absolutelayout AbsoluteLayout files extracted from Netbeans
airline Java annotation-based framework for parsing Git like command line structures
android-util Library providing APIs for applications written for Google Android
animal-sniffer-annotations Java annotations for marking methods that Animal Sniffer should ignore
annogen A tool which helps you work with JSR175 annotations
ant Java-based build tool similar to 'make' that uses XML configuration files
ant-antlr Apache Ant's optional tasks for Antlr
ant-apache-bcel Apache Ant's optional tasks depending on bcel
ant-apache-bsf Apache Ant's optional tasks depending on bsf-2.3
ant-apache-log4j Apache Ant's optional tasks depending on log4j
ant-apache-oro Apache Ant's optional tasks depending on jakarta-oro-2.0
ant-apache-regexp Apache Ant's optional tasks depending on jakarta-regexp-1.4
ant-apache-resolver Apache Ant's optional tasks depending on xml-commons-resolver
ant-apache-xalan2 Apache Ant's optional tasks depending on xalan
ant-commons-logging Apache Ant's optional tasks depending on commons-logging
ant-commons-net Apache Ant's optional tasks depending on commons-net
ant-contrib A collection of tasks for Apache Ant
ant-core Java-based build tool similar to 'make' that uses XML configuration files
ant-eclipse-ecj Ant Compiler Adapter for Eclipse Java Compiler
ant-ivy Ivy is a free java based dependency manager
ant-jai Apache Ant's optional tasks depending on sun-jai-bin
ant-javamail Apache Ant's optional tasks depending on gnu-jaf-1
ant-jdepend Apache Ant's optional tasks depending on jdepend
ant-jmf Apache Ant's optional tasks for the Java Media Framework (JMF)
ant-jsch Apache Ant's optional tasks depending on jsch
ant-junit Apache Ant's optional tasks depending on junit
ant-junit4 Apache Ant's optional tasks depending on junit-4
ant-junitlauncher Apache Ant's optional tasks depending on
antlr A parser generator for many languages
ant-owanttask ObjectWeb's Ant tasks
ant-swing Apache Ant's optional tasks for Swing
ant-testutil Apache Ant's optional test utility classes
ant-xz Apache Ant's optional tasks for XZ compression
aopalliance Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) Alliance classes
appframework Set of Java classes to build desktop applications easily
apple-java-extensions-bin Apple eAWT and eIO APIs for Java on Mac OS X
apt-mirror Annotation processing apt mirror API introduced in J2SE 5.0
args4j args4j is a Java command line arguments parser
asm Bytecode manipulation framework for Java
aspectj A seamless aspect-oriented extension to the Java programming language
assertj-core Java library that provides a fluent interface for writing assertions
avalon-framework Avalon Framework
avalon-logkit Easy-to-use Java logging toolkit
backport-util-concurrent A portability wrapper for java.util.concurrent API (jsr166) 6.0
batik Java based SVG toolkit
bcel The Byte Code Engineering Library: analyze, create, manipulate Java class files
bcmail Java cryptography APIs
bcpg Java cryptography APIs
bcpkix Java cryptography APIs
bcprov Java cryptography APIs
bctsp Java cryptography APIs
beansbinding Implementation of JSR295
blowfishj Blowfish implementation in Java
bnd-junit Junit plugin for bndlib, a swiss army knife for OSGi
bndlib A swiss army knife for OSGi
boilerpipe Boilerplate Removal and Fulltext Extraction from HTML pages
boot-bin Build tooling for Clojure
browserlauncher2 A library that facilitates opening a browser from a Java application
bsf Bean Script Framework
bsh A small embeddable Java source interpreter
btf Generic interfaces to the classical builder pattern
byaccj A java extension of BSD YACC-compatible parser generator
bytelist JRuby support library
c3p0 JDBC drivers with JNDI-bindable DataSources
cal10n java library for writing localized messages using resource bundle
cdegroot-db OO database written in Java
cdi-api Contexts and Dependency Injection for the Java EE platform
cglib cglib is a powerful, high performance and quality Code Generation Library
classmate Zero-dependency Java library for accurately introspecting type information
cldc-api Java ME Connected Limited Device Configuration API
codemodel Java library for code generators
cofoja Contracts for Java
colt Java Libraries for High Performance Scientific and Technical Computing
commons-beanutils Provides easy-to-use wrappers around Reflection and Introspection APIs
commons-chain API exposing the Chain of Responsability design pattern - by the ASF
commons-cli A Java library for working with the command line arguments and options
commons-codec Implementations of common encoders and decoders in Java
commons-collections Jakarta-Commons Collections Component
commons-compress Java API for working with archive files
commons-configuration Generic interface for reading configuration data from a variety of sources
commons-daemon Tools to allow Java programs to run as UNIX daemons
commons-dbcp Jakarta component providing database connection pooling API
commons-dbutils A small set of classes designed to make working with JDBC easier
commons-digester Reads XML configuration files to provide initialization of various Java objects
commons-discovery Commons Discovery: Service Discovery component
commons-el EL is the JSP 2.0 Expression Language Interpreter from Apache
commons-email Commons Email aims to provide an API for sending email.
