global USE flag

Install a very minimal build (disables, for example, plugins, fonts, most drivers, non-critical features)

Packages describing “minimal” as local USE flag

Package “minimal” Flag Description
app-admin/passwordsafe Avoid collision with app-misc/pwsafe
app-crypt/ekeyd Only install the ekey-egd-linux service rather than the full ekeyd package.
app-misc/unfoo Do not install all support archive binaries
app-office/scribus Don't install headers (only required for e.g. plug-in developers)
app-arch/tar just install `tar`
dev-libs/libcdio Only build the libcdio library and little more, just to be used to link against from multimedia players. With this USE flag enabled, none of the command-line utilities are built, nor is the CDDA library.
app-text/dictd Don't build server but dict client, dictzip and dictfmt only.
media-gfx/iscan-plugin-gt-f500 Install the firmware only, and not the plugin.
dev-lang/lazarus Don't build extra packages from the bigide component
dev-util/google-perftools Only build the tcmalloc_minimal library, ignoring the heap checker and the profilers.
net-print/hplip Only build internal hpijs/hpcups driver (not recommended at all, make sure you know what you are doing)
sci-electronics/kicad Build only binaries without parts library and examples
net-im/ekg2 Disable building extra plugins with no additional deps.
app-editors/nano Disable all fancy features, including ones that otherwise have a dedicated USE flag (such as spelling).
net-nds/openldap Build libraries & userspace tools only. Does not install any server code
sci-electronics/kicad-meta Do not install extra data like 3D packages and templates.
sci-mathematics/eclib Build only the "mwrank" program.
net-p2p/eiskaltdcpp Don't install headers
virtual/ssh Prefer net-misc/dropbear over net-misc/openssh
dev-db/unixODBC Disable bundled drivers and extra libraries (most users don't need these)
dev-util/dialog Disable library, install command-line program only
media-fonts/infinality-ultimate-meta Install a minimal set of fonts
lxqt-base/lxqt-meta Do not install x11-wm/openboxwindow manager
net-analyzer/munin Only install munin-node and its plugins. This excludes the scripts to generate the web pages and the graphs.
net-analyzer/nsca Only build and install the send_nsca command and not the daemon. This allows a very minimal install with no overhead when setting up a node.
sys-apps/iproute2 only install ip and tc programs, without eBPF support
sys-boot/lilo Do not install the dolilo helper script
sys-auth/pambase Disables the standard PAM modules that provide extra information to users on login; this includes pam_lastlog, pam_motd, pam_mail and other similar modules. This might not be a good idea on a multi-user system but could reduce slightly the overhead on single-user non-networked systems.
sys-boot/woeusb Install only woeusb tool
sys-libs/musl-nscd Only installs the header files
sys-fs/zfs Don't install python scripts (arcstat, dbufstat etc) and avoid dependency on dev-lang/python

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