGroup for net-misc/rwhoisd
sabnzbdSABnzbd program group
saganGroup for the Sagan log monitoring system
samplicatorA group for net-misc/samplicator
sancpgid for net-analyzer/sancp
sandmannSystem group: sandmann
sanlockshared storage lock manager
sauerbratenGroup for Sauerbraten (FOSS game engine (Cube 2))
scanlogdA group for net-analyzer/scanlogd
scannerGroup for media-gfx/sane-backends
scponlygroup for scponly
scsiSystem group: scsi
sddmA group for x11-misc/sddm
seatGroup for sys-auth/seatd
serfA group for app-admin/serf
sgxSystem group: used for SGX enclaves
sispmctlGroup for sys-power/sispmctl
sksGroup for SKS OpenPGP keyserver
slurmA group for the slurm - Highly Scalable Resource Manager
smmspSystem group: smmsp
smsSystem group: sms
smtpddaemon group for smtpd
smtpqqueue group for smtpd
snapserverServer group for media-sound/snapcast
sniproxySystem group: sniproxy
snmp_exporterA group for app-metrics/snmp_exporter
snortSystem group: snort
sobexsrvA group for sobexsrv: a secure OBEX server
sockdA group for net-proxy/dante
sogoGroup for gnustep-apps/sogo
sojuUser for the net-irc/soju IRC bouncer
sonarrSystem group: sonarr
spamdGroup for the SpamAssassin daemon
spectrumA group for the Spectrum messaging transport
spireSystem group: spire
sqlgreyGroup for SQLGrey
squidSystem group: squid
sshdSystem group: sshd
ssmtpGroup for mail-mta/ssmtp
sstpcGroup for net-misc/sstp-client
stapdevSystem group: stapdev
stapsysSystem group: stapsys
stapusrSystem group: stapusr
steamcmdA group for the SteamCMD server
stubbyStubby program group (from net-dns/getdns)
stunnelgroup for stunnel
subsonicA group for media-sound/subsonic-bin
supervisorGroup to grant access to app-admin/supervisor's management
suricataGroup for Suricata IDS
svnusersSystem group: svnusers
svxlinkA group for the svxlink server
synapseA group for net-im/synapse
syncthingGroup for the system-wide net-p2p/syncthing server
systemd-coredumpSystem group: systemd-coredump
systemd-journalSystem group: systemd-journal
systemd-journal-remoteSystem group: systemd-journal-remote
systemd-networkSystem group: systemd-network
systemd-oomSystem group: systemd-oom
systemd-resolveSystem group: systemd-resolve
systemd-timesyncSystem group: systemd-timesync
tapeSystem group: tape
taskdA group for app-misc/taskd
teamspeakA group for the TeamSpeak server
telegrafSystem group: telegraf
tenshiGroup for app-admin/tenshi
tinyproxygid for net-proxy/tinyproxy
tomcatGroup for Apache Tomcat
torgroup for tor daemon
toxGroup management for package net-libs/tox
transmissionSystem group: transmission
tricksterA group for www-apps/trickster
trojanSystem group: trojan
tsmSystem group: tsm
tssTrusted Software Stack for TPMs group
ttrssdGroup for www-apps/tt-rss
ttySystem group: tty
turnserverA group for a turn server like coturn
ubridgeGroup for net-misc/ubridge
ulogdGroup for ulogd
unboundunbound program group
unbound-telemetrySystem group: unbound-telemetry
unifiA group for the UniFi controller
unrealircdSystem group: unrealircd
upmpdcliGroup for upmpdcli
uptimedSystem group: uptimed
usbSystem group: usb
usersSystem group: users
ushareGroup for uShare
utmpSystem group: utmp
uucpSystem group: uucp
uuiddSystem group: uuidd
uwsgi_exporterA group for app-metrics/uwsgi_exporter
vacationA group for www-apps/postfixadmin
varnishgroup for varnish
vaultSystem group: vault
vault_exporterA group for app-metrics/vault_exporter
vboxguestSystem group: vboxguest
vboxsfSystem group: vboxsf
vboxusersSystem group: vboxusers
vdrA group for the VDR (VideoDiskRecorder)
vdradminGroup for www-misc/vdradmin-am
videoSystem group: video
vlockA group for app-misc/vlock
vnstatGroup for vnstat network monitoring
vpopmailSystem group: vpopmail
wesnothSystem group: wesnoth
wheelSystem group: wheel
wwwoffleGroup for net-proxy/wwwoffle
x2goprintGroup for net-misc/x2goserver
x2gouserGroup for net-misc/x2goserver
xpragroup for x11-wm/xpra
xrootdGroup for the XRootD server
xwaxA group for media-sound/xwax
yubihsm-connectorSystem group: yubihsm-connector
zabbixGroup for Zabbix
zeppelinGroup for system-wide www-apps/zeppelin-bin
zetcdGroup for sys-cluster/zetcd
ziproxySystem group: ziproxy
zncGroup for net-irc/znc
zookeeperA group for sys-cluster/zookeeper-bin


Packages: 450

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