commons-fileupload High-performance file upload capability to your servlets and web applications
commons-graph A toolkit for managing graphs and graph based data structures
commons-httpclient The Jakarta Commons HttpClient library
commons-imaging A minimalistic realtime charting library for Java
commons-io Utility classes, stream implementations, file filters, and endian classes
commons-jelly A Java and XML based scripting and processing engine
commons-jexl Expression language engine, can be embedded in applications and frameworks
commons-jxpath Applies XPath expressions to graphs of objects of all kinds
commons-lang Commons components to manipulate core java classes
commons-launcher Java library to launch Java classes
commons-logging An ultra-thin bridge between different Java logging libraries
commons-math Lightweight, self-contained mathematics and statistics components
commons-net Java library emulating the client side of many basic Internet protocols
commons-pool Provides general purpose object pooling API
commons-primitives The Jakarta-Commons Primitives Component
commons-validator Commons component to validate user input, or data input
commons-vfs A single Java API for accessing various different file systems
constantine Provides Java values for common platform C constants
core-specs-alpha A Clojure library with specs to describe Clojure core macros and functions.
cortado Multimedia framework for Java written by Fluendo
cpptasks Ant-tasks to compile various source languages and produce executables
cssparser API for parsing CSS 2 in Java
dict4j Dict protocol implementation in Java
disruptor High Performance Inter-Thread Messaging Library
dnsjava An implementation of DNS in Java
dom4j XML Java library
dtdparser A Java DTD Parser
dynalang Library of interoperable metaobject protocols for dynamic languages
easymock Mock Objects for interfaces in JUnit tests by generating them on the fly
easymock-classextension Mock Objects for interfaces in JUnit tests by generating them on the fly
ecj-gcj Subset of Eclipse Compiler for Java compiled by gcj, serving as javac in gcj-jdk
eclipse-ecj Eclipse Compiler for Java
eclipsito A small subset of Eclipse core libraries for modular applications
ecs Java library to generate markup language text such as HTML and XML
edtftpj FTP client library written in Java
ehcache Ehcache is a pure Java, fully-featured, in-process cache
emma Free Java code coverage tool
error-prone-annotations Java annotations for the Error Prone static analysis tool
ezmorph A simple Java library for transforming an Object to another Object
fastinfoset Specifies a standardized binary encoding for the XML Information Sets
fastutil Provides faster type-specific maps, sets and lists with a small memory footprint
fec Forward Error Correction library in Java
felix-bundlerepository Felix Bundle Repository
felix-gogo-command Felix Gogo Command
felix-gogo-runtime Felix Gogo Runtime
felix-shell Felix Shell
felix-utils Felix Utils
fontbox An open source Java library for parsing font files
fop Formatting Objects Processor is a print formatter driven by XSL
forehead A framework to assist in controlling the run-time ClassLoader
freehep-graphics2d High Energy Physics Java library - FreeHEP Graphics 2D Library
freehep-graphicsbase High Energy Physics Java library - FreeHEP Graphics Base Library
freehep-graphicsio High Energy Physics Java library - FreeHEP GraphicsIO Base Library
freehep-graphicsio-emf High Energy Physics Java library - FreeHEP Enhanced Metafile Format Driver
freehep-graphicsio-svg High Energy Physics Java library - FreeHEP Scalable Vector Graphics Driver
freehep-graphicsio-tests High Energy Physics Java library - FreeHEP GraphicsIO Test Library
freehep-io High Energy Physics Java library - FreeHEP I/O Library
