Add mySQL Database support

Packages describing “mysql” as local USE flag

Package “mysql” Flag Description
net-analyzer/munin Install the packages required for monitoring MySQL. Disabling the flag does not remove any plugin files.
net-voip/yate use MySQL client library
net-proxy/trojan build with MySQL support
net-irc/inspircd Enable MySQL database backend
app-admin/rsyslog Build the MySQL database output module (requires virtual/mysql)
net-im/ejabberd Enable MySQL support for data storage
net-misc/gerbera Use dev-db/mysql as backend rather than SQLite3
www-apache/mod_musicindex Add MySQL cache support
app-mobilephone/gammu Use mysql for data storage
app-misc/lcd4linux Enable the mysql plugin, to get mysql database information.
dev-perl/DBD-MariaDB Use dev-db/mysql-connector-c as the client library
dev-perl/DBD-mysql Use dev-db/mysql-connector-c as the client library
mail-filter/pyzor Enables the MySQL back-end database engine for pyzord through dev-python/mysqlclient.
media-tv/kodi Enable support store of media library metadata on local or remote MySQL
net-analyzer/check_mk_agent Install check_mk-agent mysql plugin.

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