Global USE flag

Add support for x11-libs/gtk+ (The GIMP Toolkit)

Packages describing “gtk” as local USE flag

Package “gtk” Flag Description
app-crypt/eid-mw All dialogs are available, by using x11-libs/gtk+
app-misc/lirc Include GTK support which enables the use of lirc-setup
app-misc/vifm Use gtk+ to determine mimetypes
dev-db/postgis Build graphical interface for shp2pgsql (shp2pgsql-gui)
dev-java/gnu-classpath Build with Gtk+ AWT peers
dev-libs/libdbusmenu Enable support for GTK+2
gnome-extra/libgsf Enable use of gdk in thumbnailer
gnome-extra/nm-applet Enable legacy library libnm-gtk
kde-plasma/plasma-meta Enable Breeze widget style and system settings module for GTK+
media-gfx/graphviz Enables gtk+ output plugin -Tgtk (needs cairo)
media-libs/clutter Use gdk-pixbuf from x11-libs/gtk+ as image rendering backend
media-libs/libcanberra Enables building of gtk+ helper library, gtk+ runtime sound effects and the canberra-gtk-play utility. To enable the gtk+ sound effects add canberra-gtk-module to the colon separated list of modules in the GTK_MODULES environment variable.
media-libs/libgpod Enable ArtworkDB support
media-libs/xine-lib Build the gdkpixbuf-based image decoder plugin.
media-plugins/audacious-plugins Build with GTK interface instead of Qt5
media-sound/audacious Build with GTK interface instead of Qt5
media-video/handbrake Install the GTK UI, ghb.
net-dialup/ppp Installs GTK+ password prompting program that can be used by PPP plugin for reading the password from a X11 input terminal
net-im/pidgin Builds Pidgin, the GTK+ interface
net-misc/putty Build the PuTTY client which requires x11-libs/gtk+. If disabled only the CLI tools puttygen, plink, pscp and psftp will be built
net-misc/wicd Installs a gtk UI. This is enabled by default because it is intended behavior. Requires dev-python/pygtk
net-misc/youtube-viewer Install the gtk3 GUI
net-wireless/spectools Build the gtk-2 based client for spectools
sys-devel/sparse Build the test-inspect utility (requires x11-libs/gtk+ version 2)
sys-power/nvclock Install the GTK+ based graphical interface
www-client/netsurf Build GTK3 GUI
x11-misc/lightdm Pull in the gtk+ greeter
x11-misc/wbar Enables the gtk-based wbar-config GUI

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