The dev-lang category contains various programming language implementations and related tools.
abs The ABS programing language
algol68g Algol 68 Genie compiler-interpreter
ammonite-repl-bin Scala language-based scripting and REPL
arc New dialect of Lisp, works well for web applications
ats2 Functional programming language with dependent types
bas An interpreter for the classic dialect of the programming language BASIC
bff A brainfuck interpreter
boogie SMT-based program verifier
cfortran Header file allowing to call Fortran routines from C and C++
c-intercal C-INTERCAL - INTERCAL to binary (via C) compiler
clips Tool for building Expert Systems (native version)
clipsjni Tool for building Expert Systems (Java version)
cll1h C<<1 programming language system
clojure General-purpose programming language with an emphasis on functional programming
closure-compiler-bin JavaScript optimizing compiler
coffee-script A little language that compiles into javascript
crystal The Crystal Programming Language
cxprolog A WAM based Prolog system
dafny Dafny is a verification-aware programming language
dafny-bin Verification-aware programming language
duktape Embeddable Javascript engine
dzaima-bqn A BQN language implementation written in Java, also know as dbqn
eisl Interpreter and compiler compatible with the ISLisp standard
elixir Elixir programming language
elpi Embeddable Lambda Prolog Interpreter in OCaml
erlang Erlang programming language, runtime environment and libraries (OTP)
esco Combine interpreter of esoteric languages
execline A non-interactive scripting language
f2c Fortran to C converter
fennel Lisp-like language that compiles to Lua
ferite A clean, lightweight, object oriented scripting language
fpc Free Pascal Compiler
fuzion A language with a focus on simplicity, safety and correctness
gdl GNU Data Language
gforth GNU Forth is a fast and portable implementation of the ANSI Forth language
ghc The Glasgow Haskell Compiler
gnat-gpl GNAT Ada Compiler - GPL version
gnucobol A free/libre COBOL compiler
gnuprologjava GNU Prolog for Java is an implementation of ISO Prolog as a Java library
go A concurrent garbage collected and typesafe programming language
go-bootstrap Bootstrap package for dev-lang/go
gprolog A native Prolog compiler with constraint solving over finite domains (FD)
haxe Multi-target universal programming language
icon Very high level language
idris2 Purely functional programming language with first class types
inform Design system for interactive fiction
interprolog InterProlog is a Java front-end and enhancement for Prolog
ispc Intel SPMD Program Compiler
janet A dynamic Lisp dialect and bytecode vm
jerryscript Ultra-lightweight JavaScript engine for the Internet of Things
jimtcl Small footprint implementation of Tcl programming language
jint Javascript Interpreter for .NET
jsonnet A data templating language for app and tool developers
julia High-performance programming language for technical computing
julia-bin High-performance programming language for technical computing
jwasm MASM-compatible TASM-similar assembler (fork of Wasm)
lazarus Lazarus IDE is a feature rich visual programming environment emulating Delphi
lfe Lisp-flavoured Erlang
lisaac An object prototype based language
logtalk Open source object-oriented logic programming language
lua A powerful light-weight programming language designed for extending applications
luajit Just-In-Time Compiler for the Lua programming language
luau Gradually typed embeddable scripting language derived from Lua
maude High-level specification language for equational and logic programming
mercury Mercury is a modern general-purpose logic/functional programming language
mercury-extras Additional libraries and tools that are not part of the Mercury standard library
micropython Python implementation for microcontrollers
mlton Standard ML optimizing compiler and libraries
mmix Donald Knuth's MMIX Assembler and Simulator
moarvm A 6model-based VM for NQP and Raku
mond Mond is a scripting language for .NET Core
mono Mono runtime and class libraries, a C# compiler/interpreter
mono-basic Visual Basic Compiler and Runtime
mozart Advanced development platform for intelligent, distributed applications
mozart-stdlib The Mozart Standard Library
mujs An embeddable JavaScript interpreter written in C
nasm groovy little assembler
neko Neko is a high-level dynamically typed programming language
nim Compiled, garbage-collected systems programming language
nprolog Interpreter and compiler to be compatible with Arity/Prolog32
nqp Not Quite Perl, a Raku bootstrapping compiler
ocaml Programming language supporting functional, imperative & object-oriented styles
orc The Oil Runtime Compiler, a just-in-time compiler for array operations
parrot Virtual machine designed to compile and execute bytecode for dynamic languages
pcc pcc portable c compiler
perl Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report Language
php The PHP language runtime engine
pico8 Fantasy console for making and playing tiny games and other computer programs
polyml Poly/ML is a full implementation of Standard ML
python An interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language
python-exec Python script wrapper
python-exec-conf Configuration file for dev-lang/python-exec
qore Qore, the embeddable multithreaded scripting language
qu-prolog Extended Prolog supporting quantifiers, object-variables and substitutions
R Language and environment for statistical computing and graphics
rakudo A compiler for the Raku programming language
rapydscript-ng Pythonic JavaScript that doesn't suck
ruby An object-oriented scripting language
rust Systems programming language from Mozilla
rust-bin Systems programming language from Mozilla
sassc A libsass command line driver
scala The Scala Programming Language
scala-bin The Scala Programming Language
smlnj Standard ML of New Jersey compiler and libraries
snobol Phil Budne's port of Macro SNOBOL4 in C, for modern machines
souffle Datalog compiler, synthesizes C++ program from logic specification
spark Software development for high-reliability applications
spidermonkey SpiderMonkey is Mozilla's JavaScript engine written in C and C++
squirrel A interpreted language mainly used for games
srf The Simple Recursive Functions programming language
starlark-rust A Rust implementation of the Starlark language
swig Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator
swi-prolog Versatile implementation of the Prolog programming language
tcc A very small C compiler for ix86/amd64
tcl Tool Command Language
teyjus Higher-order logic programming language Lambda Prolog
tk Tk Widget Set
tuprolog tuProlog is a light-weight Prolog for Internet applications and infrastructures
typescript Superset of JavaScript with optional static typing, classes and interfaces
vala Compiler for the GObject type system
whitespace Whitespace, an esoteric programming language
xsb XSB is a logic programming and deductive database system
yap YAP is a high-performance Prolog compiler
yasm An assembler for x86 and x86_64 instruction sets
zig A robust, optimal, and maintainable programming language
zig-bin A robust, optimal, and maintainable programming language


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