The sys-apps category contains various core system applications, and some non-core system applications which have not yet been moved out into other sys- categories.
accountsservice D-Bus interfaces for querying and manipulating user account information
ack ack is a tool like grep, optimized for programmers
acl Access control list utilities, libraries, and headers
agedu A utility for tracking down wasted disk space
apmd Advanced Power Management Daemon
apparmor Userspace utils and init scripts for the AppArmor application security system
apparmor-utils Additional userspace utils to assist with AppArmor profile management
apply-default-acl Apply default POSIX ACLs to files and directories
arch-chroot Wraps the chroot command while ensuring that important filesystems are mounted
arrayprobe Utility to report status of an HP (Compaq) array controller (both IDA & CCISS)
attr Extended attributes tools
audio-entropyd Audio-entropyd generates entropy-data for the /dev/random device
baobab Disk usage browser for GNOME
bar Console Progress Bar
baselayout Filesystem baselayout and init scripts
baselayout-java Baselayout for Java
bat cat(1) clone with syntax highlighting and Git integration
biosdevname Sets BIOS-given device names instead of kernel eth* names
biosdisk FreeDOS based BIOS updating utility for Dell machines
bleachbit Clean junk to free disk space and to maintain privacy
bolt Userspace system daemon to enable security levels for Thunderbolt 3
bubblewrap Unprivileged sandboxing tool, namespaces-powered chroot-like solution
busybox Utilities for rescue and embedded systems
byld Build a Linux distribution on a single floppy
cciss_vol_status Shows status of logical drives attached to HP SmartArray controllers
ccs-tools TOMOYO Linux tools
checkpolicy SELinux policy compiler
chname Run a command with a new system hostname
cinit a fast, small and simple init with support for profiles
ckbcomp Compile an XKB keymap for loadkeys
clrngd Clock randomness gathering daemon
collectl Performance monitoring tool capable of interactive reporting and logging to disk
colorized-logs Tools for logs with ANSI color
config-site to load dropins from
consolation libinput based console mouse daemon
conspy Remote control for Linux virtual consoles
coreutils Standard GNU utilities (chmod, cp, dd, ls, sort, tr, head, wc, who,...)
cpint Linux/390 Interface to z/VM's Control Program
cpuid Linux tool to dump x86 CPUID information about the CPUs
cpu-x A Free software that gathers information on CPU, motherboard and more
cracklib-words Large set of crack/cracklib dictionaries
crazydiskinfo Interactive TUI S.M.A.R.T viewer
daemonize Runs a command as a Unix daemon
daisydog A very simple /dev/watchdog daemon
darwin-miscutils Miscellaneous commands used on macOS, Sierra 10.12
dbus A message bus system, a simple way for applications to talk to each other
dbus-broker Linux D-Bus Message Broker
dcfldd enhanced dd with features for forensics and security
dchroot Utility for managing chroots for non-root users
debianutils A selection of tools from Debian
diffutils Tools to make diffs and compare files
dmidecode DMI (Desktop Management Interface) table related utilities
dnotify Execute a command when the contents of a directory change
dog Dog is better than cat
dstat Versatile replacement for vmstat, iostat and ifstat
dtc Open Firmware device tree compiler
duc Library and suite of tools for inspecting disk usage
earlyoom Early OOM Daemon for Linux
ed Your basic line editor
edac-utils Userspace helper for Linux kernel EDAC drivers
edid-decode Decode EDID data in a human-readable format
edid-fixdim Tool to fix screen dimensions in EDID data dumps
eless Use Emacs as a paginator
elfix A suite of tools to work with ELF objects on Hardened Gentoo
epoch Init system, /sbin/init replacement; designed for simplicity
etckeeper A collection of tools to let /etc be stored in a repository
ethq Ethernet NIC Queue stats viewer
ethtool Utility for examining and tuning ethernet-based network interfaces
eza A modern, maintained replacement for ls
fakechroot Provide a faked chroot environment without requiring root privileges
fakeroot A fake root environment by means of LD_PRELOAD and SysV IPC (or TCP) trickery
fbset A utility to set the framebuffer videomode
fd Alternative to find that provides sensible defaults for 80% of the use cases
