The acct-user category contains packages for system users.

aerospike-amcA user for app-admin/aerospike-amc-community
airdcppdUser for net-p2p/airdcpp-webclient
alertmanagerA user for alertmanager
aliasalias user for qmail mail delivery
amandaSystem user: amanda
amavisUser for mail-filter/amavisd-new
amuleUser for net-p2p/amule
anopeUser for Anope IRC services
apacheSystem user: apache
apt-cacher-ngUser for apt-cacher-ng
argusuid for net-analyzer/argus
arpwatchA user for net-analyzer/arpwatch
aspnetUser for the www-servers/xsp dotnet server
asteriskUser for asterisk
atuser for at daemon
atheme-servicesUser for Atheme IRC services
atuinSystem user: atuin
automaticSystem user: automatic
automx2User for net-mail/automx2
avahiuser for avahi
avahi-autoipduser for avahi-autoipd
axtlsA user for net-libs/axtls
backuppcUser for app-backup/backuppc
baculaA group for the bacula backup system
bareosUser for the bareos network backup suite
beanstalkA user for app-misc/beanstalkd
bedrockA user for the Minecraft Bedrock server
biboumiUser for net-im/biboumi
bind_exporteruser for bind_exporter
birdUser for BIRD
bitcoinSystem-wide Bitcoin services user
bitfluA user for net-p2p/bitflu
bitlbeeUser for biltbee
blackbox_exporterA user for blackbox_exporter
boincUser for sci-misc/boinc
brlttyuser for brltty
buildbotBuildbot program user
burpUser for the app-backup/burp server
burrow_exporterA user for app-metrics/burrow_exporter
cadvisorUser for cadvisor
cancdA user for the CA NetConsole Daemon
carbonUser for graphite/carbon suite
cephUser for ceph
cgita fast web-interface for git repositories
chronografUser for chronograf
clairUser for clair
clamavSystem user: clamav
cntlmUser for net-proxy/cntlm
cockroachA user for dev-db/cockroach
collectdcollectd program user
colordUser for running the colord service
consulUser for consul
consul_exporteruser for consul_exporter
consul-templateUser for consul-template
corednsA user for net-dns/coredns
crocUser for net-misc/croc
cronA user for sys-process/cronbase
_cron-failureA user for sys-process/systemd-cron failure emails
cvmfsUser for the CernVM-FS network file system
cyrususer for cyrus-imapd daemon
darkstatuid for net-analyzer/darkstat
davfs2System user: davfs2
dbmailSystem user: dbmail
dbskkdA user for app-i18n/dbskkd-cdb
ddclientA user for the dynamic DNS client
defangA user for mail-filter/mimedefang
dehydrateddehydrated program user
delugeuser for deluge
dhcpuser for dhcp daemon
dhcpcduser for dhcpcd client
dictduid for app-text/dictd
dirsrvUser for net-nds/389-ds-base
distccUser used to run distcc daemon
dnrdUser for net-dns/dnrd
dnscacheSystem user: dnscache
dnscrypt-proxyUser for net-dns/dnscrypt-proxy
dnsdistA user for net-dns/dnsdist
dnslogSystem user: dnslog
dnsmasqUser for net-dns/dnsmasq
dnsmasq_exporteruser for dnsmasq_exporter
docker_authUser for docker_auth
dovecotuser for dovecot daemon
dovenulluser for dovecot daemon
droneA user for dev-util/drone
duendeSystem user: duende
ejabberdUser for net-im/ejabberd
elasticsearchElasticsearch program user
elasticsearch_exporterA user for app-metrics/elasticsearch_exporter
energi3User for net-p2p/energi3
epmdUser for Erlang Portmapper Daemon
errSystem user: err
etcdUser for etcd
exabgpUser for net-misc/exabgp
ez-ipupdUser for net-dns/ez-ipupdate
faxA user for net-dialup/mgetty
fcronA user for sys-process/fcron
fdmUser for net-mail/fdm
fetchmailUser for net-mail/fetchmail
fhemA user for the FHEM perl server for house automation
firebirdA user for dev-db/firebird
flatpakSystem user: flatpak
flowsuid for net-analyzer/flow-tools
fluentdA user for app-admin/fluentd
fnordUser for www-servers/fnord
fnordlogUser for www-servers/fnord
foldingathomeA user for sci-biology/foldingathome