freemarker A Java tool to generate text output based on templates
fscript Java based scripting engine designed to be embedded into other Java applications
gcj-jdk Java wrappers around GCJ
geoip-java Java library for lookup countries by IP addresses
gin Google Gin (GWT INjection)
glassfish-deployment-api J2EE Application Deployment Specification V.1.2
glassfish-ejb-api Project GlassFish Enterprise JavaBean API
glassfish-interceptor-api Project GlassFish Interceptor API
glassfish-jms-api Java Transaction API
glassfish-persistence Glassfish implementation of persistence API
glassfish-servlet-api Glassfish reference implementation of Servlet API 2.5 and JSP API 2.1
glassfish-transaction-api Java Transaction API
glassfish-xmlrpc-api Project GlassFish XML RPC API
glazedlists A toolkit for list transformations
gnu-classpath Free core class libraries for use with Java VMs and compilers
gnu-crypto GNU Crypto cryptographic primitives for Java
gnu-hylafax Java API designed to implement the client protocol portion of the hfaxd server
gnu-jaf GNU implementation of the JavaBeans Activation Framework
gnu-regexp GNU regular expression package for Java
gradle-bin A project automation and build tool with a Groovy based DSL
gson Java library to convert JSON to Java objects and vice-versa
guava A collection of Google's core Java libraries
guice A lightweight dependency injection framework for Java 5 and above
gwt Google Web Toolkit library
hamcrest-core Library of matchers for building test expressions
hamcrest-generator Code generator for Hamcrest's library of matchers for building test expressions
hamcrest-integration Integration library of hamcrest
hamcrest-library Core library of matchers for building test expressions
hawtjni-runtime A JNI code generator based on the generator used by the Eclipse SWT project
headius-options A small library for managing sets of JVM properties
helpgui HelpGUI is a simple library which develop a help viewer component
hessian Binary web service protocol
higlayout Java Swing layout manager that's powerful and easy to use
hoteqn Java applet to view and display LaTeX mathematical equations
htmlcleaner HTML parser written in Java that can be used as a tool, library or Ant task
htmlparser Implementation of the HTML5 parsing algorithm in Java
htmlparser-org Java library used to parse HTML (from
httpcomponents-client A low level toolset of Java components focused on HTTP and associated protocols
httpcomponents-core A low level toolset of Java components focused on HTTP and associated protocols
ical4j a Java library for handling iCalendar data streams
icedtea A harness to build OpenJDK using Free Software build tools and dependencies
icedtea-bin A Gentoo-made binary build of the IcedTea JDK
icedtea-sound Plugins for javax.sound
icedtea-web FOSS Java browser plugin and Web Start implementation
icu4j A set of Java libraries providing Unicode and Globalization support
ini4j Simple Java API Windows style .ini file handling
invokebinder Provide a friendly DSL for binding method handles
iso-relax Interfaces useful for applications which support RELAX Core
istack-commons-buildtools IStack Commons - Buildtools jar
istack-commons-runtime IStack Commons - Runtime jar
istack-commons-soimp IStack Commons - Soimp jar
j2objc-annotations Annotations for the J2ObjC Java to Objective-C translator
j2ssh Java implementation of the SSH protocol
jackcess Pure Java library for reading from and writing to MS Access databases
jackrabbit-webdav Fully conforming implementation of the JRC API (specified in JSR 170 and 283)
jackson High-performance JSON processor
jackson-annotations Annotations for the Java Jackson data processor
jacl Jacl is an implementation of Tcl written in Java
jacoco Java Code Coverage library.