file Identify a file's format by scanning binary data for patterns
findutils GNU utilities for finding files
firejail Security sandbox for any type of processes
fix-gnustack Utility to report and remove the executable flag from an ELF object's GNU_STACK
flashrom Utility for reading, writing, erasing and verifying flash ROM chips
flatpak Linux application sandboxing and distribution framework
fwts Firmware Test Suite
fwupd Aims to make updating firmware on Linux automatic, safe and reliable
fwupd-efi EFI executable for fwupd
fxload USB firmware uploader
gawk GNU awk pattern-matching language
gentoo-functions Base functions required by all Gentoo systems
gentoo-systemd-integration systemd integration files for Gentoo
gnome-disk-utility Disk Utility for GNOME using udisks
goawk POSIX-compliant AWK interpreter written in Go, with CSV support
gptfdisk GPT partition table manipulator for Linux
gradm Administrative interface for the grsecurity Role Based Access Control system
grep GNU regular expression matcher
grepcidr Filter IPv4 and IPv6 addresses matching CIDR patterns
groff Text formatter used for man pages
gscanbus Bus scanning, testing and topology visualizing tool for Linux IEEE1394 subsystem
gsmartcontrol Hard disk drive health inspection tool
haveged A simple entropy daemon using the HAVEGE algorithm
hd-idle Utility for spinning down hard disks after a period of idle time
hdparm Utility to change hard drive performance parameters
heirloom-tools Heirloom toolchest - original Unix tools
help2man GNU utility to convert program --help output to a man page
highway High performance source code search tool
hotplug2stdout A tool for reading kernel uevent(s) to stdout
hponcfg HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility (HPONCFG)
hprofile Utility to manage hardware, network, power or other profiles (fork)
hwdata Hardware identification and configuration data
hwinfo Hardware detection tool used in SuSE Linux
hwloc Displays the hardware topology in convenient formats
hw-probe A tool to probe for hardware, check it's operability and find drivers
i2c-tools I2C tools for bus probing, chip dumping, EEPROM decoding, and more
ibm-powerpc-utils Utilities for the maintenance of the IBM and Apple PowerPC platforms
idle3-tools Set, get or disable the value of the idle3 timer found on WD HDDs
ifd-gempc GemCore based PC/SC reader drivers for pcsc-lite
ifplugd Brings up/down ethernet ports automatically with cable detection
init-system-helpers Helper scripts useful for both OpenRC and systemd
input-utils Small collection of linux input layer utils
install-xattr Wrapper to coreutil's install to preserve Filesystem Extended Attributes
intel-sa-00075-tools Tools from Intel to detect and mitigate the AMT/MEI vulnerability
inxi The CLI inxi collects and prints hardware and system information
iotools Simple commands to access hardware device registers
ipmicfg An in-band utility for configuring Supermicro IPMI devices
ipmi-fan-control SuperMicro IPMI fan control daemon
ipmitool Utility for controlling IPMI enabled devices
ipmiutil IPMI Management Utilities
iproute2 kernel routing and traffic control utilities
irqbalance Distribute hardware interrupts across processors on a multiprocessor system
isapnptools Tools for configuring ISA PnP devices
iucode_tool tool to manipulate Intel X86 and X86-64 processor microcode update collections
kbd Keyboard and console utilities
kcheck Record and check required kernel symbols are set
kexec-tools Load another kernel from the currently executing Linux kernel
keyutils Linux Key Management Utilities
kmod library and tools for managing linux kernel modules
kmscon KMS/DRM based virtual Console Emulator
lcdsplash splash Gentoo boot information on LCD's
lcdutils (Sun) Cobalt Qube/RaQ button reading and LCD writing utilities
less Excellent text file viewer
likwid A performance-oriented tool suite for x86 multicore environments
linux-misc-apps Misc tools bundled with kernel sources
lm-sensors Hardware Monitoring user-space utilities
lnxhc Linux Health Checker
locale-gen Generate locales based upon the config file /etc/locale.gen
logwatch Analyzes and Reports on system logs
lsadb Prints out information on all devices attached to the ADB bus
lsb-release LSB version query program
lsd An ls command with a lot of pretty colors and some other stuff.
