Global USE flag

Add optional support/bindings for the Python language

Packages describing “python” as local USE flag

Package “python” Flag Description
app-editors/bluefish Enable Python integration for zen-coding plugin
app-misc/lcd4linux Enable support for dev-lang/python and enable the python plugin, to execute own python scripts.
app-misc/pax-utils Install a more powerful/faster version of lddtree
app-office/gnumeric Enable python plugin loader.
dev-libs/libnl Install experimental dev-lang/python bindings
dev-libs/libpeas Build support for loading dev-lang/python plugins
dev-qt/qt-creator Enable Python source code editor
dev-vcs/gitg Install Python bindings for those plugins requiring it.
gnome-extra/gnome-commander Add support for python plugins
media-gfx/alembic Build pyalembic python bindings (needs dev-python/pyilmbase)
media-libs/mlt Build SWIG bindings for Python
media-video/obs-studio Build support for scripting via Python 3.
media-video/totem Build support for dev-lang/python plugins
net-analyzer/bro Enable Python bindings
net-im/pidgin Build libgnt (GLib Ncurses Toolkit used by finch) with python scripting support
net-print/cups Add support for the Python interpeter in the web server CGIs.
sci-electronics/kicad Enable python scripting support
sci-libs/dlib Enable support for Python API bindings
sys-devel/gdb Enable support for the new internal scripting language, as well as extended pretty printers
sys-libs/ldb Enable Python support

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