fp-multiuserA user for net-vpn/fp-multiuser
freenetUser for net-p2p/freenet
fritzbox_smarthome_exporterFRITZ!Box Smart Home Exporter User
frrSystem user: frr
ftpFile Transfer Protocol (FTP) server user
ftpproxyA user for net-ftp/frox
gatlingSystem user: gatling
gauthA user for sys-auth/google-authenticator-wrappers
gdmUser for running GDM
genewebuser id for geneweb daemon
geoclueUser for running the GeoClue D-Bus geolocation service
gerberaGerbera UPnP Media Server user
gitGit repository hosting user
github-exporteruser for github-exporter
gitlab-runnerDedicated user for gitlab-runner
gkrellmduser for gkrellm daemon
glusterSystem user: gluster
gns3System user: gns3
gnump3dA user for media-sound/gnump3d
gnupg-pkcs11-scd-proxyUser for app-crypt/gnupg-pkcs11-scd
goaccessSystem user: goaccess
gopherUser for gofish
gopherdA user for net-misc/geomyidae
gpsduser for gpsd
grafanagrafana program user
graylogGraylog program user
greetdUser for gui-libs/greetd
grok_exporterA user for app-metrics/grok_exporter
groongaUser for app-text/groonga
gvmGreenbone vulnerability management program user
h2oA user for www-servers/h2o
haclusterA user for sys-cluster/cluster-glue
haproxySystem user: haproxy
havpUser for net-proxy/havp
headscaleHeadscale Server hosting user
hsqldbUser for hsqldb
httpA user for www-servers/caddy
i2pUser for system-wide net-vpn/i2p
i2pdUser for the system-wide net-vpn/i2pd server
icecastA user for net-misc/icecast
icecreamA user for sys-devel/icecream
icesA user for net-misc/ices
icingaIcinga User
icingadirectorIcinga Director User
inadynA user for net-dns/inadyn
influxdbUser for influxdb
inspircdUser for InspIRCd server daemon
ipfsUser for the system-wide net-p2p/go-ipfs-bin server
ippluser for net-analyzer/ippl
ipsecipsec (strongswan) program user
ipsentinelA user for net-misc/ip-sentinel
irofferSystem user: iroffer
jackettUser for jackett
jellyfinSystem user: jellyfin
jenkinsJenkins program user
kafkaUser for kafka
kapacitorUser for kapacitor
karmaA user for www-apps/karma-bin
kibanaKibana program user
knotUser for knot DNS server
knot-resolverSystem user: knot-resolver
kube-apiserveruser for kube-apiserver
kube-controller-manageruser for kube-controller-manager
kube-scheduleruser for kube-scheduler
ldapA user for ldap
libreofficeA user for the headless LibreOffice server
lidarrUser for lidarr
lightdmA user for x11-misc/lightdm
lighttpdA user for lighttpd
lldpdUser for net-misc/lldpd
logcheckUser for app-admin/logcheck
logstashLogstash program user
logsurferUser for app-admin/logsurfer
lxcUser for app-containers/lxc
mailMail program user
manSystem user: man
maradnsSystem user: maradns
memcachedUser for the memcached service
memcached_exporteruser for memcached_exporter
messagebusSystem user: messagebus
mgraphUser for net-mail/mailgraph
microsoft-identity-brokerUser for sys-auth/microsoft-identity-broker
milter-regexUser for mail-filter/milter-regex
minecraftA user for the Minecraft server
minetestA user for the Minetest server
minidlnaSystem user: minidlna
minifluxUser for www-apps/miniflux
mogileMogileFS user
mongodbMongoDB program user
mongodb_exporteruser for mongodb_exporter
monitorixMonitorix system tool user
monkeydA user for www-servers/monkeyd
monkeyspheremonkeysphere program user
mosquittoA user for the mosquitto MQTT broker
motionadded by portage for motion, a software motion detector
mpdA user for music player daemon (mpd)
msmtpduser for msmtp daemon
mungeA user for sys-auth/munge
muninuser for munin
munin-asyncuser for munin async proxy node
murmuruser for murmur daemon
mysqlMySQL program user
mysqld_exportermysqld_exporter User
mythtvMythtv mythbackend server/daemon user
nagiosSystem user: nagios
namedUser for net-dns/bind
netdatauser for netdata