lshw Hardware Lister
lssbus Small utility for Linux/SPARC that list devices on SBUS
lsvpd Utility to List Device Vital Product Data (VPD)
makedev Program used for creating device files in /dev
man2html Standard commands to read man pages
man-db A man replacement that utilizes dbm instead of flat files
man-pages A somewhat comprehensive collection of Linux man pages
man-pages-posix POSIX man-pages (0p, 1p, 3p)
mawk An (often faster than gawk) awk-interpreter
mcstrans SELinux context translation to human readable names
memtest86 A stand alone memory test for x86 computers
memtest86+ Memory tester based on PCMemTest
memtest86-bin Stand alone memory testing software for x86 EFI hardware
memtester Userspace utility for testing the memory subsystem for faults
merge-usr Script to migrate from split-usr to merged-usr
miller A tool like sed, awk, cut, join, and sort for name-indexed data (CSV, JSON, ..)
minijail helper binary and library for sandboxing & restricting privs of service
minised a smaller, cheaper and faster sed implementation
miscfiles Miscellaneous files
mlocate Merging locate is an utility to index and quickly search for files
mlxup-bin Mellanox Update and Query Utility
moar Pager designed to do the right thing without any configuration
moreutils A collection of tools that nobody thought to write when Unix was young
most Paging program that displays, one windowful at a time, the contents of a file
mount-gtk GTK+ based UDisks2 frontend
mount-idmapped A tiny tool to allow the creation of idmapped mounts
mouseemu Emulates scrollwheel, right- & left-click for one-button mice/touchpads
msr-tools Utilities allowing the read and write of CPU model-specific registers (MSR)
musl-locales Locale program for musl libc
nawk Brian Kernighan's pattern scanning and processing language
netkit-base Old-style inetd
netplug Brings up/down ethernet ports automatically with cable detection
net-tools Standard Linux networking tools
noexec Package for preventing processes from using exec system calls
nosig Block signals before running programs (a generic "nohup")
nvme-cli NVM-Express user space tooling for Linux
onerng Software for the Open Hardware Random Number Generator called OneRNG
opal-utils OPAL firmware utilities
openrazer Drivers and user-space daemon to control Razer devices on GNU/Linux
openrc OpenRC manages the services, startup and shutdown of a host
osinfo-db osinfo database files
osinfo-db-tools Tools for managing the osinfo database
paxctl Manages various PaX related program header flags for Elf32, Elf64, binaries
paxctld PaX flags maintenance daemon
pciutils Various utilities dealing with the PCI bus
pcmciautils PCMCIA userspace utilities for Linux
pcsc-lite PC/SC Architecture smartcard middleware library
pcsc-slb-rf72-drv Schlumberger Reflex 72 Serial Smartcard Reader
pcsc-tools PC/SC Architecture smartcard tools
pick A fuzzy search tool for the command-line
pkgcore a framework for package management
pkgcraft-tools pkgcraft-based tools for Gentoo
plocate Posting locate is a much faster locate
pmount Policy based mounter that gives the ability to mount removable devices as a user
pnputils Plug and Play BIOS utilities
policycoreutils SELinux core utilities
polychromatic RGB lighting management software for GNU/Linux powered by OpenRazer
portage The package management and distribution system for Gentoo
powerpc-utils PowerPC utilities and additional OldWorld apps
ppc64-diag Diagnostic tools for PowerLinux
prctl Tool to query and modify process behavior
preload Adaptive readahead daemon
progress Coreutils Viewer: show progress for cp, rm, dd, and so forth
proot User-space implementation of chroot, mount --bind, and binfmt_misc
pv Pipe Viewer: a tool for monitoring the progress of data through a pipe
qcontrol Send commands to some microcontrollers, e.g., to change LEDs or sound a buzzer
qdirstat Qt-based directory statistics
qingy A DirectFB getty replacement
radeontool Utility to get/set registers and controlling backlight on radeon based GPUs
razercfg Utility for advanced configuration of Razer mice
razer-cli Command line interface for controlling Razer devices on Linux
razercommander GTK contol center for managing Razer peripherals on Linux
readahead-list Preloads files into the page cache to accelerate program loading
rename Easily rename files
renameutils Use your favorite text editor to rename files
restartd A daemon for checking your running and not running processes
restorecond Daemon to watch for creation and set default SELinux fcontexts
ripgrep Search tool that combines the usability of ag with the raw speed of grep
ripgrep-all Like ripgrep, but also search in PDFs, E-Books, Office documents, archives, etc.