jade JADE is FIPA-compliant Java Agent Development Environment
jakarta-oro A set of text-processing Java classes
jakarta-regexp 100% Pure Java Regular Expression package
jal Partial port of the C++ Standard Template Library
jama A Java Matrix Package
jamon Java API to monitor production applications
jamvm An extremely small and specification-compliant virtual machine
janino An embedded compiler for run-time compilation purposes
jansi Java library to output ANSI escape sequences in console
jansi-native Native JNI component for dev-java/jansi
japitools Java API compatibility testing tools
jarbundler Jar Bundler Ant Task
jargs Command-line argument parsing library in Java
jarjar Tool for repackaging third-party jars
java-apicheck Command line tool to check Java packages for API compatibility
javacc Java Compiler Compiler - The Java Parser Generator
java-config Java environment configuration query tool
javacsv Java library for reading and writing CSV and plain delimited text files
javacup CUP Parser Generator for Java
java-dep-check Java Dependency checker
java-getopt Java command line option parser
javahelp The JavaHelp system online help system
java-service-wrapper A wrapper that makes it possible to install a Java Application as daemon
javassist Javassist makes Java bytecode manipulation simple
javatoolkit Collection of Gentoo-specific tools for Java
javax-inject Dependency injection for Java (JSR-330)
javolution Java Solution for Real-Time and Embedded Systems
jaxen A Java XPath Engine
jazzy Java Spell Check API
jbitcollider-core Core classes of jBitcollider: org.bitpedia.collider.core
jboss-logging JBoss logging framework
jboss-logmanager JBoss logging framework
jboss-marshalling Compatible alternative to the JDK serialization API
jboss-marshalling-river River protocol implementation for JBoss Marshalling
jboss-marshalling-serial Serial protocol implementation for JBoss Marshalling
jboss-modules JBoss modular classloading system
jcalendar Java date chooser bean for graphically picking a date
jchardet Java port of Mozilla's Automatic Charset Detection algorithm
jchart2d A minimalistic realtime charting library for Java
jcifs Library that implements the CIFS/SMB networking protocol in Java
jcip-annotations Clean room implementation of the JCIP Annotations
jclasslib Java bytecode viewer
jcmdline Library for parsing/handling of command line parameters
jcodings Byte-based encoding support library for Java
jcommander Command line parsing framework for Java
jcommon A collection of useful classes used by JFreeChart, JFreeReport and others
jdbc2-stdext A standard set of libs for Server-Side JDBC support
jdbc-mssqlserver JDBC driver for Microsoft SQL Server
jdbc-mysql MySQL JDBC driver
jdbc-postgresql JDBC Driver for PostgreSQL
jdbm Jdbm aims to be for Java what GDBM is for Perl, Python, C, ...
jdepend Traverses Java class file directories and generates design quality metrics
jdom Java API to manipulate XML data
jdynamite Dynamic Template in Java
jebl Java Evolutionary Biology Library
jempbox An open source Java library for parsing font files
jettison A JSON StAX implementation
jetty-alpn-api Jetty's ALPN API
jetty-npn-api Jetty's NPN API
jexcelapi A Java API to read, write, and modify Excel spreadsheets
jffi An optimized Java interface to libffi
jflex JFlex is a lexical analyzer generator for Java
jformatstring Compile time checking for Java format strings
jfreechart JFreeChart is a free Java class library for generating charts
jfreesvg JFreeSVG is a fast, light-weight, vector graphics library for the Java platform
jgoodies-animation JGoodies Animation Library
jgoodies-binding Bind object properties with UI components
jgoodies-common JGoodies Common Library
jgoodies-forms JGoodies library
jgoodies-looks JGoodies Looks Library
jgraph Open-source graph component for Java
jgrapht Graph library that is a simpler and faster alternative to JGraph
jibx JiBX: Binding XML to Java Code
jibx-tools JiBX: Binding XML to Java Code - Generators
jid3 ID3 Class Library Implementation
jide-oss JIDE Common Layer (Professional Swing Components)
jinput An implementation of an API for game controller discovery and polled input
jisp Java Indexed Serialization Package: A small, embedded database engine
jlex JLex: a lexical analyzer generator for Java
jlfgr Java(TM) Look and Feel Graphics Repository
jlibeps Library to create EPS graphics from a Graphics2D
jline A Java library for handling console input
jmdns JmDNS is an implementation of multi-cast DNS in Java
jmh-core Harness for building, running, and analysing nano/micro/milli/macro benchmarks