netperfA user for net-analyzer/netperf
nginxSystem user: nginx
nginx-unitSystem user: nginx-unit
nginx-vts-exporteruser for nginx-vts-exporter
ngircdUser for ngircd (IRC daemon)
ngrepA user for net-analyzer/ngrep
nm-openconnectA user for net-vpn/networkmanager-openconnect
nm-openvpnA user for net-vpn/networkmanager-openvpn
nobodySystem user: nobody
node_exporternode_exporter User
notaryUser for app-misc/notary
nsduser for nsd daemon
nslcdUser for nss-pam-ldapd
ntopngUser for ntopng
ntpuser for ntp daemon
nullmailA user for the nullmailer
nutA user for the Network-UPS Tools
nvpdUser for nvidia-persistenced
nzbgetUser for net-nntp/nzbget
oidentdSystem user: oidentd
openctdUser for dev-libs/openct
opendkimUser for OpenDKIM
opendmarcUser for mail-filter/opendmarc
opendnssecA user for net-dns/opendnssec
openhabSystem user: openhab
openntpduser for openntpd daemon
openrct2A user for the OpenRCT2 dedicated server
openttdA user for games-simulation/openttd
openvpnUser for net-vpn/openvpn
openvpn_exporteruser for openvpn_exporter
opmUser for an open proxy monitor
oprofileA user for dev-util/oprofile JIT code processing
oragonoUser for the Oragono IRC server
ossecnet-analyzer/ossec-hids (agentlessd, analysisd, monitord)
ossecmnet-analyzer/ossec-hids (csyslogd, maild)
ossecrnet-analyzer/ossec-hids (remoted)
owntracksUser for sci-geosciences/owntracks-recorder
p2pUser for mldonkey
partimagA user for sys-block/partimag
pcapUser for capturing network traffic
pcscdA user for pcsc-lite
pdnsSystem user: pdns
pdnsduser for pdns daemon
pgagentpgagent program user
pgbouncerPgBouncer program user
pgpoolA user for dev-db/pgpool2
pipewireUser for running PipeWire as a system-wide instance
plexPlex Media Server user
polkitdSystem user: polkitd
polwUser for mail-filter/policyd-weight
popa3dUser for net-mail/popa3d
portageSystem user: portage
postfixuser for postfix daemon
postfix_exporteruser for postfix_exporter
postfwdA user for mail-filter/postfwd
postgresPostgreSQL program user
postgres_exporteruser for postgres_exporter
postgreyUser for the postgrey mail daemon
postmasterPostmaster user
privoxyA privoxy: privacy oriented web proxy user
prometheususer for prometheus
prosodyA user for net-im/prosody
prowlarrUser for prowlarr
psybncUser for net-irc/psybnc
pulseUser for running the PulseAudio daemon as a system-wide instance
puppetuser for puppet services
puppetdbUser for the puppetdb service
pushgatewayA user for app-metrics/pushgateway
pvpgnUser for pvpgn (gaming server for Battle.Net compatible clients)
qbittorrentUser for the system wide net-p2p/qbittorrent server
qemuSystem user: qemu
qmailduser for qmail-smtpd
qmailluser for qmail logging
qmailpuser for qmail-getpw
qmailquser for qmail queue
qmailruser for qmail-rspawn and qmail-remote
qmailsuser for qmail-smtpd
quasselSystem user: quassel
rabbitmqA user for net-misc/rabbitmq-server
rabbitmq_exporterA user for app-metrics/rabbitmq_exporter
radarrUser for radarr
radicaleUser for www-apps/radicale
radiusFreeRadius program user
radvdA user for the Router Advertisement Daemon
rbldnsSystem user: rbldns
rbotA user for net-irc/rbot
readarrUser for readarr
redictRedict program user
redisRedis program user
redis_exporterA user for app-metrics/redis_exporter
redmineRedmine application user
redsocksA user for net-proxy/redsocks
regA user for app-containers/reg
registryA user for app-containers/docker-registry
rootSystem user: root
rrdcachedA user for net-analyzer/rrdtool
rslsyncA user for net-p2p/resilio-sync
rspamdUser for rspamd - Rapid spam filtering system
rtA user for www-apps/rt
rtkitUser for the Realtime Policy and Watchdog Daemon
rwhoisdUser for net-misc/rwhoisd
sabnzbdSABnzbd program user
saganUser for the Sagan log monitoring system
