The acct-group category contains packages for system groups.

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adm System group: adm
amule Group for net-p2p/amule
asterisk Group for asterisk
audio System group: audio
automx2 Group for www-servers/automx2
avahi group for avahi
avahi-autoipd group for avahi-autoipd
bacula A group for the bacula backup system
bedrock A group for the Minecraft Bedrock server
bitcoin A group for users with access to system-wide Bitcoin services
burp Group for the app-backup/burp server
cdrom System group: cdrom
ceph System group: ceph
clamav System group: clamav
cmd5checkpw System group: cmd5checkpw
ddclient A group for the dynamic DNS client
deluge System group: deluge
dialout System group: dialout
disk System group: disk
dnscrypt-proxy Group for net-dns/dnscrypt-proxy
dnsmasq_exporter System group: dnsmasq_exporter
dovecot System group: dovecot
dovenull System group: dovenull
elasticsearch Elasticsearch program group
epmd Group for Erlang Portmapper Daemon
fetchmail Group for net-mail/fetchmail
fhem A group for the FHEM perl server for house automation
ftp File Transfer Protocol server user
gamestat Group for shared high-score and game state files
geneweb Group for geneweb daemon
git System group: git
gkrellmd System group: gkrellmd
graylog Graylog program group
gvm Greenbone vulnerability management program group
i2p Group for system-wide net-vpn/i2p
i2pd Group for the system-wide net-vpn/i2pd server
input System group: input
inspircd System group: inspircd
ipfs Group for the system-wide net-p2p/go-ipfs-bin server
kibana Kibana program group
kmem System group: kmem
knot System group: knot
kvm System group: kvm
libvirt System group: libvirt
logstash Logstash program group
lp System group: lp
mail Mail program group
man System group: man
messagebus System group: messagebus
milter-regex Group for mail-filter/milter-regex
minecraft A group for the Minecraft server
minetest A group for the Minetest server
mongodb MongoDB program group
mosquitto A group for the mosquitto MQTT broker
msmtpd System group: msmtpd
munin System group: munin
murmur System group: murmur
mysql MySQL program group
mythtv Mythtv mythbackend server/deamon group
nagios System group: nagios
netdata System group: netdata
netdev group for netdev (avahi)
nofiles System group: nofiles
nsd System group: nsd
ntp System group: ntp
oidentd System group: oidentd
openct System group: openct
opendkim Group for OpenDKIM
openntpd System group: openntpd
openrct2 A group for the OpenRCT2 dedicated server
pcscd System group: pcscd
pdnsd System group: pdnsd
plex Plex Media Server group
plugdev Group controlling access to removable media
polkitd System group: polkitd
postdrop System group: postdrop
postfix System group: postfix
qemu System group: qemu
qmail System group: qmail
quassel System group: quassel
radius FreeRadius program group
redis Redis program group
redmine System group: redmine
render System group: render
rspamd Group for rspamd - Rapid spam filtering system
rstudio-server group for sci-mathematics/rstudio
rtkit Group for the Realtime Policy and Watchdog Daemon
shellinaboxd shellinabox group
slurm A group for the slurm - Highly Scalable Resource Manager
sogo Group for gnustep-apps/sogo
spectrum A group for the Spectrum messaging transport
spire System group: spire
sqlgrey Group for SQLGrey
stdiscosrv Group for the Syncthing discovery server
steamcmd A group for the SteamCMD server
strelaysrv Group for the Syncthing relay server
stubby Stubby program group (from net-dns/getdns)
stunnel group for stunnel
suricata Group for Suricata IDS
syncthing Group for the system-wide net-p2p/syncthing server
systemd-coredump System group: systemd-coredump
systemd-journal System group: systemd-journal
systemd-journal-remote System group: systemd-journal-remote
systemd-network System group: systemd-network
systemd-resolve System group: systemd-resolve
systemd-timesync System group: systemd-timesync
tape System group: tape
teamspeak A group for the TeamSpeak server
tor group for tor daemon
tox Group management for package net-libs/tox
transmission System group: transmission
tss Trusted Software Stack for TPMs group
tty System group: tty
turnserver A group for a turn server like coturn
unifi A group for the UniFi controller
unrealircd System group: unrealircd
uptimed System group: uptimed
usb System group: usb
utmp System group: utmp
varnish group for varnish
video System group: video
vpopmail System group: vpopmail
wheel System group: wheel
x2goprint Group for net-misc/x2goserver
x2gouser Group for net-misc/x2goserver
xrootd Group for the XRootD server


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