jmi-interface Java Metadata Interface Sample Class Interface
jmock Library for testing Java code using mock objects
jna Java Native Access (JNA)
jnlp-api JNLP API classes, repackaged from the icedtea-web fork of netx
jnr-constants A set of platform constants (e.g. errno values)
jnr-enxio Java Native Runtime Enhanced X-platform I/O
jnr-ffi An abstracted interface to invoking native functions from java
jnr-netdb Network services database access for java
jnr-posix Lightweight cross-platform POSIX emulation layer for Java
jnr-unixsocket Unix sockets for Java
jnr-x86asm A pure-java port of asmjit
joda-convert Java library for conversion between Object and String
joda-time A quality open-source replacement for the Java Date and Time classes
joni Java port of the Oniguruma regular expression engine
jopt-simple A Java library for parsing command line options
jortho A Java spell-checking library
jreleaseinfo Ant Task for build-time creation of Java source file with version or other info
jrexx API for textual pattern matching based on the finite state automaton theory
jrobin JRobin is a 100% pure Java alternative to RRDTool
jrrd Java Interface to Tobias Oetiker's RRDtool
jsch JSch is a pure Java implementation of SSH2
json Java implementation of the JavaScript Object Notation
json-simple Simple Java toolkit for JSON
jsoup Java HTML parser that makes sense of real-world HTML soup
jspeex Speex speech codec library for Java
jsr101 Java(TM) API for XML-Based RPC Specification Interface Classes
jsr173 Yet another Java library for parsing and writing XML
jsr181 JSR 181 API classes
jsr223 Scripting for the Java(TM) Platform
jsr225 XQuery API for Java
jsr250 JSR 250 Common Annotations
jsr305 Annotations for Software Defect Detection in Java
jsr311-api JAX-RS: Java API for RESTful Web Services
jsr322 Java EE Connector Architecture
jsr67 SAAJ 1.3 (AKA JSR-67 MR3) API
jss Network Security Services for Java (JSS)
jssc Java Simple Serial Connector
jstun Java-based STUN implementation
jta The Java Transaction API
jtds jTDS - SQL Server and Sybase JDBC driver
jtidy Java port of HTML Tidy, an HTML syntax checker and pretty printer
jtreemap Java library for treemapping data
jts-core JTS Topology Suite for Java
juel Implementation of the Unified Expression Language (EL) - JSR-245
jump Java-based extensible high-precision math library
jung The Java Universal Network/Graph Framework
junit Simple framework to write repeatable tests
junit-addons JUnit-addons is a collection of helper classes for JUnit
junitperf Simple framework to write repeatable tests
junrar Unrar java implementation
jupidator Jupidator is a library/tool in Java for automatic updating of applications
jutils Common utilities for the Java Game Technology Group
jvmstat Monitoring APIs and tools for monitoring the performance of the JVM
jvyaml Java YAML parser and emitter
jvyamlb JvYAMLb, YAML processor extracted from JRuby
jython An implementation of Python written in Java
jzlib JZlib is a re-implementation of zlib in pure Java
kunststoff Kunststoff look'n'feel Java library
kxml Small XML Pull Parser
l2fprod-common Java/Swing GUI components and libraries for building desktop applications
laf-plugin Look'n'feel Java library
ldapsdk Netscape Directory SDK for Java
leiningen-bin Automate Clojure projects without setting your hair on fire
libg Lots of small utilities for bndlib, a swiss army knife for OSGi
libmatthew-java A selection of libraries for Java
libreadline-java A JNI-wrapper to GNU Readline
log4j A low-overhead robust logging package for Java
lucene High-performance, full-featured text search engine written entirely in Java
lzma Java code for LZMA compression and decompression
lzmajio LzmaInputStream/LzmaOutputStream interacting with underlying LZMA en-/decoders
maven-bin Project Management and Comprehension Tool for Java
maven-hawtjni-plugin Maven plugin for the HawtJNI code generator (resources only)
mchange-commons a library of arguably useful Java utilities
mersennetwister Modified MersenneTwister java port for Freenet
metadata-extractor Access the metadata in digital images and video via a simple Java API
metainf-services Generates META-INF/services files automatically
microba Swing components for date operations and palettes
miglayout Easy to use yet very powerful Java Swing layout manager
milton-api Milton WebDav library
milton-mail-api Milton WebDav library
mimepull Pull API for parsing MIME messages
mina-core Apache MINA Project
minlog Minimal overhead Java logging
mockito A mocking framework for Java
mojarra Project Mojarra - GlassFish's Implementation for JavaServer Faces API
moshi A modern JSON library for Android and Java
