global USE flag

Enable dev-libs/wayland backend

Packages describing “wayland” as local USE flag

Package “wayland” Flag Description
media-libs/mesa Enable support for dev-libs/wayland
media-libs/gst-plugins-base Enable Wayland EGL windowing system support (requires egl and at least one of gles2 or opengl)
media-libs/waffle Enable Wayland support
kde-misc/kdeconnect Enable remote input mousepad plugin using kde-frameworks/kwayland
dev-qt/qtgui Provide dev-qt/qtwayland to ensure Qt applications can be run as Wayland clients
x11-terms/mlterm Enable support for Wayland
sys-block/gparted Enable interim workaround to allow running GParted under Wayland by granting permission to the X11 display using x11-apps/xhost.

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