rkflashtool Tool for flashing Rockchip devices
rng-tools Daemon to use hardware random number generators
roccat-tools Utility for advanced configuration of Roccat devices
rootlesskit Linux-native "fake root" for implementing rootless containers
s390-tools User space utilities for the zSeries (s390) Linux kernel and device drivers
s6's small and secure supervision software suite
s6-linux-init Generates an init binary for s6-based init systems
s6-linux-utils Set of tiny linux utilities
s6-portable-utils Set of tiny portable unix utilities
s6-rc Service manager for the s6 supervision suite
salinfo decode Itanium SAL records (e.g. various hardware errors)
sandbox sandbox'd LD_PRELOAD hack
sdparm Utility to output and modify parameters on a SCSI device, like hdparm
secilc SELinux Common Intermediate Language (CIL) Compiler
sed Super-useful stream editor
selinux-python SELinux core utilities
semodule-utils SELinux policy module utilities
sensei-raw-ctl SteelSeries Sensei Raw configuration tool
servicelog Provides utilities for logging service-related events
setserial Configure your serial ports with it
sg3_utils Apps for querying the sg SCSI interface
shadow Utilities to deal with user accounts
smartmontools Tools to monitor storage systems to provide advanced warning of disk degradation
smcipmitool An out-of-band utility for interfacing with SuperBlade and IPMI devices via CLI
smc-sum Updates the BIOS and IPMI firmware and system settings on Supermicro mainboards
sparc-utils Various sparc utilities from Debian GNU/Linux
spu-tools CELL spu ps and top alike utilities
stroke A powerful tool to change file timestamps (including ctimes)
superdiag Provides the capability to determine the health of Supermicro servers components
syd practical userspace application sandbox
syscriptor Display misc information about your hardware
syslog-notify Notifications for syslog entries via libnotify
systemd System and service manager for Linux
systemd-readahead Split of readahead systemd implementation
systemd-utils Utilities split out from systemd for OpenRC users
system-monitoring-center Multi-featured system monitor GUI written in Python
sysvinit /sbin/init - parent of all processes
tas Supermicro Thin-Agent Service for monitoring through the BMC/IPMI
tcp-wrappers TCP Wrappers
texinfo The GNU info program and utilities
the_silver_searcher A code-searching tool similar to ack, but faster
thunderbolt-software-user-space Thunderbolt(TM) user-space components
tomoyo-tools TOMOYO Linux tools
toybox Common linux commands in a multicall binary
tuned Daemon for monitoring and adaptive tuning of system devices
uam Simple udev-based automounter for removable USB media
ucspi-proxy Proxy program for two connections set up by a UCSPI server and a UCSPI client
ucspi-tcp Collection of tools for managing UNIX services
ucspi-unix A UCSPI implementation for Unix domain sockets
udevil mount and unmount removable devices without a password
unscd simple & stable nscd replacement
usbguard Daemon protecting your computer against BadUSB
usb_modeswitch Tool for controlling 'flip flop' (multiple devices) USB gear like UMTS sticks
usbmon Userland for USB monitoring framework
usbredir TCP daemon and set of libraries for usbredir protocol (redirecting USB traffic)
usbutils USB enumeration utilities
usermode-utilities Tools for use with Usermode Linux virtual machines
utempter App that allows non-privileged apps to write utmp (login) info
util-linux Various useful Linux utilities
uutils-coreutils GNU coreutils rewritten in Rust
uutils-findutils GNU findutils rewritten in Rust
vbetool Run real-mode video BIOS code to alter hw state (i.e. reinitialize video card)
watchdog A software watchdog and /dev/watchdog daemon
which Prints out location of specified executables that are in your path
x86info Dave Jones' handy, informative x86 CPU diagnostic utility
xdg-dbus-proxy Filtering proxy for D-Bus connections
xdg-desktop-portal Desktop integration portal
xdg-desktop-portal-gnome Backend implementation for xdg-desktop-portal using GNOME
xdg-desktop-portal-gtk Backend implementation for xdg-desktop-portal using GTK+
xinetd Powerful replacement for inetd
xmbmon Mother Board Monitor Program for X Window System
yarn Fast, reliable, and secure node dependency management
zorroutils Zorro bus utility for Amigas running 2.1 and later kernels
zram-generator Systemd unit generator for zram swap devices


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