msv Multi-Schema XML Validator, a Java tool for validating XML documents
myfaces-api Apache MyFaces API - Core package
myfaces-builder-annotations Apache MyFaces API - Builder annotations package
nachocalendar Flexible Calendar component to the Java Platform
nanoxml NanoXML is a small non-validating parser for Java
nekohtml A simple HTML scanner and tag balancer using standard XML interfaces
netty-buffer Async event-driven framework for high performance network applications
netty-codec Async event-driven framework for high performance network applications
netty-codec-http Async event-driven framework for high performance network applications
netty-common Async event-driven framework for high performance network applications
netty-handler Async event-driven framework for high performance network applications
netty-tcnative Fork of Tomcat Native that incorporates various patches
netty-transport Async event-driven framework for high performance network applications
neuroph A lightweight Java neural network framework
objenesis A small Java library with one purpose: To instantiate a new object of a class
odfdom The ODFDOM reference implementation, written in Java
offo-hyphenation Hyphenation patterns for Apache Fop
ognl Object-Graph Navigation Language: get/set properties of objects
okio A modern I/O API for Java
opencsv A very simple csv (comma-separated values) parser library for Java
openjdk Open source implementation of the Java programming language
openjdk-bin Prebuilt Java JDK binaries provided by AdoptOpenJDK
openjdk-jre-bin Prebuilt Java JRE binaries provided by AdoptOpenJDK
openjfx Java OpenJFX 8 client application platform
oracle-javamail A Java-based framework to build multiplatform mail and messaging applications
osgi-compendium OSGi Service Platform Compendium API (Companion Code)
osgi-core-api OSGi Service Platform Core API (Companion Code)
osgi-enterprise-api OSGi Enterprise Release 5 Companion Code
osgi-foundation OSGi R4 Foundation EE by Apache Felix
osgi-obr OSGi Service OBR by Apache
pat Regular Expressions in Java
pdfbox Java library and utilities for working with PDF documents
pdf-renderer a 100% Java PDF renderer and viewer
piccolo A small, extremely fast XML parser for Java
piccolo2d A Structured 2D Graphics Framework
picocontainer Small footprint Dependency Injection container
plexus-classworlds The class loader framework of the Plexus project
portletapi Portlet API implementation of JSR 168
prefuse UI toolkit for building highly interactive visualizations of un-/structured data
protobuf-java Google's Protocol Buffers - Java bindings
qdox Parser for extracting class/interface/method definitions
radeox Radeox Wiki render engine
rat Apache Rat is a release audit tool, focused on licenses.
reflectasm High performance Java reflection
reflections Java runtime metadata analysis
relaxngcc RELAX NG Compiler Compiler
relaxng-datatype Interface between RELAX NG validators and datatype libraries
resin-servlet-api Resin Servlet API 3.0/JSP API 2.1 implementation
rhino An open-source implementation of JavaScript written in Java
rngom RNGOM is an open-source Java library for parsing RELAX NG grammars
rome Java framework for RSS and Atom feeds
rundoc an Apache ANT optional task that extracts snippets of code from text files
rxtx Native lib providing serial and parallel communication for Java
saaj SOAP with Attachments API for Java
sablecc Java based compiler / parser generator
sablecc-anttask Ant task for sablecc
sac SAC is a standard interface for CSS parser
sax SAX: Simple API for XML in Java
saxon Set of tools for processing XML documents
saxpath Java XPath API
sblim-cim-client A WBEM services client that includes an SLP client for CIM service discovery
sbt sbt is a build tool for Scala and Java projects that aims to do the basics well
sbt-bin sbt, a build tool for Scala
shared-objects Core factory for maximal sharing of arbitrary objects
simplyhtml Text processing application based on HTML and CSS files
sjsxp Sun Java Streaming XML Parser
skinlf Skin Look and Feel - Skinning Engine for the Swing toolkit
slf4j-api Simple Logging Facade for Java
slf4j-ext Simple Logging Facade for Java
slf4j-log4j12 Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J) log4j bindings
slf4j-nop Simple Logging Facade for Java
slf4j-simple Simple Logging Facade for Java
snakeyaml A YAML 1.1 parser and emitter for Java 5
snappy Snappy compressor/decompressor for Java
snip an Apache ANT optional task that extracts snippets of code from text files
spec-alpha A Clojure library to describe the structure of data and functions.
