Add missing WebDAV methods PROPFIND & OPTIONS to the existing WebDAV module.

Other “nginx_modules_http” USE_EXPAND flag values

Use FlagDescription
nginx_modules_http_accessThis module provides a simple host-based access control.
nginx_modules_http_additionThis module adds contents of other locations before and after the current location's content.
nginx_modules_http_auth_basicThis module protects your site or parts of it with username and password based on HTTP Basic Authentication.
nginx_modules_http_auth_ldapLDAP module for nginx which supports authentication against multiple LDAP servers.
nginx_modules_http_auth_pamThis module provides authentication via PAM.
nginx_modules_http_auth_requestModule implementing client authorization based on the result of a subrequest.
nginx_modules_http_autoindexThis module provides automatic directory listings.
nginx_modules_http_brotliThis module allows for on-the-fly Brotli compression.
nginx_modules_http_browserThis module creates variables, the values of which depend on the request header "User-agent".
nginx_modules_http_cache_purgeExternal module adding ability to purge content from nginx's FastCGI and proxy caches.
nginx_modules_http_charsetThis module can reencode data of one encoding into another.
nginx_modules_http_davThis module adds the HTTP and WebDAV methods PUT, DELETE, MKCOL, COPY and MOVE.
nginx_modules_http_dav_extAdd missing WebDAV methods PROPFIND & OPTIONS to the existing WebDAV module.
nginx_modules_http_degradationAllows to return 204 or 444 code for some locations on low memory condition (reliable on FreeBSD only)
nginx_modules_http_echoBrings shell-style goodies to Nginx config file.
nginx_modules_http_empty_gifThis module keeps a 1x1 transparent GIF in memory that can be served very quickly.
nginx_modules_http_fancyindexThis module makes possible the generation of file listings, like the built-in autoindex module does, but adding a touch of style.
nginx_modules_http_fastcgiThis module allows Nginx to interact with FastCGI processes and control what parameters are passed to the process.
nginx_modules_http_flvThis module provides the ability to seek within FLV (Flash) files using time-based offsets.
nginx_modules_http_geoThis module creates variables, whose values depend on the IP-address of the client.
nginx_modules_http_geoipThis module creates variables based on the IP-address of the client matched against the MaxMind GeoIP binary files.
nginx_modules_http_geoip2This module creates variables based on the IP-address of the client matched against the MaxMind GeoIP2 binary files.
nginx_modules_http_grpcThis module provides gRPC support.
nginx_modules_http_gunzipPermits to decompress gzip'ed files on-the-fly for clients not supporting the gzip encoding method.
nginx_modules_http_gzipThis module allows for on-the-fly gzip compression.
nginx_modules_http_gzip_staticBefore serving a file from disk to a gzip-enabled client, this module will look for a precompressed file in the same location.
nginx_modules_http_headers_moreSet and clear input and output headers
nginx_modules_http_image_filterThis module is a filter for transforming JPEG, GIF and PNG images.
nginx_modules_http_javascriptThis module implements location and variable handlers in nginScript.
nginx_modules_http_limit_connThis module makes it possible to limit the number of simultaneous connections for the assigned session
nginx_modules_http_limit_reqThis module allows you to limit the number of requests for a given session.
nginx_modules_http_luaEmbed the power of Lua into nginx
nginx_modules_http_mapThis module allows you to classify, or map a set of values into a different set of values and store the result in a variable.
nginx_modules_http_memcAn extended version of the standard memcached module that supports set, add, delete, and many more memcached commands.
nginx_modules_http_memcachedYou can use this module to perform simple caching.
nginx_modules_http_metricsModule to export various metrics in easy-parseable JSON.
nginx_modules_http_mirrorThis module implements mirroring of an original request by creating background mirror subrequests.
nginx_modules_http_mogilefsEnable support for MogileFS.
nginx_modules_http_mp4This module adds pseudo-streaming
nginx_modules_http_naxsiAn open source, high performance, low rules maintenance, Web Application Firewall module for Nginx.
nginx_modules_http_perlThis module makes it possible to execute Perl directly within Nginx and call Perl via SSI.
nginx_modules_http_proxyThis module makes it possible to transfer requests to another server.
nginx_modules_http_push_streamPush Stream module, supporting EventSource, WebSocket, Long Polling, and Forever Iframe.
nginx_modules_http_random_indexPick a random directory index from a directory.
nginx_modules_http_realipThis module allows to change the client's IP address to value from request header (e. g. X-Real-IP or X-Forwarded-For).
nginx_modules_http_refererThis module makes it possible to block access to the site with the incorrect values of line "Referer" in the request header.
nginx_modules_http_rewriteThis module makes it possible to change URI using regular expressions (PCRE), and to redirect and select configuration depending on variables.
nginx_modules_http_scgiAn implementation of the Simple Common Gateway Interface.
nginx_modules_http_secure_linkThis module computes and checks request URLs for a required security token.
nginx_modules_http_securityWeb application firewall and Intrusion Detection System.
nginx_modules_http_sliceA filter that splits a request into subrequests, each returning a certain range of response
nginx_modules_http_slowfs_cacheThis module adds the ability to cache static files
nginx_modules_http_spdyThis module provides an SPDY implementation. (Deprecated, use IUSE="http2" instead)
nginx_modules_http_split_clientsThis module provides A/B testing support.
nginx_modules_http_ssiThis module provides a filter which processes Server-Side Includes (SSI) in the input.
nginx_modules_http_stickyModule to always forward clients to the same upstream server (via sticky cookies)
nginx_modules_http_stub_statusThis module provides the ability to get some status from nginx.
nginx_modules_http_subThis module can search and replace text in the nginx response.
nginx_modules_http_upload_progressThis module adds the ability to track POST upload progress via JSON API
nginx_modules_http_upstream_checkAdd health check support for upstream servers.
nginx_modules_http_upstream_hashThis module provides the ability to distribute upstream requests based on hashed key value.
nginx_modules_http_upstream_ip_hashThis module provides the ability to distribute upstream requests based on the IP-address of the client.
nginx_modules_http_upstream_keepaliveThiis module provides the ability to cache connections to upstream servers.
nginx_modules_http_upstream_least_connThis module provides the ability to distribute upstream requests using load balancing methods.
nginx_modules_http_upstream_zoneThis module makes it possible to define a shared memory zone that keeps the group's configuration and run-time state that are shared between worker processes.
nginx_modules_http_useridThis module gives out cookies for identification of clients.
nginx_modules_http_uwsgiExternal module for the uWSGI protocol for python web apps.
nginx_modules_http_vhost_traffic_statusThis module provides access to virtual host status information.
nginx_modules_http_vodAdds support for video streaming using DASH, HDS, HLS, MSS.
nginx_modules_http_xsltThis module is a filter which converts an XML response with the aid of one or more XSLT templates.

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