samplicatorA user for net-misc/samplicator
sancpuid for net-analyzer/sancp
sandmannSystem user: sandmann
sanedUser for media-gfx/sane-backends
sanlockshared storage lock manager
sauerbratenGroup for Sauerbraten (FOSS game engine (Cube 2))
scanlogdA user for net-analyzer/scanlogd
scponlyuser for chrooted scponly
sddmA user for x11-misc/sddm
sendpageUser for net-dialup/sendpage
serfA user for app-admin/serf
sksUser for the SKS OpenPGP keyserver
slurmUser for the slurm - Highly Scalable Resource Manager
smmspuser for sendmail daemon
smsdSystem user: smsd
smtpddaemon user for smtpd
smtpqqueue user for smtpd
snapclientClient user for media-sound/snapcast
snapserverServer user for media-sound/snapcast
sndiodDaemon user for sndio
sniproxySystem user: sniproxy
snmp_exporterA user for app-metrics/snmp_exporter
snortUser for snort
sobexsrvA user for sobexsrv: a secure OBEX server
sockdA user for net-proxy/dante
sogoUser for gnustep-apps/sogo
sojuUser for the net-irc/soju IRC bouncer
sonarrUser for sonarr
spamdUser for the SpamAssassin daemon
spectrumA user for the Spectrum messaging transport
spireuser for spiffe runtime environment
sqlgreyUser for SQLGrey
squidA user for squid web proxy cache
sshdUser for ssh
sstpcUser for net-misc/sstp-client
stdiscosrvUser for the Syncthing discovery server
steamcmdA user for the SteamCMD server
strelaysrvUser for the Syncthing relay server
stubbyStubby program user (from net-dns/getdns)
stunneluser for stunnel
subsonicA user for media-sound/subsonic-bin
suricataUser for Suricata IDS
svnSystem user: svn
svxlinkA user for the svxlink server
synapseA user for net-im/synapse
syncthingUser for the system-wide net-p2p/syncthing server
systemd-coredumpSystem user: systemd-coredump
systemd-journal-remoteSystem user: systemd-journal-remote
systemd-networkSystem user: systemd-network
systemd-oomSystem user: systemd-oom
systemd-resolveSystem user: systemd-resolve
systemd-timesyncSystem user: systemd-timesync
taskdA user for app-misc/taskd
teamspeakA user for the TeamSpeak server
telegrafUser for telegraf
tenshiUser for app-admin/tenshi
timidityA user for media-sound/timidity++
tinydnsSystem user: tinydns
tinyproxyuid for net-proxy/tinyproxy
tomcatUser for Apache Tomcat
toruser for tor daemon
toxUser for package net-libs/tox
transmissionSystem user: transmission
tricksterA user for www-apps/trickster
trojanUser for net-proxy/trojan
tssTrusted Software Stack for TPMs user
ttrssdUser for www-apps/tt-rss
turnserverA user for a turn server like coturn
tvheadendUser for tvheadend
ulogdUser for ulogd
unboundunbound program user
unbound-telemetryuser for unbound-telemetry
unifiA user for the UniFi Controller
unrealircdSystem user: unrealircd
upmpdcliUser for upmpdcli
uptimedUser for uptime daemon
usbmuxUser for the usbmuxd daemon
ushareUser for uShare
uuiddSystem user: uuidd
uwsgi_exporterA user for app-metrics/uwsgi_exporter
vacationA user for www-apps/postfixadmin
varnishuser for varnish
vaultUser for vault
vault_exporterA user for app-metrics/vault_exporter
vboxguestuser for virtualbox-guest-additions
vdrVDR (VideoDiskRecorder) service user
vdradminUser for www-misc/vdradmin-am
vnstatUser for vnstat network monitoring
vpopmailuser for vpopmail
wesnothuser for games-strategy/wesnoth
wwwoffleUser for net-proxy/wwwoffle
x2goprintUser for net-misc/x2goserver
x2gouserUser for net-misc/x2goserver
xrootdUser for the XRootD server
yubihsm-connectorUser for the yubihsm-connector service
zabbixUser for Zabbix
zeppelinUser for system-wide www-apps/zeppelin-bin
zetcdUser for sys-cluster/zetcd
ziproxySystem user: ziproxy
zncUser for net-irc/znc
zookeeperA user for sys-cluster/zookeeper-bin


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