Global USE flag

Add support for SSL/TLS connections (Secure Socket Layer / Transport Layer Security)

Packages describing “ssl” as local USE flag

Package “ssl” Flag Description
app-admin/gkrellm Enable SSL support for mail checking with dev-libs/openssl
app-admin/rsyslog Add support for encrypted client/server communication (requires net-libs/gnutls)
app-admin/tripwire Adds support for Secure Socket Layer connections
app-misc/pip3line Compile the plugin adding miscellaneous hashes from OpenSSL
dev-perl/DBD-mysql Compile in support for SSL connections via libmysqlclient
dev-perl/Mail-IMAPClient Install support for SSL Connections
dev-php/PEAR-HTTP_Request2 Force dev-lang/php to be compiled with ssl extension
mail-client/nail If network is enabled, this adds support for S/MIME and SSL/TLS-powered protocols through dev-libs/openssl.
mail-filter/spamdyke Enables TLS protocol for spamdyke
media-sound/pulseaudio Use dev-libs/openssl to provide support for RAOP (AirPort) streaming.
media-video/libav Enable SSL/TLS support using dev-libs/openssl or net-libs/gnutls.
net-dns/dnsdist Enable support for and encrypted client-server communication via dev-libs/libsodium
net-fs/netatalk Use dev-libs/openssl to provide DHX User Access Modules. These are not used with most recent versions of OS X and can be kept disabled without risks.
net-im/ekg2 Enable the complete SSL/TLS support through OpenSSL. This also enables the 'sim' plugin which relies on OpenSSL.
net-irc/inspircd Enable SSL support
net-misc/curl Enable crypto engine support (via openssl if USE='-gnutls -nss')
net-misc/openssh Enable additional crypto algorithms via OpenSSL
net-misc/vde Enable the cryptcab plugin that allows creating an encrypted virtual cable.
net-p2p/fms Add support for FCP connection over SSL
www-client/lynx Enable HTTPS support.
www-plugins/gnash Enable directly using OpenSSL in libnet (not needed for nsplugin ssl support)
www-servers/hiawatha Enable TLS support via net-libs/mbedtls
www-servers/nginx Enable HTTPS module for http. Enable SSL/TLS support for POP3/IMAP/SMTP for mail.

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