spice-jndikit JNDI Kit is a toolkit designed to help with the construction of JNDI providers
spin Transparent threading solution for non-freezing Swing applications
spymemcached A simple, asynchronous, single-threaded memcached client written in java
squareness-jlf Squareness Java Look and Feel
stax2-api Extended Stax (STandard Api for Xml procesing) API
stax-ex Extensions to complement JSR-173 StAX API
stringtemplate A Java template engine
sun-httpserver-bin Sun classes
sun-jaf Sun's JavaBeans Activation Framework (JAF)
sun-jai-bin JAI is a class library for managing images
sun-jimi Jimi is a class library for managing images
sun-jms The Java Message Service (JMS) API
sun-jmx Java Management Extensions for managing and monitoring
super-csv A fast, programmer-friendly, free CSV library for Java
swing-layout Professional cross platform layouts with Swing
swingx A collection of powerful, useful, and just plain fun Swing components
swingx-beaninfo SwingX Beaninfo
swingx-ws Utilities and widgets to integrate Swing GUIs with web applications
swt GTK based SWT Library
tablelayout Layout manager that makes creating user interfaces fast and easy
tagsoup A SAX-compliant parser written in Java
tapestry Dynamic, robust, highly scalable web framework in Java
telnetd A telnet daemon for use in Java applications
testng Testing framework inspired by JUnit and NUnit with new features
texhyphj Re-implementation of Franklin Mark Liang's hyphenation algorithm in Java
tijmp Java Memory Profiler
tomcat-jstl-compat JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL) - Compat jar
tomcat-jstl-el JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL) - EL jar
tomcat-jstl-impl JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL) - Implementation jar
tomcat-jstl-spec JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL) - Specification jar
tomcat-native Allows Tomcat to use certain native resources for better performance
tomcat-servlet-api Tomcat's Servlet API 3.0/JSP API 2.2 implementation
toolbar An improved version of JToolBar
touchgraph-graphlayout TouchGraph provides a set of interfaces for graph visualization
treelayout Efficiently create compact tree layouts in Java
trident Java animation library
trove GNU Trove: High performance collections for Java
txw2-runtime TXW is a library that allows you to write XML documents
typesafe-config A library of arguably useful Java utilities
unkrig-nullanalysis Some classes to test for various null conditions
upnplib UPnP port mapping library for Java based on sbbi-upnplib
validation-api Bean Validation (JSR-303) API
vecmath Sun J3D: 3D vector math package
velocity Java framework for easy creation/rendering of documents
velocity-dvsl Declarative Velocity Style Language.
vldocking Docking solution for Java Swing
werken-xpath W3C XPath-Rec implementation for DOM4J
ws-commons-util Utility classes that allow high performance XML processing based on SAX
wsdl4j Web Services Description Language for Java Toolkit (WSDL4J)
wstx Woodstox is a high-performance validating namespace-aware XML-processor
xalan Transforming XML documents into HTML, text, or other XML document types
xalan-serializer DOM Level 3 serializer from Apache Xalan, shared by Xalan and Xerces
xerces Xerces Java XML parser
xerial-core An open-source DBMS for XML/JSON/Relational data
xjavac Xerses Java Parser
xml-commons Apache XML Commons
xml-commons-external Externally-defined set of standard interfaces, namely DOM, SAX, and JAXP
xml-commons-resolver An XML Entity and URI Resolver
xmldb XML:DB Java library
xmlgraphics-commons A library of several reusable components used by Apache Batik and Apache FOP
xmlrpc Apache XML-RPC is a Java implementation of XML-RPC
xml-security An implementation of the primary security standards for XML
xmlstreambuffer A stream-based representation of an XML infoset in Java
xmlunit XMLUnit extends JUnit and NUnit to enable unit testing of XML
xml-writer A simple XML Writer
xml-xmlbeans An XML-Java binding tool
xmpcore Java library based on the Adobe C++ XMPCore library with a similar API
xom XML Object Model
xp XP is an XML 1.0 parser written in Java
xpp2 A streaming pull XML parser used to quickly process input elements
xpp3 An implementation of XMLPULL V1 API
xsdlib Sun XML Datatypes Library
xsom XSOM is a Java library allows to easily parse and inspect XML schema docs
xz-java Implementation of xz data compression in pure java
yanfs Yet Another NFS - a Java NFS library
zeus-jscl Zeus Java Swing Components Library


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